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Authors: Kay Ellis

Young At Heart (11 page)

“I'd only let you down again,” Jesse said, accurately reading Devon's thoughts.

“Why did you?” Devon asked. “Your birthday, I mean. Why did you let me down then?”

Jesse dropped his gaze. “I don't want to talk about it.”

“You were going to tell me earlier. Why not now?”

Jesse shrugged again, one of his more annoying habits, but then he was still a teenager. Devon had to overlook his minor adolescent traits and be thankful he could string together a coherent sentence rather than conversing in monosyllabic grunts. When he realized Devon was still waiting for an answer, Jesse sighed and took a deep swallow of wine before speaking.

“I thought you'd left me.”

“It was just a business trip.”

“I know.”

“So why would you think I was leaving you?”

“Because your mother told me you were.”

Devon stared at him, tight-lipped. Was Jesse avoiding his gaze because he was lying? Or because he was telling the truth and he was afraid of seeing the disbelief written on Devon's face? In the end, did it even come down to trusting Jesse? Maybe it was more a question of trusting Erica... and Devon was not sure for one moment that he did. Hadn't he suspected from the start Erica insisted he go to New York as a ploy to separate him from Jesse? It made sense she would go to Jesse while Devon was out of the country and try to frighten him off. And if he knew anything about his evil mother at all, Devon would be prepared to bet Erica had thrown bundles of cash at him as well.

“Did she offer you money?”

“Yes.” Jesse lifted his head defiantly. “But I didn't take it, I swear. Look, I know I messed up, Dev, but she said you were with someone else. She said you weren't coming back. I shouldn't have believed her, but I did. I got upset. That's why I—”

Devon stood up and leaned across the table, silencing Jesse with a deep kiss. When they broke apart, Jesse was wide-eyed with surprise, but Devon saw something else in those velvet eyes, too. Love. Desire. Heat. Uncertainty, too, as though he was afraid Devon would suddenly turn and walk away.

“Get your coat, love,” Devon quipped with a broad grin. “You just got lucky.”

Chapter Sixteen

THEY spilled into the street giggling like a pair of love-struck teenagers. Or in their case, one teenager and one middle-aged man who ought to know better. Devon was past caring what anyone thought. Let people stare and judge all they wanted. He had Jesse back, which was the only thing that mattered. No other man, however much wealth and experience he possessed, had come close to making him feel the way he did when he was with Jesse. No other man's touch sent shivers down his spine or filled him with such burning desire.

Jesse pulled him close, his voice a hoarse, lust-filled whisper in Devon's ear. “I want you.”

“My place?”

“No.” Jesse cupped Devon's backside in both hands and pressed against him, letting him feel how hard he was. “Too far away. Don't think I can wait that long.”

Devon glanced along the street, getting his bearings. There was a hotel just around the corner that he had used to put up conference delegates on a few occasions. He grabbed Jesse's hand and towed him purposefully along the pavement. Jesse followed his lead without protest, although Devon knew he must be struggling to even walk straight with what he was packing in his Armani trousers right then.

The hotel was classy and the rooms expensive, but money was the last thing on Devon's mind as he dragged Jesse across the marbled foyer to the front desk.

“We would like a room, please.”

The receptionist took one look at them and turned her nose up. Instantly, Devon was irritated by the woman's superior attitude. She saw an older man with an attractive, much younger man and made assumptions.

“I'm afraid we're fully booked, Sir,” the receptionist said haughtily. “You'll have to try elsewhere.”

“Ingrid, is it?” Devon leaned over the desk to peer at her name badge. “Well, you listen to me, Ingrid. Alexander Industries sends a lot of business your way and I know for a fact you have nowhere near full occupancy at this time of year. Unless you want to explain to your boss exactly why you're turning away one of your best customers, I suggest you find me a room. If you don't,
will be explaining to my good friend, Mr. Xavier, why I'll be sending my business to your rivals in the future.”

Ingrid paled visibly beneath her heavy foundation. Even if she had not recognized Devon, she had to be aware Alexander Industries was one of the hotel's biggest and most influential customers. She was also aware that offending a high-profile paying guest, who happened to be a close friend of her notoriously strict employer, was not a wise career move.

“Of course,” she gave a frosty smile. “Does Sir have any luggage?”

“No,” Devon smiled sweetly. “
simply requires a room in which to fuck his teenage lover's brains out.”

“Room 615,” Ingrid sniffed. “Although Sir might like to know this is not the kind of establishment that rents rooms by the hour.”

“Don't sweat it,” Jesse snorted, reaching over Devon's shoulder to pluck the key card from the receptionist's cool fingers. “We intend to fuck all night.”

They crossed the foyer and walked into the lift without a backward glance. Jesse jabbed angrily at the brightly lit number panel.

“Bitch!” he said vehemently as the doors shut.


“I mean, who the fuck does she think she is?”


“She had no right talking to you like that.”

“Jess!” Devon shot out his hand and grabbed Jesse firmly by the balls, his fingernails digging through the material of Jesse's suit trousers. Jesse yelped and went very still. “Do I have your attention?”

“Yes,” he said in a small voice, not daring to move for fear Devon would do him permanent damage.

“Good. Now, listen to me.” Devon loosened his grip, but did not release him completely. He stroked the length of Jesse's stiffening cock, making him moan with pleasure. “Agreed, she's a bitch, but we are not about to let her ruin this for us. Okay?”

“Okay,” Jesse murmured huskily. His fingers curled around Devon's wrist, pressing the palm of his hand against his now-rigid shaft. “Have you ever fucked in a lift?”

Before Devon could answer, the lift doors glided open and an automated voice announced they had reached their floor. Hand in hand, they hurried along the carpeted corridor, eyes scanning the numbers on the doors until they found their room. Jesse fumbled the key card twice before he managed to swipe it and open the door. Pushing him into the darkened room, Devon slammed the door shut and caught Jesse's arm, swinging him around and shoving him against the wooden frame.

With frantic hands, he pushed Jesse's jacket from his shoulders, while Jesse unbuckled Devon's belt, their lips meeting in the darkness. Jesse kissed him greedily, every part of his hot, young body straining, wanting to be touched. Devon reached for Jesse's waistband, popping the button and tugging down his zipper. As Devon freed him from the confines of his sleek suit, Jesse made an animalistic sound in the back of his throat. Devon spun him around so he faced the door and pressed a spit-lubed finger inside him.

As good as it felt, kissing and stroking wasn't enough. Hands alone couldn't satisfy the burning hunger. Jesse braced his hands against the door and was all but lifted off his feet as Devon pushed into him. He uttered a soft moan and pressed back, impaling himself on Devon's cock. Holding Jesse's shoulders, Devon began to move. The door rattled in its frame with every upward thrust, the rhythmic banging mingled with unrestrained cries of passion. Jesse came first, and, feeling him tighten around his cock, Devon was quick to follow. Breathing heavily, he eased out of Jesse's body and they sank to the floor, exhausted. Jesse turned in his arms, pressing his damp forehead against Devon's.

“Wow,” Jesse whispered happily, his chest heaving. “That was intense.”

Pulling away from him, Devon felt around in the dark for the key card they had dropped in their haste to fuck as soon as they entered the room. Jesse stayed where he was, his back against the door, not trusting his trembling legs to support him. Eventually, Devon found the key card and straightened up, feeling along the wall until he found the plastic socket. He slotted it into place and the wall lights above the bed flickered into life.

It was a nice room, Devon realised, pleasantly surprised. Not that the hotel had any bad rooms, but he had fully expected Miss Frosty-Knickers on the front desk to give them the worst possible. The room had all the standard hotel furniture—desk, chair, television—but it was entirely dominated by the huge bed.

Jesse stood shakily and kicked off his shoes and trousers. “Coming?” he said, holding his hand out.

Devon took a tentative step forward, relieved to find he had recovered enough to walk as far as the bed. Jesse threw himself on top of the covers with all the gusto of a teenager and stretched his long limbs. Tucking his hands behind his head, he looked at Devon hopefully.

“Ready for round two?”

But... there was a growing heat down below that couldn't be denied. Devon was hardly able to believe it, but he wanted Jesse again. He was
for him again.

Afterward, they slept, bed sheets and naked limbs tangled together. Devon's suit had been tossed carelessly to the floor along with Jesse's Armani. He knew he should feel guilty given how much the damn thing had cost, but a choice between money and Jesse could only have one outcome. He could buy another suit any time he wished, but he had yet to meet the man who could replace his lover.

As the early-morning light intruded on their seclusion, Devon slipped from the bed without disturbing Jesse and tiptoed to the bathroom. He relieved himself, rinsed his face with cold water, and returned, still naked, to the bedroom. Jesse was asleep on his back, one arm thrown across his handsome face, the bedclothes draped loosely over his hips. God, he was beautiful. Devon could watch him sleep all day and never tire of looking at him.

But there were better things they could be doing than sleeping. He stooped to pluck Jesse's tie from the floor, running it through his fingers, remembering the sensual feel of it around his wrists. Moving slowly, trying not to wake him, he knelt beside Jesse and looped the tie around his wrist. Gently, Devon raised Jesse's other arm and wrapped the soft material around it, binding his hands together above his head.

Jesse stirred, blinking drowsily in the light. Suddenly, he realized his wrists were tied and he tensed, fear flooding his dark eyes.

“It's okay,” Devon assured him quickly, seeing he was close to panic. “They're not really tied. You can pull your hands free any time you want.”

Jesse took a deep breath and nodded, regarding him solemnly through big, round eyes. Devon kissed him and Jesse eagerly accepted Devon's tongue between his parted lips, although his body remained rigid. Devon's mouth travelled downward, teeth lightly grazing Jesse's neck, his collarbone. Teasingly, he flicked his tongue over one nipple and Jesse jerked beneath him. Moving lower, Devon paused to suck gently on his hip, making Jesse squirm.

Devon raised his head and looked at him. Jesse's eyes were half closed; long, dark lashes fluttering against his cheek as he surrendered to Devon's administrations. His hands rested on the pillow above his head, the tie clutched tightly in his fists. Devon rewarded his compliance by swallowing his cock deep into his mouth. Arching his back, Jesse uttered small moans of pleasure as Devon worked his length with his tongue.

“Dev, please... I don't want to,” he murmured.

Releasing him, Devon looked up in surprise, barely able to conceal his disappointment. He'd thought Jesse would enjoy it, wanted to do something just for him. Now, Devon was sure he had been wrong in his attempt to please.

“I don't want to come in your mouth,” Jesse explained apologetically. He still made no move to free his hands or lower his arms from above his head. “I want to be inside you.”

Devon was filled with relief that Jesse hadn't meant he wanted to stop. Smiling, he straddled Jesse, raising himself up on his knees. They both cried out as Devon sank onto Jesse's thick cock. Slowly at first, Devon began to ride him, rocking his hips faster and faster as he took his pleasure. He came quickly, bearing down to wring out every last ripple of ecstasy and fisting his own cock furiously. Abruptly, Jesse tore the tie from his wrists and threw it aside, bringing his hands down to grip Devon's hips. He thrust upward once, twice, three times before he exploded inside him.

Devon collapsed on top of him and wrapped his arms around Jesse's sweat-slicked body, hugging him to his chest. They stayed that way for a long time, reluctant to part, neither of them wanting it to end.

“What happens now?” Jesse asked eventually.

Devon tilted his head back and smiled. “Marry me,” he said.

Chapter Seventeen

THIS time Jesse was the one to say no. He did it without scoffing or teasing or telling Devon how stupid he was for asking. He just needed time, he said. Time to prove he had changed, to show Devon he had matured and was staying drug-free. Privately, Devon was relieved. Proposing had been rash. He couldn't deny there was a part of him that would love to marry Jesse, but they still had a lot of work to do on their relationship before they considered marriage. He was pleased Jesse seemed to have grown up enough to see the sense in waiting.

Determined to iron out their problems in private, they kept the fact they were back together a closely guarded secret. Curled half-naked on Devon's sofa a couple of nights after the charity dinner, sated and happy, Jesse guiltily admitted to confiding in Kenny. He confessed because Kenny was insisting they spend the weekend at his house in the country. Devon wasn't angry. How could he be when he had told Mark everything that had happened after Devon had abandoned him the other night?

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