The Sweetest Revenge (The Pregnancy Affair Book 2)

The Sweetest Revenge


Jordan Silver

Copyright © 2013
Alison Jordan

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Chapter 1

I came so hard I went blind for a
moment, the young sweet ass beneath me rocked as the beauty it belonged to
tried to get the last little bit of my cock cream out of me.

"Fuck baby moving your ass like
that can get you in a world of trouble." I ran my hands smoothly over her
flesh before spreading her ass cheeks to get a good look at her little rosebud.

"Come beauty, get me hard again
I want in that ass this time."

She turned around quickly, my dick
falling out of her with a popping sound and took my wet cock into her mouth.

"Ummmmm..." She rubbed her
legs together as she tasted herself on my dick. We'd been fucking for hours
ever since I'd picked her up from her last class at the University for the day,
we had a long three day weekend coming up, one I should probably be spending
with my wife but that bitch could die for all I cared.

I guess you're wondering what a
married thirty five year old man is doing in a penthouse apartment with a
nineteen- year old coed, I'll tell you.

Up until six months ago I'd thought I
was a happily married man, Zola and I had been married ten years, we were two
happy successful business people who had everything, the two million dollar
house, the fancy cars, expensive vacations twice a year, we had it all.
Everything except children; I must be the only man I knew who longed for the
sound of little feet running through the halls of my home.

After the first five years with no
success we'd gone the medical route, done all the tests, there was nothing
wrong with either of us according to the specialist we just needed to be
patient. Our sex life was phenomenal even after all those years together; I
loved to be adventurous in bed and so did she. She never seemed too broken up
whenever her period would show up like clock work every month, I was more often
than not the one left feeling the disappointment, but there was nothing we
could do.

I'd almost resolved myself to never
having kids, I loved my wife and the idea of a surrogate was just not appealing
to me, there was adoption but it just wasn't the same, I wanted flesh of my
flesh blood of my blood.

I thought I loved her more than
anything thought we were solid, now I don't think I've ever hated anyone as
much or ever will again.

Six months ago on a Monday I'd
answered the phone something I've done thousands of times in life, but this
particular phone call was going to change the course of my life forever.

"I need to speak with Mrs.
Cordon please."

"She's not in at the moment this
is her husband Zane, is there something I can help you with?"

"Um, well, this is the nurse
from Dr. Sylvain's office your wife had called with a question about her side

My heart started beating out of time,
was Zola ill and hadn't told me? Who's Dr. Sylvain? Our doctor was Dr. Carter;
a million scenarios ran through my head none of them good. Knowing that the
medical community isn't too big on sharing information and understanding that
my wife was obviously trying to keep whatever this is from me I thought quickly
and went with my gut.

"Oh yes nurse she said she was
expecting a call I'm supposed to get all the information better let me get pen and
paper before I forget."

"Um, I'm not sure we don't
usually do things like that..."

"Oh I totally understand but
something came up and Zola had to be away from the phone she refuses to get a
cell so I'm the messenger boy, she's very anxious to hear from the doc so if
you'll be so kind."

"Oh okay if you're the
doctor says that it's normal for some women to have heavy bleeding for days
after the abortion...."

I'm not sure if it was at that point
that I dropped the phone or when exactly I lost consciousness with the real
world, but I do know I went somewhere else in my head. My body grew numb and I
lost all feeling in my limbs.

I opened a bottle of scotch and drank
from the bottle not bothering to move from the stairs where I'd ended up after
fetching the bottle. I didn't go into my office didn't call but that was no
problem because I owned the place.

I sat there for hours like a stump
before I had the foresight to go digging, if this bitch had kept an abortion
from me what else had she been hiding all these years? Who the fuck was this

Needless to say after five hours of
systematically going through every scrap of her belongings I found a whole
other person living in my house.

Not only had she had more than one
abortion which after I found the evidence of the first going back seven years I
threw up until I thought I would pass out. When I could stand to look at her
stuff again not knowing what the hell was gonna jump out at me next, I found
the affair she'd had with her boss, the away conferences she'd been to over the
years that had actually been orgies, the stupid cunt even kept pictures of the
shit. I downloaded those to my hard drive. I hadn't quite deduced what I was going
to do yet my mind was still stuck on my murdered children; the anger was such
that if she'd walked into the house then I would've ended her.

I went through every emotion there is
and I learned one thing that day, true love can die. Mine died a quick fucking
death and was replaced by a black rage that threatened to consume me.

Halfway through the bottle I'd
hatched a plan, I wanted her out of my life but I'd be damned if she was going
to take half of everything I'd worked for. I thought of every degrading hurtful
thing I could do to her, what would hurt her most?

By the time she returned from work
that evening I'd have set everything to rights, she'd never know that I'd
rifled through her every possession or that I'd made copies of every
incriminating thing I found, including pictures of her married boss and the
other men and women she'd fucked over the years. I'm sure her boss wouldn't
like the fact that he was into being fucked by a dog to get into the wrong

I had a wealth of information at my
fingertips all that was needed was time and planning to put it to the best use.

The first thing I needed to do was
take care of the doctor thing I used star sixty nine to retrieve the last call
and got the same nurse, after explaining to her that the phone had been faulty
and I'd missed what she'd said I told her my wife would be calling her the next
day for the results as I was now rushed for time. If she would ever stop to
question why it had taken me this long to call back I don't know but it was the
best I had.

Next I had to figure out how to live
in the same house as this bitch for as long as it was going to take for me to
bring her down.

It turns out that wasn't so hard to

When she came home I pretended to
have now gotten in myself from the office.

"Oh Zola a Dr. Sylvain's office
called." I let the words hang in the air and watched her sweat, she looked
fucking panicked like her world was about to come tumbling down. Not yet bitch.

"I'm sorry but the phone went
crazy and I didn't get any of what they were saying so maybe you want to call
them back tomorrow. You okay? I didn't know we were changing doctors."

She sighed in relief and went back to
stocking her special bullshit health drinks.

"Well Dr. Carter is great but I
just thought we should look around you know, it's been years with no

Fucking bitch.

That night I'd made up some story
about having a urinary tract infection, I'm not even sure if men had those
things but I could've sworn I saw Tom Hanks suffering one in the Green Mile.
She bought it and that was how I got out of her bed and into the guest room. At
night while she was asleep I was on my laptop for hours formulating my plans.

First I set up a new offshore
account, we had a joint account that neither of us paid too much attention to
because there was always money we just transferred money into the household
account to pay the bills. I syphoned off all of mine but didn't touch hers.
Next I went after the long term CDs those took some maneuvering but in the end
I got them all transferred to my name only. Basically I took everything that
was mine and left hers and since I was worth way more than she was, her way of
life was about to change drastically.

With the money situation out of the
way I went after the house, Zola loved this house, I didn't want it didn't want
any reminders of my lie. I put the shit on the market with a removal date set
for six months down the road this way any interested buyers had time to decide
if they wanted to buy and I had time to finish what I started. I was slick
there though I didn't use a local realtor instead I used one of those high-end
online sites that advertised all over the world. My house is in one of those
ideal neighborhoods that everybody wants to live in, already I had a Japanese
businessman on the hook he was interested and his timing coincided with mine so
it looked like the house was gone for cash upfront. The good thing about it is
I will be gone at least a week before she realizes the house is gone and then
my buyer will be here one week later. I'm setting it up for a cleaning service
to come in and clean up after my lovely ex has been removed from the premises,
I hope it's forcefully I'm really hoping she puts up a fight and refuses to

Two months after I answered that
phone call I was still in the guest room my finances were set my company assets
were safe from her hands and I had enough evidence to get a no contest divorce
from her. I'd gone through all this stuff just in case things didn't quite work
out, better safe than sorry because if some judge decided I needed to pay her
after she'd slaughtered my kids there's a good chance I might kill the bitch so
no, this way was better.

Chapter 2

I met Elena exactly two months and
two weeks after that phone call; believe me I wasn't looking for anyone, I
hadn't touched Zola in all this time, she'd tried a few times but I'd convinced
her I still had my problem and that I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor
so I was trying things I found online, she grouched a little but in the end she
had her boss's stick to ride so she wasn't too put out.

Elena was rushing somewhere when I
was coming out of my favorite restaurant where I'd just had a late lunch, we
collided and I remember thinking she had the softest firmest breasts I'd ever

We both apologized profusely until I
got a good look at her. Gorgeous
long curly black
hair and the most piercing green eyes I'd ever seen. She had pits in her cheeks
they were too deep to be called mere dimples and what they did for her smile.
It went right through me.

We'd both laughed in embarrassment to
be caught staring, I guess she liked what she saw as well.

"I'm sorry I should've been
looking where I was going."

Her voice was like warm caramel,
smooth, dark and sweet, it did something to my nerve endings, some kind of
tingling shock.

"Are you in a rush to get

"Yes my English lit class."

"Oh you're taking evening
classes at the U." She just said she was in a hurry Zane let her go.

"Yes I'm a student at the U
going for my BA in early childhood education."

"Very impressive, I'm Zane
Cordon by the way."

I saw her throat work at that.

"You're...?" She turned to
crane her neck to look at my high rise office buildings that took up half the
block across the street.


"And you are?"

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