Bitcoin Exposed: Today's Complete Guide to Tomorrow's Currency

Bitcoin Exposed:

Today's Complete Guide to Tomorrow's Currency


Learn the Ins and Outs of Bitcoin and How You Can Profit From It




By Daniel Forrester


Mark Solomon


Editor’s Foreword


We are all accustomed to our currencies, whether they are dollars, euros, yen, yuan, or reais.

However, We Rarely Stop To Ask:

- Who controls the currency we depend on?

- Can “they” make my currency worthless?

- Do the people or institutions that control the currency we use have an advantage over us?  Does this advantage allow them to live more easily, become richer and not have to work like we do for the currency? (Hint: YES!)

There’s a new currency in town, one that is beginning to change how the world’s nations, marketplaces, and peoples interact financially.


What To Expect From This Book:

- Learn all the basics of Bitcoin, from how to buy them, use them, sell them, and even create (mine) them.

- Discover the top 8 dangers for Bitcoin users.

- A step-by-step guide to creating one’s own Bitcoins, with only the computer you have now. Plus learn how to become a super Bitcoin creator (miner).

- An essential, informative chapter, “How to Trade Bitcoins”. While not guaranteeing anyone profits, these techniques have produced consistent and large trading profits across several markets over thousands of trades.

- How to avoid the many, advanced Bitcoins scams on the Internet. There are ways to avoid them and this guide shows you how.

- Learn the right way and many wrong ways to set-up Bitcoin use. You’ll learn how to steer clear of common mistakes, and how to safely venture into the Bitcoin world.


Table Of Contents

Why Are Bitcoins The Secret To A
Better World, True Freedom And A Rich Retirement?

How To Use This Book

Fundamentals: Overview of Bitcoin

- What Is A Bitcoin

Where Did Bitcoin Come From And Why Does It Matter?

Why Should I Buy Or Use Bitcoins?

What Are Bitcoins Really Worth?


History Of Digital Currencies – And How They Lead To Bitcoin

Digital Gold, Silver, False Promises And Digital Scams

- Who Hates Bitcoin And Why?

- Why Bitcoin Is Different And Better Than Everything – Almost.


How To Use Bitcoins

Getting Your First Bitcoin

Spending Bitcoins

Saving Bitcoins

- Investing In Bitcoins, Or Not

Protecting Bitcoins

Transferring Bitcoins

- Accepting Bitcoins In Business

Using Bitcoins Anonymously


How To Create Bitcoins Or Become A Bitcoin Miner

- The Concept Of Bitcoin Mining

- How To Mine Bitcoins

Problems In Mining Bitcoins


Potential Bitcoin Disasters, Problems, And Challenges

- Failure Analysis Of The Bitcoin System

Main Targets For Hacks And Attacks

- Prominent Attacks, Scammers, And Bottlenecks


Profiting With Bitcoins

Trading Bitcoins

- General Trading Principles For Bitcoin

Bitcoin Application Development


Future Of Bitcoin And Alternative Currencies

- Opportunities And Dangers Ahead

Agents For And Against Bitcoin; Alternative Currencies

- Predicting Prices For Bitcoins

- Expansion Markets For Bitcoins

One Last Thing



Appendix A – Major Bitcoin Developments & Timeline

Appendix B – List of main Bitcoin Services and Web sites

Appendix C – Bitcoin Terminology

Appendix D – Bitcoins Mathematical Basis


Why Are Bitcoins The Secret To A Better World, True Freedom And A Rich Retirement?


All great ideas are dangerous.

Oscar Wilde

Bitcoin is the bridge to a new, vastly freer, dependable, honest, and democratic world. Of course we can simply use Bitcoins for fun, profit, and online transactions if that is all we are after.

Why stop there though? When using Bitcoins, we enter a system with massive benefits which include: almost no fees for transfers such as bank wires, the possibility of complete anonymity or privacy with all the financial privileges, and no central bankers or government stealing your Bitcoins.  Bank account theft has recently occurred in the banks of Cyprus, as well as in Argentina. This, in addition to worldwide inflation, has encouraged people to look for a better banking solution.

Bitcoin takes the reins from those people, institutions, and even governments that control our currencies, and puts the control levers solely in all of our hands. Yes, we finally get to control our own currency.

Bitcoins can unlock the guarded door of prosperity by raising the wealth and prosperity of everyone. It helps accomplish this by being a
currency. Bitcoins increase in value relative to dollars or euros, etc. by default because of the limited amount of Bitcoin currency entering the system. This helps make the same amount of Bitcoins buy
stuff we need year after year.

Bitcoin can free us from the prying eyes of tax codes, bank fees, or any number of confiscation games played by governments, banks, and “authorities.” While this is a controversial application of Bitcoin, this book would be incomplete without explaining the privacy opportunities Bitcoin offers.

For example, if we send money from our traditional bank account to an acquaintance of ours using another bank account in a different country, the following rules and fees may apply:

1. We may not be allowed to send the money. Any country the U.S. bans from trade, including (at one time or another) - Cuba, Sudan, North Korea, Iran, Belarus, Syria, Burma, Zimbabwe, etc.  (And tomorrow, who knows..)

2. Fees will often be $25-$50+ outbound, and possibly $25+ inbound.

3. Banks can block the wire, or return the money within 48 hours. Also, the receiver may even pull more money out of our account depending on the transfer rules.

4. Banks often convert foreign currencies at a discount, taking additional profit off the top of our transfer.

5. Both parties are now known to the bank and the government for better or for worse.

6. The government can decide to tax funds being transferred outside the country. This can be as high as 30% for foreign banks that do not adhere to U.S. bank rules. That hurts!

7. Not only are the banks taking huge fees for the transfer of our money, but they can take as long as 24 hours or even more in some cases. We are paying Ferrari prices, and getting moped performance.

This gives you a small sample of the financial pain involved with using standard currency, the U.S. dollar, and standard banks.

The same transaction using Bitcoins would involve the following:

1. No bank fees.

2. No foreign currency buy/sell fees.

3. A small $0.25, (yes, you read that correctly - one quarter) service fee from a site such as

4. No one needs to know whom the buyer or seller is. Complete privacy for all parties.

5. Any country, any person, and any transaction at any time is completely allowed.

6. There will be tax implications depending on your reporting, not on a bank reporting on you.

7. Best of all, our Bitcoin transfer will occur nearly instantly. The minute we press SEND, the recipient can access his or her new stash of Bitcoins, and continue his cigar factory tour of Cuba, with no one the wiser. Hope he brings back some Bolivars for our generosity!

8. They can then transfer the Bitcoins from his Bitcoin wallet through an in/out exchange such as or other exchange into his foreign bank account.

Bitcoin has so many advantages, with only a few key disadvantages, that it deserves all the attention it is receiving.  This guide will help any reader understand how to join the wave of those converting to Bitcoin. Offering great potential for inexpensive money transfers, convenient shopping, secure wealth preservation, and ultimately, freedom, Bitcoin may end up being the story of the century.


How To Use This Book


“If you hold a cat by the tail, you learn lessons you cannot learn any other way.”

Mark Twain

Novice Bitcoin users, or those who have never even heard of Bitcoin, will be best served going through most of the chapters in order, with the possible exception of How to Mine for Bitcoins. That section may not offer any value if all one wants is to use Bitcoins. After completely reading this guide, any Bitcoin conversation - save for the most mathematically involved ones, will sound familiar and be easily understood.

If you have bought a few Bitcoins, transacted some with them, but still have questions about the future, the various opportunities with Bitcoin as well as the risks, then the only chapter to skip is the one discussing
How to Use Bitcoins
. Still, there are probably a lot of Bitcoin users that could benefit from tips, techniques, and security steps that they are not using and might want to.

For the experienced Bitcoin user, the most useful sections will probably be about trading Bitcoins profitably (
Profiting with Bitcoins
), and predictions for the future of Bitcoin (
Future of Bitcoin and Alternative Currencies
. Though this is not a complete trading guide by any stretch, even an experienced Bitcoin user can learn some of the science and art leading to more consistent profits through buying and selling Bitcoins. Also, the future of Bitcoin - admittedly challenging to predict - offers the best trade opportunity of all. Either go long with everything we have, or short it to the floor. Both could bring huge returns, depending on time. Trading skills will bring these questions and their answers into much clearer focus.

Being the fastest growing financial phenomenon in the world means there will be changes by the minute.

Stay on top of the Bitcoin changes by signing up with:

And also with:

Applying the same trading analysis that spotted the gold and silver bull and bear market, the dot-com bubble, real estate bubbles, along with biotech opportunities, Bitcoin trading advice and trend predictions are now part of the Financial Survival Center wealth preservation and profit producing system.


Fundamentals: Overview Of Bitcoin


“So you think money is the root of all evil? Have you ever asked what is the root of all money?”

Ayn Rand

Bitcoin is simply the name given to the new digital, internet-based form of currency. While going beneath the surface of the basic concept of a Bitcoin gets somewhat complicated, knowing the mathematics behind the creation of Bitcoin and it's operations, are not necessary. We can use, profit with, and generally understand what Bitcoin is, and why Bitcoin is important in our everyday lives, while the genius behind it hums along in the background.

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