Bill and the Space War! (Bill in Space (Erotic Fantasy))

and the Space War!

Bill in space (Erotic

By D. R. Rosier


Copyright 2013.  This is a work of fiction.  Names,
Characters, Places and incidents are either products of the author’s
imagination or used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual events, locales or
persons living or dead, is entirely coincidental.  All rights reserved.  No
part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without


Dedication: To those who encouraged me to write and publish.

Chapter 1


Bill pulled on the collar of his shirt.  The damn thing was
trying to strangle him.  He was standing next to the throne as Tiffani received
a seemingly endless array of local rulers.  The universe was big, and the
Angilli Empire spanned most of it.  The sections were broken down into
quadrants, then galaxies, then planets.

Luckily, only the quadrant rulers needed to do this, of
course, there were thousands of them.  As his internal monologue about the damn
clothes went on he was relieved that Ariella protected his mind from being read
by all but his mates.  At least in their case they were shooting him amused
looks.  He imagined the quadrant rulers wouldn’t take so kindly to his

He was used to jeans and t-shirts, not collars and all this
other crap.  But he wouldn’t pass on it for the world.  He was here to help
protect Tiffani from any disagreements that moved to violence.  And of course,
as much as he objected to the clothes he was wearing, he had absolutely no
shame in enjoying how beautiful his mates looked.

He ignored the speeches and studied the body language and
movements as they approached the dais to swear fealty.  It was probably overkill,
after all she had a Dravii reading for mischief at all times as each
approached.  No one could keep out a Dravii, at least not for long, if they
were determined to plumb a mind.

Still, he would take chances with Tiffani’s well being when
hell froze over.  She was stunning of course in a cream colored dress, wearing
a jewel studded tiara.  He thought the jewels paled though beside her bright
and beautiful blue eyes.

He smiled subtly across the throne.  The other protector
today was Sylvia, she and Anise had decided the advantage to hiding was now
over.  It would be more advantageous to be out in the open, and he couldn’t
agree more.  To that end she was in her Dravii form lounging on the floor next
to the throne.  He could see how nervous it made the quadrant rulers as her
emerald green eyes locked on them when they approached to give fealty.

That was when something caught his eye, one of them looked
really nervous, his hand was in his pocket as well.  He thought about him in
his mind and watched for Sylvia’s response.  They had worked out a code beforehand. 
She gave him the signal that she wasn’t sure.  There were a few Angilli that
could put up a strong enough block for short periods of time, Tiffani was one
that could, but it was exhausting.

That wasn’t a good sign.

He palmed the small stunner in his hand casually and waited,
he didn’t want to create an incident if he was wrong, but all his instincts
were telling him that Angilli was a danger.  He watched as the Angilli
approached the throne, suddenly Sylvia gave him the danger signal and moved to
intercept.  He watched as the assassin pulled an object out his jacket as he
moved forward in front of Tiffani and lifted his weapon.

They both fired at the same time, the Angilli crumpled to
the floor.  He was glad they had insisted he wear one of the energy absorbing
suits beneath the nice clothes as Bill took a hit to the chest as well.  He
watched as the hall started to panic, people moving toward the doors.

Tiffani cried out, “Stop!  Return to your seats, the
assassin has been taken care of and there is no more danger.”

Bill wasn’t happy about it and would prefer to get her out
of there now, but he sighed and took his place back at her side.


Larissa licked her lips.  She hadn’t been in the throne room
at the time but reviewed the footage from the security feeds.  Every time she
saw Bill in action it made her hot.  She had not considered being with a man
from another race before Bill.  Especially since it would normally make that
man a slave. 

Thanks to Ariella however that would never happen with
Bill.  She never thought she would find a match, a lover and a fighter, that
fought with honor as she did.  Much less someone from another race.  But here
she was, desperate to be taken by a human, her lover and mate.

She tracked him down.  He was in the shower after a long day
in the throne room.  Perfect.  She stripped out of her clothes and joined him
in the shower.  She pulled a surprised Bill into a long passionate kiss as she
ground her body up against him while the water ran down their naked bodies. 
She reached down between them and teased him to hardness with her fingers while
she teased his sphincter with her tail.  She moaned into his mouth as she was
already dripping wet and ready.

She felt him turn her and push her into the shower wall and
smiled, he always knew what she needed.  She was a warrior but reveled in the
submission to this man.  She stuck her ass out arching her back as he both
pulled her hair and pushed her into the wall with one hand.

She said softly, her voice pleading and demanding all at
once, “Yes, fuck me, I need you badly.”

She felt him tease between her legs with his other hand,
ramping up her desire, her center moistening further with his every touch on
her body.  She gasped in relief and pleasure as he lined up and impaled her
heat with his manhood.

He asked her in a demanding voice, “This what you want
Larissa?  Want me to fuck you hard and fast?”

At his words her core muscles contracted around him, she
massaged and worked his cock hard.  It caused her to start moaning as she
heated further, rising slowly to her bliss.  He felt so good in her, and she
loved how he took control over her body.  She would not submit to a lesser
being, but reveled in doing it for him, a fellow warrior, lover, and mate.

She begged, “Yes Bill, take me.  Fuck me!”

She sighed in pleasure as he started to piston in and out of
her core while pulling her hair.  It was a fast frenzied fuck, there was love
between them, but mostly they both just needed to get off right now with each
other.  She growled deeply and surrendered her body and will to his pleasure,
which caused her own to spiral quickly to her own height.

She felt her center coil and her core locked down, squeezing
and milking his cock as only a Demonae can.  She gasped as she felt him swell
and stretch her further, rolling her directly into a second more powerful orgasm
as he emptied his balls deep within her.

She sighed in ecstasy as her body slowly came down, tingling
with pleasure.  She felt him withdraw and turn her around.  She moaned in his
mouth as he kissed her softly, gently and lovingly.  She smiled as she broke
the kiss and they started to clean each other, pausing every so often for
breath stealing and deeply sensuous kisses.  She knew, now that the rough sex
was out of their system, they would shortly be making love.  She could hardly


Bill was taking a day off.  He was drinking what passed for
beer on this world and made a face as he swallowed it down.  It didn’t taste
right but it was better than nothing.

He had just got done working out and jogging a few circuits
around the palace grounds.  They did a lot of sitting and planning the last
month, once those horrid ceremonies were over, and he was determined to keep in
shape.  So he was running daily and using free weights every other day.  He
smiled as he considered he had other work outs too, much more enjoyable as well.

It had been a busy month since Tiffani had claimed the
throne.  He watched her the last four weeks as she took over the reins of
government.  He was more impressed by, and more in love with her, every day.  He
could not imagine his life without her in it anymore.  He had come a long way
from that underground cave.  Earth was no longer his home, even if he did miss
it on occasion.

She had outlawed slavery across the Empire.  On paper
anyway.  Although most complied there seemed to be a couple of consortiums,
mostly comprised of the Angilli slave traders that were ignoring the order.  Ariella
hadn’t needed to get involved in that, they were all staying with Tiffani to
keep her safe.

He took another sip of beer and considered that at least they
had been quite easily put down so far, she had been sending out a trio of ships
to take care of each situation.

There were a few planets as well.  He knew unscrupulous
people would always find a way.  After all, it couldn’t be just the traders. 
Someone had to be buying the slaves or they would quickly go out of business. 
He was surprised that only part of the Demonae military seemed to be supporting
the insurrection though.  Apparently there was more honor left in the race than
was generally thought.

Either that or the Demonae were now truly just bullies, afraid
of a real war, as the Angilli would come down on them hard.  He did hope it was
the former.

He loved Tiffani but he felt horribly out of place at times,
his mates and Ariella was his home, the splendor was not.  He looked around
taking in the richness of the room.  Just this one room could hold his
apartment back home.  Between the palace and the politics he wishes he could
just take them all away sometimes.  Just go explore the universe with Ariella. 
He wouldn’t leave Tiffani behind though, and the Empire needed their empress.  So
did he, he didn’t even mention feeling itchy about getting out of here for a

They had already saved Tiffani’s life twice, and he knew he
needed to stay vigilant.  The first time he and Sylvia had taken down an
assassin.  Thanks mostly to the assassin’s ability at blocking his thoughts not
working on Sylvia long enough. 

The second time was a ship attack.  They were cleared
through the defensive platforms that protected the planet somehow, and fired on
the palace from space.  Ariella took care of that one, appearing over the
palace in her dragon form and absorbing most of the energy of the attack.  She
reflected what she couldn’t absorb back at the ship, keeping it busy as the
defense forces finally reacted.

Today it was Ariella and Anise guarding her.  He knew she
had other guards of course, besides her mates.  All to be counted on as Angilli
were a race of mind readers, Tiffani among the most powerful.  Plus with three
Dravii around it was easy to pinpoint disloyalty even from the most disciplined
mind.  Still, it made him feel better that her mates watched her as well.

Maybe it was just the different circumstances making him
feel out of place.  He couldn’t figure out how he deserved this life.  He had six
beautiful women to take care of, and then add to that the whole living in
luxury thing.  He didn’t feel worthy, in any way.  For some reason however they
all thought he was.  He knew he was loyal, and cared for them all, but how did
that make him anything special?

He heard the door open, interrupting his thoughts, and
looked up.  He couldn’t help the smile that broadened his face and reached his
eyes as he looked on Tiffani.  He could see that she was dressed for court, a
dress that was stunning, accenting her curvy and beautiful golden body
tastefully.  He was still overwhelmed every time he saw her and the look she sent
his way took his breath away.  Her blue eyes were arresting and her pert lips
had a ghost of a smile as she walked toward him.

She walked over and her answering smile grew as she
straddled him in the large leather chair.  She bent down and kissed him softly,
“Hello love.  Enjoying your day off?”

He replied, “A lot more now than I was baby.”

She loved when he called her that, she knew there was
nothing demeaning about it.  It was pure endearment.  She winked and said
breathlessly, “Bet I can make it better.”

He cupped the back of her neck with his hand and pulled her
in for another kiss.  Her lips were soft, pliant and sweet against his.  He
teased her bottom lip with the tip of his tongue and slipped it inside her
mouth when her lips parted.  He moaned into her mouth softly when she ground
her center down and against his while their tongues tangled together.  He
watched her slip down off of him and she unbuttoned his pants.  He arched his
back as she pulled them off.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of her as she slowly removed
her dress while kneeling at his feet.  His breathing picked up as he saw she
was not wearing anything underneath it, bringing out another smile from his
golden beauty.

He saw her look up mischievously and then kissed the head of
his manhood, licking it once to claim his precum.  Then she crawled sexily back
up his body and straddled him, her throbbing swollen sex teasing his manhood
with light brushes. 

Tiffani said breathlessly, “I’ve been looking forward to
this moment all day love.”

He gasped in pleasure as her moist and silky labia teased
his hard length as she rocked her hips against it.  He felt a trail of heat and
moist nectar coat the bottom of his manhood from her ready lips.  When he felt
her pull his mouth to her breast, he took the swollen golden nipple into his
mouth and sucked while teasing it with the tip of his tongue… 

He moaned into her generous C cup when he felt her arch her
back.  He was in heaven as she played with his neck and hair with her
fingertips.  He abandoned that nipple, replacing his mouth with twisting
forefinger and thumb.  He sucked in her other nipple hard and bit it lightly
before teasing it with his rough tongue.

He felt her warmth rock against his center, claiming his
arousal in one downward thrust.  He looked deep into her eyes, as the
stimulation of her silken moist heat conformed and wrapped his manhood in pure

“I love you baby, you feel incredible.”

She just smiled and leaned down to whisper sultrily, “You
too love, been wanting this hard cock in me all day long, so worth the wait.”

She started to roll her hips and slightly rock her body,
grinding down into him.  She moaned as his pleasure stimulated her most
sensitive spot, his ten inches filling her completely.  When she was close she
started to bounce up and down his length in slow and sensuous abandon, mewls of
pleasure falling from her lips. 

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