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Carola Dunn (27 page)

“Take Osa with you,” requested Lord Dominic. “We have unfinished business that she interrupted.”

The promise of a walk enticed the dog to leave with them.

“Catherine and Sir Gregory!” exclaimed Angel as the door closed and she finally found her voice. “I never—”

“Don’t talk,” ordered Lord Dominic. “Now, where were we?”

It was some time later that Angel removed her head from his shoulder and uncurled her stiff legs. Dropping a last kiss on his forehead, she stood up and stretched.



“Do you suppose Beth and Gerald would like Upthwaite Park for a wedding present?”

“The very thing! Why did I not think of it?”

“I’m serious!”

“Naturally. I daresay you will purchase it with your pin money?”

“Of course not. I expect Papa will buy it for them. I told you he is excessively rich.”

“You did, pet. That is why I am going to marry you.”

“It is a very fortunate thing,” said Angel severely, “that I do not believe you!”







Copyright © 1984 by Carola Dunn

Originally published by Walker

Electronically published in 2004 by Belgrave House




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This is a work of fiction. All names in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to any person living or dead is coincidental.

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