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This book is dedicated to all the Nerds, Geeks, and Weirdos. Feel free to be who you are and offer no apologizes for who you are.
It's here! The new book has arrived. I am currently listening to “I'm Here” from
The Color Purple
. It has been a long process. I didn't know if I was going to make it through but I'm here.
Disclaimer: This book is a lot different from Choices and Consequences. The characters have grown up a lot, partly because I have grown up a lot. It's amazing what you can learn in a year or even a few months. I hope you like the new direction. So sit back, grab a glass of something and turn on some music. Music is all through this book, listen to the songs that the characters are listening to if you can; it will only make it better for you.
Thank you to my family for being there for me, especially my fabulous aunts who might not agree with my choices, but you love me anyway, and my cousins and extended cousins who have given me great role models to look up to.
Bimbim: My Miyako and one of the most genuine people I know. I hope you know how much I care about you and only want what's best for you always.
Cat and Tiffany, it's been a long road filled with people who didn't make the cut, but both of you are still here. Love having you on my team J.
Meshanna and Cache, my fabulous Cancer Connection, I know I can count on both of you to tell me what I don't want to hear.
Shawn, the man in my life, I look forward to seeing what is ahead in your life. Thanks for keeping me fed and with internet and teaching me what you know.
To all the people who are a part of my life, I love you all:
The sexiest studs and great friends, who I can't imagine my life without: Angel, Chereny, Ashlee, Kira, Precious, April and Romeo.
The sexy femmes that are also some of the bestfriends a girl can have: Dana aka Oohzee, Cassie, Jolie, Rachel, Byrd, Bri.
My families, real, gay, and publishing, life would suck without you.
The hot New York sun didn't compare to the heat radiating from Lena's body. Her legs were trembling, her softest place moist from anticipation. Denise was right on the other side of the brown hotel door. Lena stared at the golden numbers on the door right above the peep hole, number 1839. She would remember that number for the rest of her life.
Lena proceeded to knock, but found herself hesitating; something wasn't right. She turned around, took a deep breath and then set her eyes back on the golden numbers. She couldn't do it yet. Lena walked back down the long hallway and stopped in front of the wall-length mirror standing at the end. She stared at her curvaceous body. Her long, black hair, naturally wavy and bouncy, was as flawless as her black mini dress that seemed to cling in all the right places. The black Jimmy Choo platform sling backs adorning her feet added the extra sexy touch that would make any man offer her the moon and the stars. All she wanted was for Denise to offer her love.
Lena's stroll back to 1839 was slow and steady. The butterflies in her stomach seemed to turn to birds fluttering. Her palms began to sweat. The only thing standing in between her and Denise's arms was that door. Lena could hear the TV playing inside the room; Denise was definitely there. Lena knew it was now or never. She knocked on the door.
“One second.” Denise looked at the door, wondering who was interrupting her dose of Celeb-reality. She still couldn't believe she had joined the masses in watching
Basketball Wives
Real Housewives of Atlanta
. The small black alarm clock on the dresser flashed 9:39
It couldn't be housekeeping; it was too late.
Denise rose from the comfortable spot her body had created in the plush hotel bed. The cool breeze hit her; she looked down at her blue and white boxers and sports bra; it definitely wasn't appropriate to open a door in. She stepped into her old basketball sweat pants and put on a white wife-beater.
Denise peered through the peep hole, but could see nothing. She knew someone's finger was placed over it.
“Who is it?”
Lena's heart skipped a beat. “Management.” Lena lowered her voice, hoping it wouldn't be easily recognizable. Her heart began to pound as she heard the dead bolt. She knew she was about to have a heart attack as the door slowly opened.
Denise's inner alert system sounded. Something wasn't sitting right with her. Why would management have their finger over the peep hole? Her television wasn't loud, and the room was paid for a week in advance. Denise paused as a sly smile covered her face.
“You think I'm dumb enough to fall for that, Cool.” Denise joked as she swung the hotel door open. As the door opened, her expression instantly turned to pure shock.
Lena smiled.
Denise's eyes widened like a deer caught in headlights. Speechless, Denise turned her head then turned back; she knew she had to be dreaming.
“You left and I didn't get to say good-bye.” Lena immediately found herself staring into the woman's big brown eyes.
Denise's muscular biceps protruded as she crossed her arms.
“Sooooooo, you came all the way here just to say good-bye?” Denise affectionately responded. “Or is there something else you want to say?” Her eyes slanted, still fixated on Lena and the dress that was wasn't leaving much to her imagination.
Lena's body trembled. She didn't know if the pounding from her heart or the throbbing between her walls was harder. She could feel Denise peering into her soul, trying to understand what would make her leave the comfort of her beautiful loft in Memphis with her superstar husband to stand at her hotel room door. Denise continued her straight-faced stare. Lena felt the walls closing in on her. Things weren't going as planned. She figured she would be in Denise's arms at first sight.
“I realized that I didn't want to say good-bye. I can't say good-bye because, Denise, I love you. I know it took me a minute to realize it, but if you will have me, I'm yours.” A single tear fell from Lena's right eye.
Denise blinked. She uncrossed her arms, dropping them to her side. Her straight face was emotionless. Denise lowered her head, a thousand thoughts running through it.
Was she for real? Would she leave again? What about the baby?
Denise glanced back at Lena. She had never looked so fragile. Lena's beauty was breathtaking. Denise's eyes roamed her excellent physique. Women paid good money to get injections and surgery to have what Lena developed naturally. Denise couldn't speak; even with all of her questions there was only one thing she could think to do.
Denise, long arms extended, placed her hands on each side of Lena's frame. Neither could speak; only short breaths escaped them. Denise passionately placed her lips against Lena's softness, the stickiness of her lipstick binding them like glue. Slowly their lips parted, their tongues eager to meet each other like it was the first time. Lena's arms wrapped around Denise's tall frame, and she could feel the heat between her legs turning into a full-fledged fire.
They made their way into the hotel room without letting go of their fervent embrace.
The sound of drama from the TV show in progress faded from their minds. Denise removed Lena's black dress before there was a chance to blink. Lena eased her way onto the king-sized bed.
Denise admired Lena's body. There wasn't a flaw in sight. Lena's big, brown nipples were protruding through her black lace bra. Denise took a step forward. She ran her fingers up the sides of each of Lena's thighs until reaching her matching black lace thong. She slowly slid the small piece of soft, Italian lace down Lena's legs, revealing her sweetest place. Denise placed her index finger in Lena's soaking wet walls, and smirked.
“Are you sure it belongs to me?” Denise rubbed Lena's clit, causing goose bumps to cover Lena's legs and arms.
“Yes, baby, it's—”
“Ladies and gentlemen, we've begun our initial descent into the Charlotte area. We're currently twenty-six miles from the airport and should be touching down in ten minutes.”
Lena jumped at the flight attendant's announcement. She looked around, noticing her view was not of Denise's hotel room, but of the back of a seat. Lena sighed as she pulled her iPod headphones off.
“Looks like you were having a good dream.”
Lena looked over at her neighbor. The older white woman closed the thick Stephen King book she was reading. A warm smile appeared on her face. Lena smiled back, feeling comfort from the woman's smile.
“It was a great dream. I didn't snore, did I?” Lena whispered.
The woman laughed. “No, you didn't, you were a great neighbor. Much better than the last one I had.” The woman placed her book in her blue travel tote. “Is this your final destination?”
Relieved, Lena smiled and laid her head back on the seat. “No, I have a layover before making it to where I'm headed.”
“Well, I can tell you are anxious to get to your destination. Must be a good man waiting at the gate for you.”
Lena wanted to laugh, but instead she smiled. She would let the woman think that a man was the reason for her happiness, but she knew the truth.
Her mind drifted back to her dream, causing her body to tingle. In a few hours it would become a reality.
BOOK: Crossroads
7.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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