Backstabber (The Big Bang Series (behind the scenes bonus material))



Stella Starke


Backstabber copyright © 2013 Stella Starke

Backstabber is a special behind the scenes look at
Revenge of the Nerd
, Part 1 of The Big Bang Series. If you like Backstabber, be sure to check out
Revenge of the Nerd


Revenge of the Nerd
– A 24,000+ word novella.

Brittney was the most popular girl on campus, so of course she married perennial frat boy and football star Eric. She never noticed Alvin the science nerd unless Eric was taunting him.

Ten years later Eric can’t make enough money to keep their house out of foreclosure, much less keep Brittney satisfied. At the class reunion they’re both thrilled to run in to Alvin who is now a billionaire due to his apps and inventions. Alvin is happy to give them the money they need to keep their house. There’s just one condition: he gets Brittney for a weekend.

Brittney is flattered and slightly amused until she finds out that Alvin has more in store for her than candle light dinners and sweet romance.

Menage, anal, oral, M/F/M, F/F, M/F


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I was pretty pissed when Alvin Price left the reunion with Brittney and Eric. They could have invited me along. I mean it
’s not like the three of them are best friends or anything. Not like I thought the three of us were. Besides, I saw Alvin at that party first. I’m the one who pointed him out to Brittney, which I admit was a mistake I swore I’d never make again. But how was I supposed to know she would go after him right under her husband’s nose.

Then again, the guy is a billionaire so I guess I should have known that they would zero in on him considering how badly they need money. Still, I never thought Brittney would agree to sleep with him in exchange for money. And I really didn’t think Eric would let her! Yeah, well, shows how much you can know someone after 15 years.
It should have been me sleeping with Alvin for a hundred and fifty grand. Hell, I would have let him tie me up and fuck me in every hole for half that. So yeah, I was pissed.

When Brit called me the day after the reunion to tell me what happened I was stunned.

“You wouldn’t believe how much he’s changed Missy,” she gushed into the phone. “I mean, I don’t really remember a whole lot about him from college, but I do remember he was pretty awkward.”

“And skinny and geeky,” I reminded her. She was right, though. I’d seen him rockin’ that Hugo Boss suit at the reunion. He filled out every stitch with pure muscle and lust. He really had changed.

Unlike Brittney I did remember Alvin Price from college. He was always staring at Brittney like some stalker. She never paid much attention to him, but he was like a love sick puppy that one. It was obvious to everyone but Brittney. It was especially obvious to Eric. I think that’s one of the reasons he tortured that kid so much.

I remember one time, just before a football game, Eric had me go down to the band room and tell Alvin that Brittney wanted to see him in the parking lot
. I followed him and hid behind a car and watched while the guys circled around and teased him about his crush until I thought the poor kid was going to cry. They pushed him around a little too, and I started to feel so bad for him I finally left. I never told Brittney about it. What difference would it have made? She thought Eric could do no wrong. All of us did.

Man I had a huge crush on Eric back then. Brittney and I met Eric at the same time, in that grimy little bar downtown, Paddy’s. He and Dane were playing pool and we were looking for some guys to buy us drinks. Dane was already three sheets to the wind but both the guys were more than happy to buy us all the alcohol we wanted. Guys are always willing to pay for as much alcohol as they think it will take to get a woman to suck their cock.
Fact is, I like drinking and I like sucking cock, so it was always a win win for me. I don’t think Brittney ever took it quite that far, she was a bit of tease.

I had my eye on Eric that night and we were hitting it off pretty well. I was letting him teach me how to play pool so he could get behind me and rub his cock on my ass as I bent over the table. Every time I took a shot he’d slam himself into my ass and I could feel him wanting me. I thought Brittney and Dane would hook up, but Dane went out to his car and passed out. So Brittney was kind of a third wheel until Eric started teaching her how to play pool too. Which I was okay with. I’d always wanted to have a threesome with her and I thought that was going to be our night. She and I had messed around a few times and I loved the ta
ste of her pussy. Watching Eric pressing up against her, I had all kinds of thoughts about licking her clit while he pumped me from behind.

We were so close too, until Eric decided to go out and check on Dane. That dumbass had drunk way too much and was puking in the car. He was so delirious that Eric took him to the hospital. I guess it’s a good thing he did because it turned out Dane had alcohol poisoning and they had to put him on an IV. Long story short, Brittney and I went home alone and I
had to get my orgasm from my trusty vibrator. That was the first time I fantasized about a threesome with Eric and Brittney while getting off.

The next day Eric called to let us know what happened and Brittney happened to be the one who answered the phone. She and Eric stayed on the phone for hours and the rest is history. I never had a shot at Eric again. I did hook up with Dane a few times on double dates with Brittney and Eric, so it wasn’t a total loss. A few years ago Dane got really drunk at the country club Christmas Party and told me about the time he and Eric both fucked Brittney in the locker room after a game. He said he’d always wanted to do that again.
Once again, I was left out of that loop.

So when Brittney told me she was going to spend a weekend with Alvin Price I got to thinking…I called Dane and invited him to meet me for a drink.

“So I figure Eric is going to need a distraction while Brittney’s gone,” I said as I watched Dane down his fifth gin and tonic. “You know, so he doesn’t spend too much time alone thinking about…”

“About some rich dude banging his wife?” Dane finished my sentence.


“And you’re okay with banging your best friend’s husband?” He asked point blank.

“As okay as you are with banging your best friend’s wife in the coat check room at the country club.” Dane looked surprised and I said, “Yeah, she tells me everything.”

It didn’t take him long to agree and we decided to take Eric out for an early dinner the Friday Brittney left for Alvin’s. He didn’t need to be standing at the door watching her drive off with another man, so we figured the timing would be perfect.

I spent the next week getting my whole body waxed and exfoliated, eyebrows sculpted, hair highlighted and skin toned. By Friday I looked like a Playboy centerfold after the airbrushing. I put on the new dress I’d bought just for the occasion and layered on some beaded necklaces.

I studied myself in the mirror and
tried to see myself as Eric would see me: full, lush cleavage that swelled out of my low neckline, a skirt that hugged my round hips and pulled tight around my firm ass, long, tanned legs that were limber enough to wrap around my own ears. My long blonde hair hung in loose waves over one silky shoulder and directed the eye straight to my breasts; exactly where I wanted them.

I drove over to Eric’s car lot and saw Dane’s Toyota already parked in front of the office. I grabbed the bottle of Jack I’d brought and headed inside. They were laughing heartily when I walked into Eric’s office and they didn’t stop on my account.

“We were just talking about that time we filled Alvin’s car with foam,” Dane said through his laughter.

“I remember that,” I said. “I heard he had to pull all
all-nighter to get his research paper together again. The dumbass had left it in the front seat of his car and it was ruined.”

I pulled the bourbon out of my purse and set it on Eric’s desk. If he was upset about where his wife was going tonight, he didn’t show it. He pulled some glasses out of
a desk drawer and as he handed me my drink he took me in with a slow appraising look.

“Damn Missy, you look particularly succulent tonight, you got a date?” Eric asked.

“I hope so,” I said as I sipped my bourbon and stared him in the eye. I could tell right away that he knew exactly what I meant and the twinkle in his eye told me he was on board. The alcohol hit my belly and warmed me from the inside, but it was Eric’s eyes that warmed my pussy.

Dane poured us another round and proposed a toast to friendship. We touched our glasses together and in that instant we all knew what was about to happen. Both men had their eyes on me and it felt wonderful to be the center of attention for once. I was glad that Brittney was gone, I didn’t care what she was doing
; tonight I was going to have both of her men.

It didn’t take long for us to decide to skip dinner and go back to my place. The dinner idea had been more of an ice breaker and I had a feeling we’d gotten past that part. We were all a little drunk, but Eric pulled the keys to a two seater convertible he had on the lot. We squeezed into the
tiny car and I had to sit on Dane’s lap, which didn’t bother me a bit. We were barely out of the lot when he pulled my face into his and kissed me hard, his hot tongue delving into my eager mouth. I sucked on his tongue and slid my hand inside of his shirt.

I felt a hand on the inside of my thighs and I opened my legs as much as I could in that cramped seat to give him full access. I cracked an eye open and saw that it was Eric’s h
and pushing its way toward my sex. I sucked Dane’s tongue harder and pinched his nipple in anticipation of feeling Eric’s strong fingers in my dripping cunt. He pushed against the thin lace of my panties and I moaned into Dane’s mouth. All of my senses were awakened and my skin tingled with anticipation. I wanted to be touched everywhere, licked and sucked and fucked everywhere. I wanted to be filled with these two men.

We reached my house quickly and Eric stopped rubbing my mound so that he could park and turn off the car. I missed his touch immediately and grabbed Dane’s hand from my breast and pushed it down th
ere. Before he could do more than stroke the outside of my wet panties Eric had our door open and was reaching in to help me out. I unfolded myself from Dane’s lap and grazed the bulge of his erection with my fingertips as I got out.

Both men pressed against me as I unlocked the front door and switched on the light in the foyer. I didn’t care what the neighbors might think if they happened to be watching. I didn’t care what anyone would think, not even Brittney. I was so turned on I would have fucked them on live television during the super bowl. It was Dane who slowed things down when he suggested we have another drink. He’d been to my house several times, they both had, so they poured drinks from the bar in the living room while I adjusted the lights to create a dim glow. I plugged my iPod into the stereo and played some jazz music.

When Dane handed me my drink I drank it slowly, but steadily while I locked onto his eyes. I drained the glass and set it on the coffee table. While they sipped their drinks I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. I wore a white lace bustier that showcased my round breasts and contrasted nicely with my tanned skin. Eric whistled appreciatively. I took his glass from his hand and set it next to mine; then I unbuttoned his shirt slowly.

He’d stayed in good shape since college. His chest was rock hard and his abs were defined. I ran my fingers
down his bare chest until I reached the waistband of his pants. He pulled his shirt off as I unfastened his pants. His erection pushed its way out of his boxer shorts and strained against the elastic. My mouth watered at the sight of its purple head leaking drops of shiny pre cum.

I grazed a fingertip across the jerking tip and scooped up his juices, then, looking him directly in the eye, I slipped my finger between my
pouty red lips and sucked it. His pupils dilated and his breath became ragged. I had him in the palm of my hand, literally. Finally, after all these years, I was going to have what should have been mine all along.

My heart pounded and the blood rushing in my ears drowned out the sound of the music. I was startled when
Dane put his hands on my shoulders. I had almost forgotten he was there. I’d been with Dane several times over the years, I knew what to expect from him. He skewed kinky and liked it rough sometimes. We always had a good time. But I didn’t know what Eric liked. Brittney told me a lot of things about their relationship, so I knew how strained things were between them. I also knew they hadn’t slept together in weeks. I had no doubt Eric was getting it somewhere else, but Brittney had never told me what he liked in bed. I was game for anything and so horny that I’d let him do whatever he wanted.

I felt Dane’s hard cock rub against my ass and I pushed back against it. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against his bare chest, keeping my hand cupped around Eric’s balls. Eric took a step forward and pressed himself against me. I was sandwiched between them and had never been so aroused. They were both completely naked now, but I
still wore my bustier, stockings and heels.

While I rested my head on Dane’s chest Eric leaned down and kissed my neck, then licked it, then sucked it. I knew it would leave a mark, but I didn’t care. He sucked and licked his way down to my breasts
; then in one swift jerk he ripped the lacy lingerie from my cleavage splitting it down the middle and exposing my taught breasts. He grabbed one in a firm hand and squeezed it as he pulled a hard nipple into his mouth. He sucked and nibbled while I groaned in ecstasy. I got lightheaded and grabbed his ass to steady myself. He pushed harder against me and that pushed me harder against Dane who was now rubbing his fingers across my wet mound. Eric’s mouth was busy, so I pulled Dane’s mouth down to mine and parted my lips to invite him in. his tongue probed me as it had earlier and I sucked his tongue the way I wanted to suck his dick.

Eric moved from one breast to the other and sucked on my other nipple leaving the first one wet and sore and aching for attention. I reached up and pinched it between my fingers, twisting it harder and harder as
Eric sucked harder and harder. I was going to come and I hadn’t even had a cock in me yet. I groaned into Dane’s mouth and he shoved his fingers up inside of me. It was all I needed to fall over the edge into an electric orgasm. I tightened my velvet walls around his fingers and pulled my mouth from his as I let out a long, wailing moan.

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