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Chapter 10



"Was it good for you?” She had to break the silence. It was driving her nuts and her lack of fulfillment on his entry into her body filled her with a wild energy that needed an outlet. Apparently the outlet was her mouth.

“Wha…?” His head lifted from her shoulder and his bleary eyes struggled to focus. She realized that he had still not regained his breath, and she watched the sweat gleam on his chest as the muscles flexed and heaved.

His cock twitched inside her and she flinched, the soreness of her first time flaring again now that the hormones were dwindling. She put her hands on his chest and tried to calm him with the pressure of her touch.

“It was amazing, did I hurt you?” He feathered his lips over her eyebrows, leaving a sweet kiss on her forehead.

“No. Well, no more than I expected.” A faint blush heated her cheeks. She knew that it stood out like a sore thumb on her pale skin.

“It will be better next time. I promise.”

She idly trailed her fingers over his lips. “It was much better than I expected my first time to be. Much

He nipped at the tips, then his tongue flicked out to taste them. She trembled and her pussy clenched around him in response. Wow, who knew that those two nerves could be related. He groaned and his head fell back to her shoulder as his shaft was gripped softly. With a desperate groan he pulled out of her and stood.

He disappeared into an open hall and the sound of running water declared the existence of the bathroom. He reappeared with a washcloth in his hands, his cock and balls now clean of the blood that she had glimpsed when he left.

“Open wide.” Before she knew it he had parted her thighs and was removing all traces of blood and semen left by their coupling. “It looks good. Only a little bleeding, nothing major.” On bare feet he padded back to the bathroom and returned without the soiled cloth.

“Now, I believe that you did not come while I fucked you.” It wasn’t a question, and without any further comment he lay between her thighs and was looking up at her with his chin on her pubic bone. An impish grin came over his features as he looked up at her. She could only imagine that her eyes were wild with panic.

A dark chuckle broke free, and he then turned his attention to the now cooled folds between her thighs. To warm them, he exhaled a warm stream of air across her flesh. His fingers searched for her opening carefully and then he gently slid one finger into her. No harsh movement, just stationary placement of his digit in her channel.

His tongue sought out and found her clit and a delicate fluttering on it had her squirming and arching in only a minute.

The peak of sensation that she had been forced to abandon welcomed her back with no ceremony. One minute she was at a cold start, the next she was panting for release. No transition, no chance to catch her breath.

A hiss and snarl were his only warning, then her back was arching, her pussy shoving toward him and her channel pulsing lightly around his finger. Her orgasm hit her like a freight train.

Her eyes fluttered open to see her lover on his arms above her with a hellishly smug grin on his face.

“I knew you would be dynamite in bed.” He wrapped his hand around her hip and gave a small squeeze. “But only with me.”

She laughed softly. He was so familiar. She didn’t know why, but she had felt his hands on her in another life. Or maybe…

“Does your clan have dream walkers? Or sleep mating?” He had shifted to the other pillow and was looking at her with his head propped up on his fist.

“Only in the case of true mates. It hardly ever happens.”

“Has it happened in your family?”

“My mother claims that my father visited her in her dreams before they mated, but he claims that his end was a simple wet dream.” The grin was back. His possession of her had obviously put him in a good mood.

“All men claim that. Love at first sight is far more common. I wonder how many of those people realize that they have been dreaming of their lover for years.” Slightly disgruntled Melissande turned away from him. She was not in the mood to hear that her dreams were foolish.

He stroked her shoulder and turned her to face him once again. “Did you dream of me, Melissande?”

She kept silent and pouted.

He stroked her gently and asked again, “Did you dream, Melissande?”

“Yes. I did.”

“When did it start?”

She thought about it. “After I swam in the Maiden pool in the forest. It started that night.”

His fingers drew idle designs on her shoulder, “Was there anything in the forest that day that was unusual?”

“Aside from the keeper of the pool? Only a wolf that…oh hells. It was you!” She winced at the sharp smacking noise that emanated from where her hand impacted his shoulder. “You were watching me swim!”

“Ow. Yes I was. Why not? You are amazing when wet.” Sirnel slipped a finger into her channel again, “Pretty good while dry too.” His wicked grin was back, completely unrepentant.

He dipped his head and before she knew it his tongue was laving her nipple and sucking it strongly into his mouth.

A furious blush spread across her as her body’s moisture coated his finger and began to seep out of her as she writhed and gasped under him.

She was wrapping her arms around his neck when a pounding on the front door interrupted them.

She looked calmly at him, her lust cooling rapidly. “Are you expecting someone?”

He snarled and tried to take her mouth in a kiss. “No, I am not. Ignore it.” She stopped him with her fingers gripping his lips, then shrieked as a face appeared at the window.

“Uh, Sirnel, I think it’s for you. Definitely.” Walther’s face was rueful and apologetic, but he was not going anywhere. His arms were crossed over his chest and his feet were firmly planted.

Snarling in frustration he flipped a sheet over her body to hide her from the alpha and went to the door, still nude.

“What is it, Dad?”

Oh, that explained a lot. His ease, his confidence and the deference that the other women had shown to Rebecca.

“Alfred has claimed right of bloodline. He is challenging your win and her choice.” Walther was not looking at her, but a satisfied curve to his mouth let her know that he was pleased she and Sirnel had consummated their union.

It would give them a fighting chance to object to Alfred’s claims. If she was pregnant, it would seal the union despite all objections, but it would take a few days to find out.

“Give us a moment.” Sirnel turned back to her and walked toward the bed. Walther waited outside on the patio.

Mel was sitting up with the sheet clutched to her breasts. “So, my grandfather is making a fuss, is he?”

“He is challenging my right to you by virtue of your being of his bloodline.” He was laying her clothing over the edge of the bed and when he had collected them all he sat to take her hands. “As he is an alpha, it is his right to decide your mate.”

“Even if he disowned my mother and myself?”

“Blood does not acknowledge the legal refusal. It remains constant.” He raised her hands to his lips and kissed them. “I will fight for you, Melissande, no matter what happens.”

He would. She could see it in his eyes. Now that he had committed to her, he would stop at nothing to keep her safe. She had to return the favour by whatever means necessary.

“Call me Jinx.”







Chapter 11



Two phone calls and one text message later and she was ready to go with Walther and Sirnel. If he was willing to fight for her, she would return that loyalty with everything at her command. And that included members of her little family.

They took Walther’s car back to the field where all of the activities of the past days had been staged. A mob was waiting for them.

The Yellowpaw clan was out in force this evening. The sun had begun it’s setting into the west and it cast a bloody glow upon the proceedings.

“As her grandfather and clan leader, I declare her to be of the Yellowpaw clan and therefore under the rights of blood.” Alfred looked pissed. He no doubt smelled Sirnel on her.

“I do not acknowledge our blood ties, and therefore do not fall under your clan laws.” She kept herself calm knowing that it would infuriate him.

A hissed cry of “Whore!” was her only warning as his hand descended toward her. Sirnel stopped him with his own arm, a blur of movement that she caught out of the corner of her eye. Alfred was on the ground and his clan was still with shock as their alpha lay in the dirt.

They were trying to gear up to attack when as one all the were turned to look at the sky.

Jinx smiled. Her second phone call was here.

The were scattered as the dragon circled the clearing and then came in for a landing right next to Jinx. Well, Jinx and Sirnel. He refused to leave her, even as the dragon roared and flame erupted from her mouth.

Jinx raised her hand to pet the scaled neck. “Hello Arabel. Thanks for coming. Did Matthias take it well?”

Arabel shifted into her warrior form, nude but with wings and a tail. “Fine. He will come around in a few hours.” Her extended canines were exposed with her grin and her tail lashed with humour.

“Sirnel, this is Arabel. The mother of one of my best friends, George. Arabel, this is Sirnel, my chosen mate.” The introductions were done with a rapt audience. All the wer had come running when the dragon landed and were maintaining a safe but attentive distance.

Showing remarkable adaptation, Sirnel shook Arabel’s hand and said “Pleased to meet you, Lady. Be welcome on our lands.”

“Thank you, Sirnel, but I think your alpha will have something to say about that.” She nodded to Walther.

“I greet you as well, Lady. And my son’s welcome is that of his clan. The Silverfangs welcome you.” He came forward and shook her hand as well, carefully keeping his gaze above her neck.

“Your welcome is most kind. Not at all what I remember the wolf packs to be.” Jinx was happy that Arabel left it at that. She had once told her that she found werewolves to be

“Evolution is a hard thing mistress. We all must move forward or die out. Some of us know this better than others.” He glanced over at Alfred who had managed to right himself and was trying not to look terrified at the dragon in their midst.

“You are wise.” She looked closely at the assembly. “Melissande has declared her choice. Who among you will gainsay it?” The formality of her words was not lost on Jinx. She was speaking from a different time.

Alfred screwed up his courage. “I will. I will defy her choice and put her under the claim of blood ties.”

“A tradition, I assume?”

“Indeed, one of our oldest. I have control over all of my bloodline.”

“We have similar traditions and my daughter has just defied them. Melissande has the same rights.”

“Not as long as she is my granddaughter.” Alfred was almost foaming at the mouth. His hostility was palpable and his sentence gave her an idea.” Not as long as she carries my blood.”

“If I no longer carried your blood, would you give up this bizarre claim?” Jinx had a feeling that this was the point of the power that had surged through her while she and Sirnel were making love.

Alfred snorted in amusement. “Of course, but you cannot change your parentage any more than your mother could. Any more than I could have a daughter with the ability to change. An alpha, the type of child that I deserved.” Disdain dripped from his mouth and sealed her resolve. This was the time for her to make her move.

“Arabel, can you read a new spell for me?”

“Sure, Jinx. Where is the scroll?” Arabel looked feral, her eyes flashing with the urge to destroy the man who showed such contempt for his own child. Children were precious to the dragons. She herself had defied the council and hidden her child for fifty years to allow her to choose her own path.

“On his body.” Jinx’s eyes flashed with amusement as she formed her next request. “Sirnel, can you remove your clothing, please?”

“Here? Now?” His features declared that this was not the time for such matters. But there was a curiosity in them that belied his reticence.

“Here and now, Sirnel, please.”

The dragon was a bit confused, “Jinx, where is the spell?”

Mel waved to her and waited until all of Sirnel’s clothing hit the ground. She slowly moved toward him and ran her hands over his shoulders. She felt the power building in her and brought his head down to hers for a kiss.

She exhaled slowly and the talent of an Archive filled him. He warmed to her touch, then grew hot and Arabel began to chant softly.

The runes and words that she had written in passion flared into life and burned out of his skin. The drone of the spell’s words rang in her ears and pulsed in her veins.

Fire took her over, burning and running along her nerves. Blooming in her belly and rippling out of her mouth. With a scream she separated herself from Sirnel and fell to the ground as the spell she had written transformed her.

She could hear the cries of confusion and concern but could not answer them. She had brought this upon herself and for better or for worse, it would be her fate to live with the consequences. If she lived.

Her skin was too tight; the flames were ripping her apart. Suddenly she heard the wild calling her. A pulse, a howl burned in her throat. She screamed and the howl broke free.

Fur erupted from her flesh, burning her as it ran over her body. She was a wolf. It was done.

With a happy yelp she leapt to her feet and took a few hesitant steps, then began to run.

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