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Checkmate 2: Let the Games Begin



Book 2

Let the Games Begin




First and Foremost I’d like to thank my Father God, the head of my life. With him anything is possible. I give thanks for all he’s done, all he continues to do. I know without him I wouldn’t have this gift of writing or any other blessings that he has so graciously allowed me to have.

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Chapter One

Monty was the only one up in the early hours of the morning. He quietly moved around in the kitchen fixing himself a bowl of Captain Crunch. He grabbed his bowl of cereal, walked into the dining room, and sat at the table as he looked around the big house. Three months had passed and he had practically moved in with Candy right after MJ was born. He enjoyed being there with them, but this wasn’t somewhere he felt would be a permanent place to live. He wanted them to get their own place, but Candy always changed the subject when he would bring it up. Monty didn’t want to pressure her, because he knew why she didn’t want to leave there, but eventually she would have to make a decision or he was gonna make one without her.

He continued to eat his cereal and began to think about the past year and how far he’d come in such a little time. He still couldn’t believe that he gave up all that good pussy and all that tempting money just to be with Candy, but being a good father and a good man to her was more important to him. He had gotten very close to her and he couldn’t see himself leaving her for anyone. She was his dime piece and his one and only Queen.

He put the bowl up to his mouth and began drinking the milk. He smiled to himself while thinking about Rico who had made a lot of progress in just a couple of months. He was out of therapy and now taking the real estate courses that Monty had recommended for him. Mona and Catherine were still getting settled in their new home and he was very happy to have helped them with moving there.

He sat his bowl down on the table as he thought about being so in love with MJ and with being a father. He wasn’t going to leave his son for nobody. He was also feeling very excited about starting up his own realty company. He was taking the last courses online to get his Master’s degree in Business and Management. The three years he had spent in college had truly been a big help, because he’d always dreamed of having his own business and to make that dream a reality was a huge accomplishment and blessing.

Monty got up from the dining room table and quietly walked down the hallway to MJ’s room. He stood in the doorway and smiled. He looked at the big portrait of his son hanging on the baby blue wall above his crib. MJ’s smile on the picture made him feel like his son already had a winning personality with those deep dimples showing as he laughed at the camera. He quietly walked over to the crib and his heart fluttered as he looked down at MJ who slept so peacefully. He knew not to wake him or he wouldn’t be able to leave the house on time so he gently rubbed his slick, black hair and walked out of the room. He turned and whispered, “I love you, son.”

He walked across the hallway and into Candy’s room. She laid on her stomach, on top of the sheets in her Victoria’s Secret boy shorts and the matching fitted tank top. She was sound asleep. MJ had kept her awake all night wanting some attention. He admired Candy’s body even though she had just given birth not long ago. She was still as sexy as ever and it pleased him to know that he was the only man who had ever been in between those legs. He knew she loved him and wasn’t going anywhere. He loved her too, but at the same time he’d recently started feeling like he was missing something. He wondered if it was the adrenaline rush he got when he was with his pawns. It had been a few months and, surprisingly, she was the only one he’d been with up until a few days prior. He was not used to being with one woman for that long. He felt the urge to test the waters a little just to make sure he still had it.

The perfect opportunity came when him and Rico was lunching at 1102 downtown on Broad Street. They were meeting with Tony, a Marketing Rep, whom he contacted over the internet for some insight on various strategies for his realty company. While sitting there waiting, he and Rico conversed about the development of the building. Neither was very hungry, so they decided to drink instead.

Sitting at the bar, Monty sipped Crown Royal with a splash of coke on the rocks while Rico drank his favorite, vodka and cranberry juice. They patiently waited for Tony to arrive. When Tony entered and approached them, they were shocked. Tony was a “Toni” with a curvaceous body. Her short hair style was spunky. It was spiked in the top, cut very low around the sides, and her bangle sized diamond earrings set it off. Monty and Rico had to clear their throats as she stood there standing five feet eight, sexy ass redbone.

“Hey, I’m Toni. I’m guessing that one of you is Monty, being that no one else is sitting at the bar. Am I correct?” Her sweet voice asked.

Monty had to catch himself quickly. “Yeah, I’m Monty and this is Rico, my business partner.” Rico smiled and eyed her down. They shook hands. “We can sit at the table behind us.”

“Cool,” she said. They followed her to the table admiring her thick jiggle. She wore a fitted black, knee length, high waist skirt and black pumps. Her light pink blouse was elegantly tucked in as the top few buttons were left open to reveal her nice plus size cleavage. She smiled when she sat down and the small front gap between her straight, white teeth was very cute on her. Monty grinned, sitting across from her as Rico sat next to her. She pulled out her paperwork to begin business knowing that she had both of their undivided attention.

As the meeting came to an end, both Monty and Rico were very satisfied with Toni’s marketing strategy to bring in business. She showed her sense of humor by picking at them for thinking she was a dude. She used the “Y” instead of the “I” when advertising her work. She spoke about the element of surprise and Monty was digging the hell out of it. Because he was so intrigued by her, he hired her on the spot to do their web designs along with any other thing creatively catching that would attract customers. She was on top of her game and that’s the way Monty liked it. Once the meeting was over Monty and Rico got up from the table to leave. Toni looked over at Monty smiling as she continued to pack up the material that she’d brought for the presentation. She put her laptop in its case and picked it up.

“Hey, let me help you with that.” Monty grabbed the case from her.

“Okay, cool,” she said. “Thanks, I’m parked right out front next to this clean, white Impala with white, leather seats sitting on them thangs.” She laughed, showing her hip side, as Rico grinned and nodded back and forth.

“Thanks,” he said already knowing how much the women loved his ride.

“Oh, that’s you?” She asked. “That’s nice,” she stated with approval. Rico smiled. Once outside Rico went straight to his ride, looking back at Monty who was right behind him.

“Alright, bruh I’mma get at you later. I got some other business to tend to.” Rico said as Monty dapped him up. Rico grinned because he already knew what time it was. As Rico backed out of the parking spot Monty made his way back over to Toni. She’d already sat inside her red drop top convertible Benz with the window down waiting for him. He handed her the laptop case as she reached for it.

“Well, hey I’m holla at you later this week. The meeting was everything I expected and then some. Have a safe drive back to the
and hit me up later when you finish the website.” He said as he smiled and attempted to walk off.

“Hold up,” she said. “What are you about to do now?” She asked hoping he was free.

“I don’t have anything on the agenda right this sec. What’s up?” He asked, already knowing that she couldn’t resist his swag.

“I’d already made plans to spend the night here because I didn’t want to drive back to Atlanta today, knowing that I had another appointment with someone else early in the morning. So with that being said, would you like to meet me in my room at the Ramada Hotel? It’s right down the street.”

“I know exactly where it’s at.” He grinned. “What’s the room number?” 

“It’s room 101.” She stated as he pulled his keys out of his pocket.

“I’ll be there in about twenty minutes or so.” Monty replied. Toni smiled as she started her car and backed out of the parking lot to leave.



Monty walked inside the room. His eyes were fixed on Toni who was already waiting in a robe with nothing on under it. She pushed the room door shut behind him.

“I don’t usually do this.” She said to him, but she didn’t waste any time unbuckling his Sean John jeans. He quickly removed the natural skins condom from his pocket and held on to it.

“Me, either,” he said nodding his head like he didn’t mind though. Toni was giving him the adrenaline rush that he’d gotten from being with his pawns. He loved the anticipation of watching her robe drop.
Damn shawty tight.
He thought.

She was smooth with it. She only kissed around his dick and tongue played with his head as she held
big boy
in her hands.
Damn this nigga serious.
She thought. She never would put his dick in her mouth to begin the suction treatment, but she jacked and teased him real good. Monty came out of his shirt, showing his biceps more than what she could see with his shirt on.
this nigga fine as hell.
She thought. Monty got tired of her playing so he slapped her on the ass.

“Ay, bend over on the bed.” He commanded then rubbed up and down the shaft of his dick. He backed up a little to get a sneak peak as she got on her knees and slid to the edge of the bed. Her pearl was juicy and fat and he could see it from the back real good since she was on all fours. He couldn’t wait to hit it. He put two of his fingers in his mouth, pulling them out and rubbing his wet fingers up and down her kitty. He slid the condom on and slipped right inside of her with no problem. He began to fuck her back out. He stroked deep within her womb like she needed it. He could tell from her reaction of moaning and shaking that she wasn’t use to a dick so good. Her knees buckled fifteen minutes in it and he knew what that meant. He speeded up as she moaned louder begging for it. He could feel her insides throbbing on his dick.
This shit feels so good,
he thought. He then pulled his thickness out of her wet pussy while sliding the condom off and let go on her ass. She loved every minute of his good fucking as she dropped flat on her stomach.

“Damn, that shit was good. I hadn’t had it like that in a long time.” She said breathing hard.

Monty grinned.
Another satisfied pawn,
he thought. He’d already figured while he was hitting that pussy that from now on, the pawns wouldn’t be paying him the cash, but they were going to be beneficial for business. Other than that, he didn’t need them on his team.

“Alright, I’ll holla at ya later. I gotta go.” He said sliding his navy blue, Sean Jean polo shirt back over his head.

She thought while laying there thinking that he would want to kick it a little longer.

“Okay, I’ll call you later then,” she said with a strange frown on her face.

“Nah, that’s not a good idea. My lady and I practically live together, so if it’s not about business, I’ll catch ya later on this tip. I got your number programmed.” He said then smiled at her as she sat up not knowing what to say.

“Well, Okay,” She hesitantly said. “That’s cool. I’ll email you when I have the designs ready for you to view.” she said, trying to figure him out. Something about him in that moment turned her on more. She couldn’t even get mad at him.

“Cool,” he said turning and walking out thinking to himself.
I still got it.



Monty stood there with his thoughts reverting back to watching his sexy ass woman as she slept. He felt bad about needing more, because she gave him anything he needed and gave it to him like he wanted it every time. She had even started giving him head and he was really feeling that, because he knew she did it just to keep him happy. Pleasing him was her goal and while she always did, he still couldn’t put a finger on what he was still missing. He walked over and kissed her softly on the cheek. He tried to bury his past and not go there anymore, because he definitely didn’t want to hurt her. Just as he started to leave she looked up into his small, slanted eyes and smiled.

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