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Authors: Meredith Clarke

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An Heiress For The Bear (Sarkozy Brothers 2) (9 page)

Fuck. The woman would have put his eye out if he hadn't gotten the blade away from her.

His fingers still remained encircled tightly around her slim wrist, and she was staring up at him, her face white with what he assumed was shock.

She damned well deserved to be shocked, accosting him like this in his own damned bathroom. He was naked, for God's sake.

"What are you doing here?" he growled, the timbre of his voice showing his bear's frustration.

Her eyelids fluttered while she thought of a response, and a tremor ran through her hands. The envelope held within her fingers shook too.

"I... er..." She hesitated, licking her lips before she straightened her spine and waved the crumpled envelope in his face. "I came to leave this with you."

She fell silent and swallowed, her eyes trailing along his chest and down to his abdomen. She halted the inspection sharply and looked back up at his face.

"What was so important that you had to break into my house and threaten me with a sword?"

She let out a sharp laugh. "Firstly, that stupid sword of yours wouldn't kill a dead man. Who the hell buys blunt weapons anyway?"

Lukas laughed and took a step closer, his abdomen brushing against her. "Easier to import blunt weapons into the country. Sharp ones have a red-tape issue."

She lifted an eyebrow, as if she thought the excuse wasn't up to snuff, but she accepted it anyway.

"And secondly?"

"Huh?" she asked, her eyelids fluttering as her gaze drifted down again. Lukas was monumentally tempted to accidentally drop the towel. But he didn't.

"Your issue with my blunt sword was firstly." He lifted his own eyebrow, and she flushed red as she caught the double meaning. He had to admit that a flustered and nervous Kat was completely enticing.

She tightened her jaw and lifted her chin, the red slowly fading from her cheeks. "Yes, and secondly, I didn't want to inconvenience you, so I brought the contract to you. Signed, sealed, and delivered."

Lukas frowned, shifting closer just the tiniest bit. "And how would I have been inconvenienced had you not so kindly delivered the contract to me?" he murmured.

Kat cleared her throat. "You said you'd come to me. And I didn't want you to pitch up at my apartment. Carson's home, and she wouldn't take the sight of a Sarkozy very well."

The corner of Lukas's mouth lifted. "I'm not convinced that Carson would hate the entire genetic line for one man's indiscretion."

"Indiscretion?" Kat's eyes hit her hairline. "Did he cheat on her? Is that how he broke her heart?"

Lukas shook his head. How did the conversation end up turning to Marek? "No. He didn't cheat. So why don't we let their problem be their problem? Marek and his mate will work things out eventually."

"His mate?" asked Kat, her eyes wide.

Lukas inhaled harshly, caught between amusement and annoyance. "Yup. Mate. Lover. Honey. Squeeze. Cuddle-bunny..."

Kat laughed. "Okay, fine. Anyway, I need to get going." Her gaze flickered downward again, and Lukas grinned as he felt himself harden in response. Her eyes widened--she'd seen his arousal--and she took a step away. "I really should be going."

Lukas stepped between her and the door, and in response, she rounded him, swapping positions as she now stood with her back to the shower.

He closed in on her and said softly, "Maybe you should stay a while. Since you made the trip to see me."

"I didn't come to see you." She waved the contract in his face. "Here, take it so I can be on my way."

Lukas took another step closer to her, and Kat did what he wanted her to. She took two steps back and ended up just inside the shower, her bare feet slapping against the wet tiles. She glanced around her and sucked in a breath. Then her expression shifted to determined as she tried to step outside the shower. But Lukas was there, a giant wall of unmoving, very much aroused, man.

Kat let out a soft growl. "Lukas, can you get out of my way? I need to leave."

"Why?" Another step toward her and she moved further inside the gigantic shower.

Kat's gaze flitted around the tiled space, her eyebrows raised. "I just need to leave."

Then she frowned, staring up at the equally gigantic showerhead. The circular monstrosity was almost two feet in diameter, and he'd gotten it custom made to ensure the water fell on his entire frame, bear or human.

"Who the hell needs a showerhead that freaking big?" She sounded annoyed at the audacity of having such a large showerhead.

Lukas grinned. "I do."

Then he reached behind her and twisted the handle of the faucet, sending warm water falling onto her head.

She shrieked, then sputtered, holding the contract out of reach of the water even as it soaked her hair and her clothing.

Damned if he hadn't noticed she was wearing a skirt. Now, he stared at the sight of the wet fabric clinging to her thighs.

"Damn it, Lukas. What the hell are you doing? You're going to mess up the contract."

"You can always print another one." His voice was husky and filled with desire. He knew this was a bad idea, but for some reason, he just couldn't help himself.

He was staring at Kat. Her hair was sodden, plastered against her skull, her face drenched as she glared at him, then his chest, then below.

Her silk shirt was soaked through, the wet fabric hugging the silk of her bra, clearly revealing her breasts beneath.

No wet tee-shirt necessary.

Her silk clothing did the job so well, she might as well have been naked.

Lukas's gaze remained on her breasts as he took one more step toward her, his hands lifting to cup her breasts within his large palms.

They fit perfectly, and Lukas couldn't help the deep groan that escaped his lips.

His thumbs flicked across the tight peaks, and he got the response he'd been waiting for.

Kat made a sound that was halfway between a gasp and a moan, and pressed herself against his fingers.

19. KAT

moaned out loud. Way to keep her cool in front of this man. What was it about Lukas that made her lose all resolve, all control?

His thumbs left her nipples, only to be replaced by his fingers, as he took the hardened buds between them and squeezed hard.

She let out a cry and didn't resist when he pressed her to the wall. The warm water fell from the big-ass showerhead onto his body and splashed onto her face and chest.

Her chest. How the hell had he gotten her into the shower and wet without her realizing his intentions? The moment he'd seen her, his honey eyes had gone dark and aware. His arousal was obvious, and now, the wet fabric clung to his form as he pressed up against her.

And she'd worn a skirt today. Just perfect.

Easy access always helped when a guy was busy trying to get into a girl's panties. In this case, common sense and logic was saying this was a bad idea; her heart, the heat in her veins, in her breasts, in her core, all said this was a brilliant idea.

Damn her body to hell and back.

Lukas put a hand on her knee, just below the hem of her skirt.

This was insane.

She stiffened, the muscles in her thighs tightening. She wanted to laugh. The mere touch of his hand on her leg made her wet, but what difference did it make now that the shower was soaking her through?

The wet skirt clung to her body, pressing the fabric against her mound and outlining it for him to see. And see he did. He seemed to be enjoying the view, and his hand rose higher up her thigh. High enough that his thumb now lay against the elastic of her thong.

His fingers were rough and hot against her flesh, and she wrapped her fingers around this wrist. She'd been about to pull his hand away, but she just craved more. And she left his hand where it was.

What the hell had gotten into her? She was just letting him do things to her that drove her insane, and all she wanted was more.

Lukas shifted his hand, then slipped it down the front of her thong, cupping her, squeezing her. "You still want to leave?" He growled the question into the skin of her neck before lowering his head and fastening his lips on her breast. She threw head back as his mouth sucked on her nipple. When she didn't answer, he slid a finger inside her, withdrawing slowly before thrusting in again. "Do you still want to leave, Kat?" The words rumbled against her nipple, tightening the peak.

"No... Oh, please..." She gasped the words, her fingers gripping tighter on to his wrist as he withdrew his finger and inserted two. She thrust her hips forward, needing more, as waves of urgency rose within her body.

He removed his hand and fiddled with the zip of her skirt. With seconds, and after a bit of fumbling, he stripped her of her sodden clothes and dropped them in a heap in the corner of the shower.

She didn't protest.

"Oh dear. It looks like you have nothing to wear now." He grabbed her hands and lifted them above her head before pressing hard against her and claiming her mouth in a passionate, hard kiss. "Looks like you can't leave until we get these clothes dried."

Kat couldn't do much more than to moan against his lips. She was stark naked in Lukas's shower with nothing more than a sodden towel between them.

As he pressed his body against hers, she ran her hands along his arms, tracing her nails across defined, sculpted muscles. Her hands drifted down his spine until she reached the towel. She gripped the fabric and pulled, dropping it onto the shower floor to join her ruined clothing.

Lukas groaned and pressed against her, and she felt his arousal hard against her slick core. They'd come too far now. There was no going back. And stopping was the last thing she wanted.

He let go of her mouth, biting softly on the flesh of her lower lip before tracing a path of heated kisses down to her navel and across the rise of her stomach. As he drifted down to her mound, she moved restlessly, wanting something, something that was just out of her reach.

He gripped her thighs and pulled them apart, opening her lips to his hot mouth. As he closed his mouth over her sex, she let out a whimper.

In response, he growled, the sound reverberating through her core, and she shuddered with need. He adored her with his tongue, sucking on her clit until she was shivering, ready to explode. When he thrust his tongue deep inside her, she lost all control and burst into a million pieces.

Her body quivered, numb now as she began to slide down the slick tiled wall. Lukas grabbed hold of her waist, taking her weight as he laid her gently on the shower floor. Water hit his back, bursting into thousands of droplets as it cascaded onto her.

Even as he lowered himself onto her, she was reaching out for him. He claimed her mouth in a wild, searingly hot kiss that had her moaning all over again as his tongue dueled with hers. There was nothing soft or teasing about their kiss. It was all hard and passionate and feral, with a wild need that she felt in every pore.

What was it about this man that made one orgasm feel like it wasn't enough?

Kat wrapped her legs around his hips and tightened her grip, thrusting her hips toward him, sliding her slick folds along the head of his erection.

She wanted him, and at that moment she didn't care who he was, who she was. All she needed was to have him inside of her, filling her up.

Making her whole.


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