Bound: An Alpha Bad Boy Romance (Becker Bad Boys Book 2)




Bound: A Becker Bad Boys Book

Savannah Synn

Copyright © 2016 Savannah Synn



                     Bound: Book Two A Becker Bad Boys Book

Copyright © 2016 Savannah Synn

Kindle Edition

Published by: Blackthorne Publications

This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination, or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

All Rights Reserved.

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Fiona Wright rolled over in her bed. She was still sore and swollen between her legs, but it was a delicious kind of sore. Her hand found its’ way to her pussy and rubbed her aching mound. Jax had been here last night working her over in his usual way.


He was so hot and sexy! Fiona continued to rub herself gently as she envisioned Jax’s strong muscular chest pressed against her own. He was everything she’d wanted. Handsome, sexy, terrific in bed, and he had a great career!

Except for one little thing.

He was a liar. She knew that as soon as she caught him snooping through her computer. He’d made up some flimsy excuse about needing to check his email, but she knew he could’ve accessed that by his phone.

So why had he been on her computer?

Fiona sat up in her bed and grabbed her phone. She had several urgent texts on her phone. They were all from Manning, her boss.

I need you in the office immediately.

Fiona, where are you?

Urgent please come in ASAP.

Call me now.

Fiona furrowed her brow. What the hell could Manning want this early in the morning? He never even came into the office before 10 AM. All his messages had been sent before 8 AM.

Quickly, she clicked on his contact number.

Manning picked up on the first ring which was very unusual.

“Fiona, where the fuck have you been? I’ve been texting and calling for hours!”

She rolled her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Skylar. I didn’t see your messages. I’m not scheduled to come in until 11. I told you that yesterday remember?”

“Fiona, I don’t give a shit what happened yesterday. I’ve been up all night. There’s been a security breach. We need to have an emergency meeting at 10:00. I need you here now.”

Fiona glanced at the time. It was already 9:20.

“Skylar, what kind of security breach?”

Skylar sighed on the other end of the phone. She could tell he was furious.

“The important kind, Fiona. I don’t have time to get into all the details, but I need you here now.”

“Well, I need a few minutes to get ready. I could probably be there by 10:30.”

“10:30?” He roared. “Look, come in your fucking nightgown I don’t care. I need you here as soon as possible!”

Fiona jumped out of the bed. She raced to her mirror and ran her hands through her rumpled hair.

“Skylar, it will take me at least fifteen minutes to get a cab then the drive there…”

“Bullshit. Look outside. I sent the company limo to pick you up. He’s waiting now so get your shit together and get out there in five! Go to my office immediately when you get here. Shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes now get going! Oh-and don’t forget your laptop. IT wants everyone’s laptops here so that they can check security protocols.” With that, he hung up.

Fiona stared at her phone for a moment. Holy shit, what was going on? Skylar was usually quite the stickler for security, but this was over the top. She wondered if this had something to do with Jax being on her computer last night. He couldn’t have done anything to interfere with her work, could he? And why would he want to?




Rubbing his eyes, Jax rolled out of bed from another sleepless night. He reached into his nightstand drawer and pulled out the flashdrive he’d used to copy files from Fiona’s computer last night.

What the hell was he going to do with it? Everything in those files would implicate Fiona as much as Skylar Manning, her boss. He hadn’t known Fiona very long, but he knew that he didn’t want to hurt her.

Besides being beautiful and an amazing fuck, she was kind, sweet, and intelligent. She was everything he’d wanted. She had a quick wit he appreciated. She was self-sufficient as well. All his life he’d dated snotty little princesses-girls who thought they were God’s gift to man. They’d expected him to take care of them.

Taking care of anyone wasn’t Jax’s style.

Fiona wasn’t like any of the girls Jax had been with before.

And here he was in a terrible position of having to either hand over the evidence to his boss or face disciplinary action. The possible end of his career as an FBI agent.

Climbing out of bed, he tossed the flashdrive back into the drawer. He ran his hands through his thick dark hair. Pulling on a black t shirt and shorts he prepared for his daily morning run.

As he grabbed for his phone, it buzzed unexpectedly in his hand.

Marciano Micelli.


Marciano Micelli was head of one of the biggest drug cartels in the world. He had worked with Micelli as a double agent two years ago when he was working in the drug enforcement division. His job had been to infiltrate the cartel and help to bring down one of the biggest shipments in the Western Hemisphere. However, Micelli had been onto him from the beginning and offered him substantial cash in exchange for Jax keeping him out of prison. Jax accepted and now he also worked for Micelli funneling him information on the FBI and DEA’s latest attempts to capture him.

Now he was calling Jax most likely to ask him for another favor.

Ever since he became involved with Micelli, Jax had regretted it. He never intended to become rogue. He had always wanted to be a police officer, but when his mother was accidentally shot and killed by a policeman he couldn’t bring himself to wear the uniform. So he had enlisted in the Marines instead. After his tenure as a Marine, Jax had been recruited by the FBI. His intentions had always been honorable, but when Micelli offered him millions of dollars to keep him out of prison, Jax couldn’t help but submit to temptation.

Reluctantly, Jax answered the call.

“Jax, how are you doing? I hope you are not busy, I need a favor.”

Jax sighed.

Of course.

“Sure, Marc. What can I do for you?”

“Well, it seems that a former employee of mine, Ron Slavin was arrested last night in Queens.”

“Yeah, so?” Jax opened the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water.

“Seems that he’s planning on spilling everything to the cops to keep himself out of a long prison term.”

A sick feeling rolled in Jax’s stomach. He sat down at the kitchen table to pull on his running shoes.

“Okay. Well, does he have anything on you?”

“Possibly. I can’t have him running his mouth. So I need you to speak with him.”

“I can’t, Marc. How can I explain my reason for going there?”

“I don’t know, Jax. I’m not an agent. It’s not my job to figure out how that’s yours. His name is Ronald Slavin. Find him and make him shut up. You know what I mean.”

Fuck! He didn’t need this now!

He sighed.

“Okay, Marc. I will see what I can do.”

“Don’t see. Just do it. I’ll be in touch in a few days.”

With that, the phone went dead.

Jax swallowed hard and stuffed the phone into his pocket. Running down the driveway, he started his run.





Buttoning her jacket, Fiona raced down the hall to Skylar’s office. As soon as she walked in, she was surrounded by somber faces. All the executives in the firm were standing around looking grim.

Skylar was sitting at his desk with his head hanging down. Fiona felt her heart thud in her chest. She’d never seen him so low.

“Fiona, glad you’re finally here. Please take a seat.” He gestured to the long conference table in the adjacent room.

“Skylar, what happened?” She whispered as they sat down at the conference table.

“Did you bring your laptop?” Skylar asked noting the black bag slung across her shoulder.

Fiona nodded. She held up the bag and placed it on the table in front of her. She poured a glass of water from the crystal pitcher.

“Everyone’s here now, Mr. Manning, we can get started.” The stout secretary nodded to him.

As the table filled with executives, Fiona heard a quick buzzing sound on her phone. Looking down, she saw it was Jax.


Oh not now, she thought. Just seeing he’d called made her instantly wet. Her pussy still aching from last night she shifted her weight in the seat.

“As you all know we’ve had a serious breach in security. Several documents were copied from someone’s computer.”

Everyone looked around. Several of the men adjusted their ties and several others cleared their throats uncomfortably.  Fiona fiddled with the buttons on her blouse. Skylar met her gaze.

“And it’s from someone here in this room.”

Fiona sipped her water. Could this have anything to do with Jax? And why would he have possibly copied files from her computer?

A hush fell over the group. Everyone looked down at the table.

Suddenly, Skylar smashed his fist on the table.

“Whoever has breached security, come clean NOW. This is serious business.”

Everyone jumped at the fury in Skylar’s voice. Fiona glanced at her phone again. Jax had left a voicemail.

After several moments of uncomfortable silence, Skylar lowered his voice to normal.

“I see. Well, everyone leave your computers here in this room and I will have IT take a look at them. One more thing-if you have copied documents from your computer I will find out. Better that you come to me before I find out from IT. That’s all for today.” Skylar waved his hand at the group dismissively. As he exited the room, several people spoke in hushed whispers.

Fiona gathered her things taking care to leave her laptop on the table and left for her office.

What could Jax want?

Quickly, she checked her voicemail.

Hi, Fiona. Was just wondering if you’d like to meet up later? Can’t stop thinking about you.”

She sighed with a happy smile on her face. She thought of just the outfit she would wear for him. Last week she’d purchased a black garter belt and stockings to wear with a black satin push up bra. Her black Prada pumps would complete the outfit.

Fiona hesitated calling him as hearing his voice would distract her for the rest of the day. She decided to text him instead.

Jax, I would love to see you later tonight. My place.

Immediately, she received a reply.

I’ll be there.

Fiona squirmed in her seat thinking about seeing Jax later. Lost in her fantasies of Jax fucking her hard and fast, she hardly noticed Skylar enter the office.

“Fiona! I’ve been trying to message you for ten minutes! What the hell is going on with you today?” Skylar’s face blazed red.

Startled, Fiona searched through the scattered papers on her desk to locate her mouse. Sure enough he’d messaged her ten times.

“Sorry, Skylar. I’m just preoccupied today.”

“Well, today’s not the day for that, Fiona. We’re having a major crisis. Tomorrow morning we will be meeting for an hour to discuss new security procedures.”

Anxious to get out of there, Fiona bit her lip and nodded. She was hoping to duck out of work early to prepare for her important date with Jax. She couldn’t stop thinking about him!

“Fiona, you’ve been out of it today. Why don’t you go ahead and take the rest of the day off so that you can come in early tomorrow morning ready to work? Security is extremely important with the type of project we are working on, but I don’t have to tell you that, do I?”

“No, Skylar. I understand. I apologize I’ve got a personal crisis I’m dealing with, but tomorrow I’ll be ready to work.” She managed a smile for Skylar who was looking less angry.

“Good. Well, go on and get out of here. See you tomorrow at 8 AM sharp.” Skylar cracked a brief smile which was unusual for him.

Fiona gathered up her things and raced out of the office. As she waited to hail a cab, she thought about the security breach at work and wondered if Jax had anything to do with it.

But why would he be looking through her computer?




Jax pulled on a blue striped button down shirt. As he zipped up his pants, his cock stiffened as he thought of Fiona. He couldn’t wait to see her again! But casting a backwards glance at his nightstand drawer, he couldn’t help but worry about the implications for Fiona if he gave the flash drive to his boss.

Checking his phone, he noticed it was almost 8:00. He gave himself another quick glance in the mirror and raced out the door.

As he drove to Fiona’s apartment, Jax stared up at the night sky. For the first time he noticed how bright the stars could shine even with the glare from the city lights. They felt dizzyingly unreal-diamonds set against the black velvet sky.

That’s the way he felt when he kissed Fiona for the first time. It had been so perfect it was unreal.

But it was real. And he was supposedly romancing her for his job.

The thought sickened him. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a floral shop on the corner.

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