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9 1/2 Days

“Since there’s a genuine attraction between us, it won’t take much to convince your family we’re a couple…”
“Danny, why would you want to do this?” Jordan asked, a sexy smile tugging at her lips.

He wasn’t sure when the idea had come to him—this morning in her bed or the night before when they’d been going at it for hours. Danny had now discovered Jordan’s wild side, and he planned to explore it to the fullest.

“After last night, do you really have to ask?”

“So this is some kind of sexual favor?”

He cocked his head to the side, then nodded. “Yeah.”

Jordan laughed. “Not that I’m agreeing, but what exactly do you want in return for faking an engagement?”

“You. Naked. Any time. Any place. Any way.”

Dear Reader,

When I started this book, I thought it would be a romantic comedy of errors. (What could be funnier than an accidental kidnapping and switching identities?) But Danny and Jordan had minds of their own.

While writing Danny and Jordan’s story, I learned a lot about determination, courage and the importance of family. Through the eyes of love, Jordan begins to see herself for the beautiful woman she is, inside and out. In the warmth of acceptance, Danny overcomes his fears and takes a chance on love—the biggest risk of all.

I believe in the healing power of laughter and happy endings. Hoping that you are blessed with many happy endings of your own.

I wish you joy,

Mia Zachary

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Mia Zachary

This book is dedicated to those who lost their lives in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001, and to those who continuously dedicate their lives to saving others.
Heartfelt thanks to CeeJai, without whom this story never would have been written. I appreciate the four-hour lunches and the midnight telephone plotting sessions. And to Melissa, who reminded me about author integrity and character growth. Thank you for the trans-Pacific e-mails and @**-kickings.
“I want you, right here and right now!”
You may never have spoken those words, or had them said to you, but you must want to. You bought this book!

Inside these pages are fifty sizzling hot, superexciting fantasies to help you recapture the passion and anticipation in your love life. Some are sensual, others sexy; some are naughty and others are oh-so-nice, but all of them are red-hot fun!

Try these ideas on the spur of the moment for a delicious quickie, or take your time and make the fantasy last all night. There are only three rules: Be Safe, Be Spontaneous and Be Satisfied.

Go ahead. Turn the page. You’ll soon discover fifty ways to say “I want you, right here and right now, and here’s how!”

you need?”
Jordan Gregory snapped shut the book she held as her heart plunged into her stomach. Pulse tripping erratically, she turned her head toward the source of the question. Didn’t it just figure? The only young, handsome employee in all of Barnes & Noble and he had to be the one to bust her.

She pressed the front cover against her chest to hide the title as heat rushed to her face. Was it possible to actually die of embarrassment? She managed to paste on a smile for the cute book clerk.

“Yes. I mean, no. I’m just browsing.”

Humor gleamed in his large brown eyes as he glanced at the book jacket. Then he offered her a knowing grin. Too late she realized the title was printed on the back cover as well as the front. Damn.

“Let me know if you have any questions, ma’am.”

Jordan wasn’t sure if that was a criticism or a come-on, but she thanked him just the same and waited impatiently for him to move along. Her eyes darted around the bookstore. She hoped no one else in the Thursday lunchtime crowd noticed her standing in the Sex & Relationships aisle, practically drooling all over
Fifty Fast Fantasies.

Hot blood thudded along her veins and she imagined smoke emanating from inside her jade-green suit as a heavy ache settled between her thighs. She didn’t normally read books like this, let alone follow the instructions. But she wanted to experience the kind of passion and spontaneity that
Fifty Fast Fantasies

The one time she’d had sex with her ex-boyfriend, David, had been a complete disaster. Even now, Jordan shuddered to remember how clumsy and self-conscious she’d been. By the time she’d forced herself to relax, it was already over. The whole experience had left her unsatisfied and unsure of herself.

She saw the cute clerk coming around the corner again and ducked into the Reference section. There was only one other person near the crossword puzzle dictionaries and foreign-language tapes. Jordan turned her back to the woman and randomly opened the book again. Wow. She hadn’t realized how many ways you could use nondairy whipped topping.

She flipped back to the table of contents. Just reading the introduction to the sexual guidebook had scorched her white silk blouse. Chapter descriptions like Ahoy Big Pirate; French Maid Service; Great! The Outdoors, and Mirror Mirror on the Wall were enough to make her spontaneously combust.

Maybe if she tried out some of these fantasies, if she learned some tricks to make herself sexy and desirable, she could convince David to try again. Six weeks ago he had gently suggested some time apart to think about what they wanted. Jordan thought that time apart was at the heart of their problems but hadn’t argued, believing the fault lay with her and her inexperience.

But she had to win David back. Fast.

Pretend to be a pirate’s wench or a sexy dominatrix? The very idea was daunting. She had never imagined herself going to this kind of extreme, but desperate times required drastic actions. At this point she would do almost anything to convince David to grant her this favor. Anything to have him look at her with something more than kindness in his gaze.

Maybe then the little voice in the back of her head that whispered she was making a mistake would shut up.

“Huh. Ah. Tuh. Hot. I know that word!” Jordan looked down to see a rosy-cheeked cherub gazing at her with innocent blue eyes. “And the next word is Ss. Eh—”

Jordan moved her book out of sight before the little girl could figure out how to pronounce the letter
She contorted her stiff features into a brief smile. “Isn’t your mommy looking for you, sweetie?”

“Nope. She’s right over there.” The girl skipped toward the woman by the dictionaries. “Mama, what does ‘sex’ mean?”

Jordan backed away from the heat of the woman’s glare and fled the Reference section. She was never shopping at this Barnes & Noble again.

As she moved through the store, the bright covers of the fashion and gossip magazines caught her attention. She averted her eyes, but it was too late. The jolt of ugly emotions stabbed her in the gut. She wouldn’t look. She wouldn’t. Jordan shoved her guilty secret to the back of her mind and kept walking.

Waiting her turn near the checkout, the latest issue of
Baltimore Today
caught her eye. David was on the front beneath a headline that read, Legal Eagles: The Best 30 Lawyers In The City. He looked tall and confident in his charcoal pin-striped suit. The cream-colored shirt and red paisley tie complemented the rich cappuccino tones of his skin. Sunlight from his large office window shone on his dark curls and rivaled the brightness of his wide smile.

David was perfect. He was handsome, successful, intelligent and considerate. What more could a woman ask for?

How about a man who actually lights your fire instead of blowing it out? How about hot, sheet-soaking sex instead of chaste kisses and friendly hugs?

David had ambitions to be the youngest Partner at Chase, Behr & Lily, the law firm where they both worked. He put in a lot of hours at the office and often traveled. When he was available, they’d gone out to firm dinners, client parties or charity functions. Rarely had they spent time alone.

Jordan raised her left hand, angling the back until the fluorescent light caught the half-karat solitaire on her third finger. Everyone in her family had been delighted when she started a promising relationship with such a perfect guy. They were downright ecstatic when she’d bragged to her cousin that David had proposed.

Too bad she’d lied about the whole thing.

Her fiancé was actually her ex-boyfriend and the solitaire was only a “friendship ring.” She’d bought it herself with David’s credit card. He hated shopping and told her it was the only way she was certain of getting exactly what she wanted.

What she wanted was a real relationship in her life, instead of a lie that was guaranteed to ambush her at some point.

She glanced at her watch and winced. She had to get back to the office to meet with her client, Susan Brandywine. The local news anchor wanted Jordan to handle a wrongful-discharge lawsuit.

Fifty Fast Fantasies
a little tighter in her damp grasp, she hurried over to the checkout before she changed her mind. That little voice was whispering to her again, warning that her seduction plan was not a good idea. Jordan ignored it.

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