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Authors: Caroline Jane Wetherby

After the Dreams (Caroline's Company)

After the Dreams


C J Wetherby

Caroline Jane Wetherby 2012

rights reserved

If you are offended by explicit
descriptions of sexual activities and behaviour, please do not read this book.

All the characters in this book
are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely

This book is a work of fiction
and of fantasy. Although the various events and activities are presented with a
comprehensive background and suitable detail, the book should not be taken as a
factual account of any of the places, practices or processes described.

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‘After the Dreams’ is the first of the four volumes that
make up ‘Caroline’s Company’

this volume the adventures continue in:

Private Collection’

Wages of Sin’

‘Ecstasies and

Author’s Note

This book was fun to write and
will, I hope, be fun to read. It is meant as a sex story, but not just a sex
story. There is plenty of erotic activity, and of sexual awakenings and
discovery; there is also affection and developing romance in beautiful surroundings;
but all of these are entwined with a more complex plot which develops through
this and the following volumes.

Thank you to all my friends who
have read this work as it has progressed; especially to Kay whose encouragement
allowed me to carry on, and to Judith for her brilliant and acute proof
reading. Any mistakes that remain are, of course, all my own.

Jane Wetherby

November 2012



Chapter One


Chapter Two

A Stranger Arrives

Chapter Three

Doubts and Decisions

Chapter Four

Dinners and Delights

Chapter Five

An Evening’s Entertainment

Chapter Six

After the Dreams

Chapter Seven


Chapter Eight

Several Games at Once


Chapter One


‘Am I good enough at this for you?’

‘Janet my love, that’s not a fair question to ask with you
in that position.’

‘But when we go to Caroline’s and she has those...’

‘Caroline will do what she wants to do, and you will do what
you want to do; as always.’

‘It’s not that I don’t like it, and I don’t think I’m even
embarrassed any more, it’s just that sometimes just watching isn’t quite the

‘You’re not just watching at the moment are you? Ooh, that’s
nice thank you.’

‘You do like me doing this don’t you?’

‘Another unfair question, what if I say no?’

Janet slid down his legs and brought her mouth down to the
part of him that had been between her breasts.

‘Ow, see what I mean!’

‘But I wouldn’t really hurt you
would I, not when I can do this, and this, and this.....’


‘That’s nice of you Sylvie. Thank you.’

‘I do love it when you’re wearing clothes and I’m not.’

‘Even if it’s just my riding gear?’

‘It makes me feel in my proper place and position. I love
being owned by you.’

‘You’re just a natural show-off you are.’

‘I’ll be anything you want me to be Caroline, anything at

‘Of course you will, my little pet. I know!’

The riding crop circled the naked woman’s bottom.

‘What could be nicer; coffee in the morning sunshine with
you all naked at my feet.’

 ‘Did you enjoy your ride?’

‘Of course, it’s a gorgeous morning. You should have come!’

‘I thought you’d want me to get on with all the stuff for
our new guest.’

‘By the way, will you make a note that there are a couple of
broken fence rails on the far side of the farm, by the little wood.’

‘I’ll send an email to the Barkers.’

‘So, are we ready for Andrew?’

‘Everything’s ready. I do hope he’s going to enjoy being

‘I’m sure he will. Now come and help me shower, then we can start
the day properly.’


It was a long train journey. After the first few stops out
of London, the carriage got emptier and quieter. The window seat that had been
reserved for him let him see the countryside flashing past the windows. He was
still very tired, and it was easy to doze off.

In the dream, bodies swirled and gleamed in the moonlight;
velvet cloaks and naked skin. The dreamer was different; there was nothing of
those hated things about her. Lucy was running towards her over a velvet smooth
lawn. There were stars and naked bodies and... The dream shifted. There was a
shiny black car going far too fast. There was a thump; there was blood and
white bone, a scream of tyres accelerating away. Sirens, the interior of an
ambulance, a hospital... Then Lucy again, but she was different. She was hurt,
she was in pain...


‘Wake up son, isn’t this your stop?’


Chapter Two

A Stranger arrives

Andrew struggled to leave the
train while dragging his big trolley bag behind him. He was supposed to be
meeting a distant member of his family, and his big bag and the little box he
carried contained all of his life that was left after the recent disasters. 
The doors hissed to a closed position and train departed smoothly. All the
other passengers were collected or drove away, and Andrew was left standing by
himself in the hot sun. He wondered what he should do next. He hadn’t even got
a number to call. He was a nondescript looking boy and small for his age. His
long brown hair was gathered up in a pony-tail, and he showed no evidence of
having to shave. His brown eyes showed uncertainty and some fear.

A large black car pulled up in
the station car park. A tall blonde woman, in tight leather trousers and an
off-the-shoulder black top shot through with silver swung her legs gracefully
out of the car.

‘Hello, are you Andrew?’  She pushed her sunglasses onto the
top of her head.

‘Ye –es, but I was expecting ...’

‘Your old uncle Benedict -  yes – he couldn’t come – so he
asked me to collect you instead. Do you mind?’

(The blonde pushed out her chest a little and shimmied to
show off her figure.)

‘Er – no. Not at all – of course.’

The boy could not take his eyes off this stylish woman
before him.

‘Good. I’m Caroline. How do you do.’ She pushed out her
immaculate hand (silver-nailed but with no rings) towards him. The poor boy
wasn’t quite sure what to do and was rather embarrassed, but he put his bags
down and shook hands.

‘Right – we’ll get to know each other better later. Is that
your bag? It looks heavy – what have you got in it?’

‘Well everything – clothes and everything I’ve got left.’

‘It looks very heavy – can you
get it into the car?’

Caroline opened the boot. He noted it was very tidy and
looked as though it was lined with velvet. There were a couple of small boxes
already in it, and what looked like a folded blanket, but there was plenty of

‘I think so.’

‘Here, let me help.’

Caroline leaned over and took one side of the trolley bag.
He was almost overpowered by her proximity, by the curve of her breasts showing
over her top, and by her delicate perfume.

‘One, two, three – lift altogether – and there we are.’

The bag was now in the boot, and since he had taken little
of the weight he realised that Caroline was not only a very stylish lady, but that
she was stronger than she looked.

‘And this? Oh is this your cat?’ Caroline looked at the
other box. ’Poor thing, he must be really cross at being in that box so long.’

‘It’s a she, her name is Aphrodite.’ The boy held up the
container, and Caroline saw a little black face, and eyes that managed to be
both indignant and inquisitive at the same time.

‘Well, we have cats on the farm of course, but we haven’t
had one in the house for a while. Will she be alright in the car?’

‘I expect so. She’s very young. We only got her just after
Mum... I gave her a drink on the train, but most of the time she just curled up
and slept.’

‘A very practical animal then, your little Aphrodite.’
Caroline looked at the little animal again. ’I’m sure she’ll settle down with

‘I hope so. She’s quite a nice little cat. You can’t see in
there, but she’s got really interesting markings. May she ride on the back

‘Of course. I’ll put this blanket on the seat first; in case
of accidents.’ The cat opened her eyes wide, and looked at Caroline most

‘I’m sorry Aphrodite, but we have quite a long way to go.’

The boy placed the cat’s box on
the seat, and pulled the seat belt round it. Caroline was struck by his care
for the little animal.

‘Good – we can get away home now. I just have to drop off
something in town on the way. Get in.’

He opened the passenger-side door, and almost fell into the
large leather seat.

‘I’m sorry,’ his new driver said. ‘You must have had a
dreadful journey. Would you like to eat?’

‘I’m fine,’ the boy replied, ‘but do you have any water?’

‘Yes. There’s a bottle in the front there.’

He opened the dash, and found an unopened bottle of spring
water. The label looked a little strange.

‘We bottle it on the estate,’ Caroline said. ‘Seat belt

He engaged the seat belt. The water had a slightly odd
taste, not unpleasant, as if from some herb he knew but couldn’t remember.

‘We flavour the spring water with a little mint and a few
other herbs. Do you mind?’

‘Not at all. It’s fine thank you.’

‘There are some sweets there as well if you want.’

‘Thank you.’ He found a white packet. The contents were
chewy, and he could taste mint again; and like the water, something else he
couldn’t quite place.

‘We’ll have dinner when we get home, but it’s quite a
distance. Would you like to stop for something on the way?’

As if in answer, his stomach rumbled.

Caroline laughed. ‘We’ll find you something on the way. What
would you like?’

‘Just a burger – if that’s OK?’

‘Fine. There’s a good fast-food
place a little way on the other side of the town. Off we go.’

The car was comfortable and quiet. There was a low
semi-classical background music that Andrew couldn’t identify. The water, now that
he was used to the taste, was pleasant. He felt sleepy. The car reached a dual-carriage
way and speeded up. He could see the passing green hills.

‘Perhaps I should explain a little,’ said Caroline.

‘Explain?’ he asked.

‘When did you last see your uncle Benedict?’

‘Well he’s not really an uncle.’

‘Yes. I think he was your great-grandmothers second

‘Something like that – but we were always told to call him
uncle. We didn’t see him very much. Not since we were children. He was good at
sending presents though.’

Andrew remembered the pleasant
little cards and notes – and the cheques!

‘Benedict and I are very great friends. He’s a kind of uncle
to me as well. He’s very old, and not very well at the moment. I look after the
estate for him. So, if you like, we are distant cousins!’

Andrew was disturbed by this. Another of his relatives was

‘Don’t worry. Benedict is just getting old. I’ll take you to
meet him in a few days.’

‘Isn’t he where – where we are going?’

‘No, Benedict is in a private nursing home where he gets
excellent care. We are going to the Caraway Estate where I live and where, if
you decide you want to, you can make your new home. Excuse me – we need to take
this exit.’

They turned up a slip road, and Andrew saw signs to a town
away to the left. ‘We won’t be long, then we can get you your burger.’  Andrew’s
stomach growled again in sympathy.

‘There’s more water if you want, and there should be a
cereal bar.’

Andrew looked in the glove compartment, and found another
bottle of water and a bar with the same logo on the label.

‘We have those made for us and specially packaged. They come
from crops grown on our land though.’

It tasted fine to Andrew. Not quite as bland as most cereal
bars, and with a sharp tang of fruit.

They drew into the small town and stopped on one end of the
main street. Some of the shops further up looked quite fashionable, but at this
end a few were boarded up, and they had stopped outside a charity shop.

‘Just stay in the car, I won’t be long.’

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