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Waiting for Always (8 page)

And then the truth broke out.

Mackenzie went on the very show where Delilah had first shared her version of warped truth. She revealed that I wasn't the father of Delilah's baby. As quickly as they tried to ruin me, the photographers abandoned me in search for a juicier story.

Then who is the baby's father?

Mackenzie spoke of a Sacramento local, but I could care less. I could breathe again, love my woman, without photographers hounding our every move.

I opened Melissa’s door, stroking her cheek when she jolted in my direction.  She clutched my hand excitedly. "I can smell the beach!"

"But not just any beach," I grinned. I helped her to her feet and guided her to the sand. "Step out of your sandals."

She obeyed, then gasped as the memory hit her. "But what if someone takes them?"

I held her face in my hands. "Then I'll buy you another pair." I pressed my lips against hers, tasting her. Breathing her in. I reached around and untied the blindfold.

Her cheeks were rosy in the amber glow of the lanterns that lined the street. "Candlelit dinner on the beach, eh?"

"Among other things," I said, licking my lips. Still tasting her there. I felt the weight of the thing in my pocket. I had a whole plan. We were going to have dinner and a glass of wine. I was going to spread her out and have her for dessert, then I was going to pull her into my arms and ask her the most important question I'd ever ask. But I couldn't wait one more minute.

"I have something to ask you."

Melissa paused in the sand, whipping back to me with stars in her eyes. She followed my hand to my pocket and when I pulled out the square box, her eyes were as big as the moon.

I kneeled in the sand before her, opening the box. "Will you mar-"

"YES!" she squealed, dropping to her knees in front of me. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed all the air from my lungs.

She slipped the ring on her finger and collapsed on the sand, laughing with tears streaming down her face. I slid next to her, propping my head on my hand.

"You barely let me get it out,” I joked, happier than I ever thought was possible. “Maybe I was asking if you wanted to mark this occasion with a kiss."

She shoved me playfully. "Who says we still can't? A kiss for your lips-" Her eyes danced to my crotch. "And a kiss somewhere lower."

I kissed her a second time. This one hinted at all the things I wanted to do to her tonight, and all of the days and nights for the rest of our lives.

I grazed her lips with my own. "You're sure you want to put up with me, ‘til death do us part?’"

"And beyond,” she grinned, her face aglow.

Lying with her beneath the stars, I knew forever wouldn't begin to be long enough—but it was a good start.


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