The Russian's Pregnant Mistress (4 page)

Gabby couldn’t believe that he could make that claim when she was the one who had been screaming out only moments before. But as soon as he entered her, his body filling her up, taking her higher and higher, she could barely breathe. Her hips rose up to meet his, her body arching, craving the friction and her need finally exploding as her body splintered into a thousand pieces once again. On and on it went, wave after incredible wave of pleasure filling her up as he continued, moving inside of her faster and faster until he pulled her tight, his jaw clenched and his head thrown back while he reached his own climax.

Long moments later, she sighed as he pulled her into his arms, adjusting her limp form against him so that she was almost laying on top of him, content to just listen to his heart beat slow to a more steady rhythm once again.

It seemed like they stayed like that for hours, but it was probably just a few minutes before she realized how hungry she was. “I need food,” she groaned, stretching her legs and lifting her head to peer up at him.

He glanced down with a raised eyebrow. “I can only satisfy one appetite at a time,” he said, but hugged her gently. “I’ll have Justin get us some food.”

Gabby was confused for a long moment, then her eyes widened and she pushed away, sitting up in the bed and pulling the sheet over her. “Please tell me those two gentlemen that were with you last night haven’t been outside all night.”

Damon shrugged his shoulders. “I suspect one has been in the car while the other patrolled the perimeter of your property. Or they could have called in the second shift. I don’t really know.”

Gabby pushed her hair out of her eyes and looked out her open window. “Second shift?” she asked, her voice wary and confused.

“I have more than two men on my security team. They rotate shifts so that there is coverage day and night.”

She looked back at him, her hunger suddenly gone. “Why do you need so much protection?” she whispered. Her heart actually ached at the idea of someone hurting this man. He might be large and intimidating, but a bullet shot from a distance could break through even that impossible arrogance of his. She didn’t like the idea of anyone hurting him. She suspected that he’d been hurt enough in his life already.

He liked how she worried about him. The other women he’d been with thought that being with a man who had a security detail was a status symbol. He’d let them have their little power trip as long as they amused him. But those women had bored him quickly. He suspected that Gabriella was not going to fall into that category and he looked down at her with something akin to gentleness, an emotion that wasn’t a normal part of his personality. “Let’s get you something to eat and not worry about things that are under control, shall we?” he asked and stood up, pulling her with him. “What are you in the mood to eat?”

Gabby went along behind him but grabbed his large dress shirt as she passed by the chair where it had landed last night. She slipped one arm inside and tried to pull the other one, but he glanced back and shook his head. “You don’t need that,” he commented, but let her hand go so she could slip it on the other arm.

“I feel much more comfortable wearing this,” she murmured. “I probably have something in the fridge. If you have the patience for me to cook.”

“You don’t have to do that,” he said, picking up his phone.

Gabby peered into the cabinets and looked around. “How about spaghetti with red sauce and….” She peered into the fridge, “sautéed vegetables in fresh garlic?”

His hand froze on the buttons of his cell phone. “That sounds delicious. Can you really cook?”

She was already pulling out ingredients and pots to cook the spaghetti and sauce in. “I don’t have crusty bread but I can work something out. She pulled a loaf of bread out of the freezer and popped it into the microwave to defrost. “You have to put some pants on,” she said, glancing down at his pelvis, then quickly looking away with a painful blush.

Damon chuckled at her shyness, but in reality, he was delighted. “If it will make you feel better, I’ll put something on. But be sure that you’re prepared to have that shirt taken off. A woman who can cook is pretty rare and sexy as hell.”

Gabby snorted as she took out a knife. He didn’t respond but he smacked her bottom before heading out of the kitchen. He returned a moment later with his dark jeans on, riding low on his hips with those hard abs still on display since she was wearing his shirt. As Gabby stared at him, she wasn’t sure that this was much better than his complete nakedness. There was just something about a man sporting a six pack and slacks that was….delicious and distracting.

She pulled her eyes away from those muscles and forced her eyes to focus on cooking. Looking around, she grabbed a knife, handing it to him so he wouldn’t just stand there looking incredibly yummy.

“Here, you chop and I’ll start on the sauce.” She filled one pot with water, then added olive oil and fresh garlic for the sauce. She watched him as he carefully chopped up onions, mushrooms and olives. Thirty minutes later, she ladled pasta onto two plates, then piled that high with sautéed vegetables and a fragrant red sauce. The garlic bread didn’t look like much, but she’d used real butter and freshly crushed garlic as well as some of the last of her summer basil. “All set. Here,” she handed him a plate and headed into the dining room.

While he chopped, she snuck into the bedroom to get some underwear. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t let her put on anything else. She felt a little self-conscious sitting at her table without a bra on, but he had her arguing about the latest hockey teams and who she thought might win the American Stanley Cup so she soon forgot that she was so exposed simply because she was having a great time arguing with him and laughing at his outrageous claims of Russian superiority on the ice. Since Gabby was an avid hockey fan, she battled him tooth and nail about that, laughing at his hilarious claims that the Russian teams could topple the American teams with their eyes closed.

“That was delicious,” he said as he wiped his mouth, then leaned over to kiss her. “Thank you very much for the excellent meal.” His eyes lit up as he said, “What’s for dessert?”

Gabby’s breath caught in her throat and her whole body started tingling. Was he serious? She glanced down nervously, then picked up both of their plates to rinse them off in the sink. “Um….I have some ice cream,” she said, not sure if he meant what she thought he meant or if only her mind was traveling down that path.

Damon picked up the glasses and followed her back into the kitchen, chuckling at her nervousness. He looked over her shoulder when she opened the freezer and plucked the ice cream out of her hands. “I think ice cream would be delicious.”

She pulled two bowls from the cabinet and handed them to him. But he shook his head and put the bowls back. “No need for bowls, my little prude.” He took them out of her hands and slid his hands along her arm and down her waist. “Just follow my lead.”

Gabby’s eyes widened but she took a deep breath as he smiled down at her. A moment later, she was lifted onto the counter. In her wildest imagination, she never would have come up with some of the things he did with ice cream. She was laughing and screaming by the time he finally took his own pleasure and she had a whole new appreciation for the sweet treat.

Gabby stretched and looked out the window. With a sigh, she looked around her bedroom.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, running a finger down her back.

“My house is a mess. I normally do laundry and clean my house on Saturday.”

He looked around and shrugged. “Why am I getting the impression that the cleanliness of your house is substandard, and you’re blaming me for this state of affairs?”

She laughed and squirmed out of his reach. “Because every time I try to become a responsible person, you do something to distract me.”

He grinned, completely unrepentant. “Like this?” he asked and skimmed his fingers up the back of her leg.

Gabby laughed and pulled her legs out of his reach. “Yes. You’re horrible!”

“Yes. I agree that I’m a very bad influence.” He pulled her closer and looked down at her, not letting her cover herself with the sheet which she constantly tried to do unless he was making love to her. “So what are you going to do about that?”

She looked up at the ceiling, trying to control her laughter. “Um…maybe I’ll have to spank you.”

He chuckled and shook his head. “I’d like to see you try.” He laughed at her feigned outrage and stood up. “I think it’s time for dinner. You made me Italian for lunch, let’s have something interesting for dinner.”

Gabby laughed and slipped out of the bed herself, grabbing her robe and pulling it on quickly. She knew that he’d seen every part of her body, but there was just something about standing in front of him naked that she couldn’t do. At least not when they weren’t about to have sex. “You don’t need to buy me dinner.”

He rolled his eyes and grabbed her hand. “Come on. Let’s shower and then I’m taking you out to dinner. You need sustenance for the night ahead.”

Gabby laughed, delighted that he still wanted to stay the night. “Don’t you ever get tired?”

“Not lately,” he replied as he untied her robe and let it slip to the bathroom floor. “But you’re sore, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” She was relieved that he understood that she felt as if every part of her body had been slightly bruised.

“I wish I could say that I’m sorry, but I’m not.” He turned on the water and adjusted the temperature before pulling her under the spray. He didn’t touch her sexually, but lathered every part of her including her hair. It felt wonderful having his strong hands massage her tired, sore muscles. She was about to turn around and repay the effort, but he grabbed the soap and did it himself. “Don’t you want me to…” she started to say, but he shook his head. “If you do that, we won’t be out of this shower and you’re already tender. Go find something pretty to wear and I’ll be out in a moment.”

She grabbed a towel and stepped out of the shower, drying herself off and hurrying though her dressing process, not wanting to be naked around him again but also not wanting him to tease her about her shyness. She started to lift up a black dress that was one of her more sophisticated, but he stepped out of the bathroom at that moment and picked out a red one from her closet. “Would you wear this for me?” he asked and kissed her neck.

She shrugged and looked down at the dress. It wasn’t one she wore often, not as comfortable in red because of the intensity, but if he liked it, she’d go for it. She was amazed at how much she wanted to please him. This was another change from her previous relationships, she thought. Normally, she didn’t really go out of her way to please the man in her life. Probably a big warning sign, she told herself silently.

Then again, why did she want to please Damon so much? They had spent less than a day together. Wasn’t it wrong to feel this intensely towards a man she barely knew?

Gabby ignored those voices of doubt. Damon was fun and interesting and the most stimulating man she’d ever met. “Sure. Is there a particular restaurant you’d like to eat at?” She slipped the dress over her head and zipped it up. “I’ll call ahead to get a space.” She walked over to her dresser and started fluffing her hair, wondering if she had time to straighten the curls. She wished she could have sleek, sophisticated hair instead of this mess of craziness.

“I had my assistant make reservations,” he came back and pulled out his phone, said something terse and a moment later, walked to the front door. When he came back into her bedroom, he was carrying a wardrobe bag which turned out to contain a dark suit and all the items he needed to dress, including a razor.

“Wow! That’s service,” she laughed and fluffed her hair into order as she started to put on some makeup.

She’d been expecting to dine at one of the small, local restaurants by her house, but he surprised her. His driver took them to one of the most exclusive restaurants in Washington, D.C. and they were seated at the best table, on a balcony overlooking the tables down below. The meal was incredibly delicious with a remarkable bottle of red wine complimenting the amazing food. She laughed and argued with Damon, told him about things she’d never told anyone else. He still didn’t reveal too much about his childhood, but he listened to her stories and prompted her with additional questions.

Gabby was exhausted on the drive back to her house several hours later. She felt perfectly content just laying in his arms and didn’t even realize it when she fell asleep until he woke her up by lifting her into his arms.

Damon looked down at the woman using his shoulder as a pillow and smiled. She really was beautiful, he thought as he looked at her long lashes laying against her perfect skin. Then he noticed the small freckles, liking the fact that her skin wasn’t actually perfect. The freckles gave her character and he was surprised that he hadn’t noticed them before now. Maybe she was just wearing less makeup which didn’t cover them up as much, but he liked it. She was fresh and funny and made him feel good in more ways than he could count.

“I can walk,” she replied sleepily and started to try and get out of his arms.

“Shh…just relax,” he told her as he carried her through her house. “I like carrying you. You barely weigh anything.”

Gabby thought about it for a moment, but it felt too wonderful to be coddled like this. And he smelled so good! She leaned her head against his shoulder, sighing happily as he laid her down on her bed. “You’re not leaving, are you?” she asked sleepily.

He took off his jacket and laid it over the back of a chair before he started loosening the knot of his tie. “Not yet. Tomorrow I have to leave.”

Gabby didn’t like that answer, but she was too tired to reply. She wanted him to stay forever, she realized. The man was a whirlwind, but she now thought of him as her whirlwind and he made her feel so incredibly beautiful and sexy.

She felt him slip her shoes off and the zipper of her dress tickled her back, but after the past twenty four hours, she was just too exhausted to care about anything. When she felt him climb into the bed with her, she sighed contentedly, curling up against him, using his body heat as her blanket.

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