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Authors: Qais Akbar Omar

A Fort of Nine Towers


Shakespeare in Kabul
(with Stephen Landrigan)


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Omar, Qais Akbar
A fort of nine towers : an Afghan family story / Qais Akbar Omar

eISBN: 978-0-307-36270-4

1. Omar, Qais Akbar. 2. Afghanistan—Biography. I. Title

DS371. O43A3 2013     958.104’5092   C2012-907995-2

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If sorrow settles in your heart, then where is the home of joy?

The sorrows and joys of life are all mixed together.

No one can separate them, except the One who created them.

Real men do not die of death; death finds its death in man.

Real men do not die of death; death finds its name in man.

When a man’s name is respected, then death has no name.

My grandfather said

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