Adams, Eve - Trio [Gideon's Ring 1] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

Gideon’s Ring 1


As the general manager of a ménage retreat ranch, it's Barrett Gideon's job to make sure everyone leaves the ranch with a smile. When sexy Sarah Emerson visits the ranch looking for a weekend partner or two, Barrett pins Sarah and invites his cousin, Chris, to complete the TRIO. Together they take Sarah to new heights, fully intending to leave her at the end of the weekend as they do every guest. But the boys didn't count on Sarah attaching herself to their souls, just as much as Sarah didn't plan to fall in love with the surly duo.


When a thief sets his sights on the ranch, the Gideons are too late to stop him. Sarah asks her big brother for help getting the Gideons their money back. Norris Emerson and Amber Dalton return from Riding Cowboys to help Sarah and the Gideon's pull off the ultimate con.


Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
69,064 words


Gideon’s Ring 1

Eve Adams


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Gideon’s Ring 1


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Chapter 1

“I’m telling you, I’ve a good feeling about it this time.”

Barrett Gideon listened to the next brother in line, Wyatt, ramble on about the list of guests for the weekend. The names on the guest list didn’t mean anything to Barrett, just as long as they were at capacity, which hadn’t happened in almost six months.

The Gideon Ranch & Lodge never used to struggle. The GR&L always booked out months, and sometimes years, in advance. The economy had taken its toll on the ranch, and on the Gideons. Spending an extravagant weekend at a couple’s ranch was a luxury, and one of the first things that got scratched off the list of things to do when a person had to tighten his purse strings.

“Strickler will be here this weekend,” Wyatt stated and then waited as he looked at the oldest Gideon. When Barrett didn’t give him the reaction he apparently wanted, Wyatt hardened his jaw.

“You mean the worthless man we used to give all of our money to and get nothing in return?”

“Barrett, he’s our PR rep.”

“I told you to fire him.”

“Technically you told Michael to fire him.”

Barrett stiffened and looked at him. “He’s not allowed here when guests are here, Wyatt. You know the rules, and so does he.”

Wyatt shrugged in return. “He’s been with us since before GG died. He knows what goes on here.”

“He never signed the NDA.”

“Who cares about some nondisclosure agreement?”

Barrett gritted his teeth. “Our guests.”

“He’s practically family. What do you expect?”

“I expect you to do what I say.” Not that any of the other Gideon brothers listened to each other. It was no wonder the ranch had fallen into disarray since Grandpa Gideon’s death two years ago. Now that man knew how to run a ranch. Not only did GG have over five hundred head of strong cattle each and every year, he made sure the Gideon family never wanted for anything.

And look at where they were now—selling weekends to couples looking for a little adventure to spice up their lackluster love life.

He tried not to think about how boring his own love life had become. Sure, he participated in the weekend ménages when in the mood, but his thoughts always drifted to her.

Gail Sawyer. The woman he’d been off and on with since college. He’d thought they were off again until he got her call out of the blue. She said she had something to share with him. Maybe she’d thought about his offer. Maybe she’d let him collar her and claim her as his sub, as he’d wanted to do ever since first sinking between her silky thighs.
Barrett hurried to finish the fence and clean up before Gail showed up. Her visits had been less and less frequent these past few months. His dick twitched in excitement. She’d look damn good with a leather collar around her slender neck, his sapphire dangling from the center.

And she’d be loyal to him and only him. Finally.

“Strickler is our link to the outside world, Barrett.”

His brother’s futile attempt at convincing him to keep their waste of a PR rep pulled his attention back in. He’d have plenty of time to think about Gail when he saw her.

“And we’ve yet to really see a return o
our investment.” Barrett grunted as he tightened barbed wire. “Get rid of him.”

“We need him. He’s found a way to get us five stars.” He narrowed his eyes as his brother went back to fixing the fence so the horses wouldn’t get loose again. There was a hell of a storm moving into southwest Montana, and he really didn’t feel like chasing down horses in the snow.

It took all four brothers two full days to round them all up last time. Matt actually stuck around instead of disappearing to fuck whatever he could whenever he could. Michael, Matt’s twin and the youngest of the Gideons, took the opportunity to corner Barrett and discuss their profits and losses, as if he didn’t already know the ranch was in a shitload of financial trouble. Wyatt rambled on and on about some bullshit charity-of-the-week event that would cost them a fortune and bring them nothing in return.

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