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Authors: Leia Rice

The Queen's Consort

The Queen's Consort
Leia Rice


Royal maid Arabelle fantasizes about taking the queen's place, but not for power or riches. She wants to be pleasured by the queen's secret consort. Watching them together arouses cravings that her trysts with other men and her sensual encounters with her fellow maids cannot satisfy. She longs to be given licentious commands from the mysterious man, and to give orders in return.

Then, in the secret halls of Versailles, Arabelle's fantasy comes true—with even more wicked pleasures than she imagined….


From behind a curtain, Arabelle watched the queen writhe upon silken sheets. She examined the smooth curve of her back, the ridges of her spine, and the way her toes curled when she was pleased in just the right way. Clutching the sheer curtain with her milk-white, gloved fingers, Arabelle sighed softly as the queen let her inhibitions go.

This illicit affair of the queen's had been going on for weeks, and although the queen was careful to bite into her lover's shoulder and muffle her lustful cries, Arabelle and the rest of the queen's royal maids usually heard every last moan. They often asked each other how the queen could be so negligent in her duties when the whole of France seemed to be coming undone at its seams. Riots were becoming more frequent, and once, Arabelle heard that the revolutionaries had captured a noblewoman and dragged her down the streets to a whorehouse. None of the turmoil was present here, though, as the queen opened her legs just as eagerly as she opened her purse.

Arabelle was never able to get a good look at the consort when he visited with the queen. They always had a careful way of making love so that his face was never fully revealed to the chambers. This was usually done under the cloak of night, though he would sometimes have a show of bravado and come when the afternoon sun was high in the sky. On these days, the queen would pull down a sheer veil that masked their bodies just well enough so that you could see what was going on, but not in much detail. She probably passed him every day, but would never even know it. The mysteriousness of it all intrigued Arabelle.

On this day, Arabelle was in attendance alone. The lady's maids were all sent out to be relieved of their duties for the night, but Arabelle stayed behind so that she could watch the meeting. Not only did she flush at the consort's encouraging pleas, which often came in rough French commands like “fuck me,” and “harder,” but she bit her own lip as she felt her own passion swell between her legs. Arabelle was still a virgin, as was proper for young women her age, but she was growing tired of only getting to watch the queen. She had many encounters with men, but was always careful not to let them inside of her. She did not want to endanger her father's plans of paying his family's way up to the top by getting caught in some scandal with a royal guard.

She rubbed her thighs together, trying to coordinate her desperate want for an orgasm with the queen's release. Arabelle enjoyed pretending that she was the queen on that bed, getting fucked by a man that she chose herself while her French subjects starved and protested in the streets. It was cruel, but she was the queen in her fantasy, and she'd have that power to live in pleasure. The fantasy made Arabelle feel powerful and sexy.

Somewhere above her, the curtain ripped as Arabelle pulled down on it to keep her knees from buckling. Crossing one of her legs over the other, Arabelle tightened her thighs and released them repeatedly, coaxing her orgasm to ripen just as the queen yelled out her own frantic end to the romp. Arabelle froze where she was, her chest rising and falling with her quickened breathing. She watched as the queen quickly pulled up her covers and stared at the curtains where Arabelle remained hidden. The principal maid pressed her back up against the wall and stilled her breath, watching carefully for any signs that she might have been caught. Her chest rose and fell, and she could feel the pink nubs that tipped her modest breasts brush up against the thick fabric of her dress. Every part of her was sensitive. Her body was on fire. She felt weak, but invigorated at the same time. Her legs still threatened to give out from under her, but before the queen could catch her, Arabelle ducked through a secret door, which led to a series of secret labyrinths.

Her heels clicked and echoed through the dark and damp passageways, and when Arabelle reached a dead end, her favorite shadowed alcove, she stopped to catch her breath. She listened through the beating of her heart to see if anyone was coming. Hearing nothing but the faint pitter-patter of leaking condensation that seeped through the stone, Arabelle slumped against the wall and drew in a deep breath. Pulling off her gloves, finger by finger, the golden-haired beauty discarded the white satin and pressed her naked fingers against her cheeks. They were still hot.

She was still hot. To be queen! To be given licentious orders by some mysterious man, and to give orders in return. Fuck her, fuck her. Fuck me, fuck me. Come, come! All of these lusty demands echoed through Arabelle's head as she imagined herself in the queen's place.

Turning to face the wall, Arabelle rested her forehead against her forearm. With her other arm, she reached down to pull up her skirts and find the warm folds between her legs. This was a difficult task with so many petticoats, skirts, hoops and underclothing and didn't happen as quickly and easily as Arabelle wished. She needed to touch herself. She needed to release all of her hidden desires in full.

Suddenly, a force slammed Arabelle against the wall. Her chin caught on a rock, tearing a small cut into her delicate skin. She could feel the warm blood roll down her neck, and in her mind's eye, she imagined the line of crimson that was tipped with a red pearl trailing down her collar bone, and dripping between her breasts. God, her breasts. She wanted to touch them, too. Momentarily stunned, Arabelle forgot about the driving pressure that was keeping her against the wall.

It was a man. A thick hand covered her mouth. A man with callused hands. A working man, perhaps of Versailles, like her. Arabelle couldn't shout, as he left no room for her to draw in or exhale a breath. When she breathed through her nose, she discerned a musky scent on his fingers. A woman's scent. He has had someone before her. She knew that scent well. It was the smell left behind on her fingers after she would finish pushing them inside of her, pretending that they weren't her fingers at all, but the queen's consort's cock. It was the perfume of guiltless lovers. Was this the man that she had just watched have the queen? Or was this a pervert who lurked the secret halls in search of a maiden to possess? Arabelle shivered at the possibilities.

His other hand pushed over her breasts and pulled down at the fabric of her dress, ripping the satin so that the black whale-bone corset underneath was exposed. Arabelle pushed her hips back against him to desperately try to put some space between the two. Her skirts brushed against an erect cock that she could feel throbbing and growing against her hip. Her cheeks filled with the same crimson red of the blood that was now smeared across her chest. Despite the situation, and despite her own propriety, she moaned against his hand and pushed her hips back against the cock again.

“Just like my Antoinette.” The husky French words were breathed into Arabelle's ear. She shuddered both with a fear of how familiarly this man addressed her queen, along with the desire that existed with every push of her hips. It had to be him. The queen's lover himself!

“How she wants me just as you want me. How all I have to do is walk into the room and she becomes wet for me between her legs. I do not even need to touch her.” The man pushed himself against Arabelle in reciprocation, and if she hadn't her dress between them, he could easily have taken her then.

“Who are you,
” Arabelle asked even if she suspected the answer. She needed confirmation. She needed to know that her fantasy could come true. Her voice quivered much like her legs as she grasped onto the wall, hoping for the added support to keep her standing.

“Do you need to know my name?” A large hand crept up her dress, pulling the skirts up above her waist awkwardly. They bunched up, the round hoops erect and pressed against her back. Her behind was exposed and the dank air from the labyrinth caressed her thighs along with the stranger's fingers. Eventually, the hand made it to the lips of her pussy, probing around the swollen pink nub hidden between.

This made Arabelle even more desirous for the stranger as she writhed her hips back, desperately seeking for him to be more direct with his touch. His fingers pinched her clit, prompting for Arabelle to moan. The sound of her longing echoed dangerously down the labyrinth. Somewhere in the palace, someone would catch the faint declaration of pleasure that would travel up through the vents. The thought of this drove Arabelle on with passion. It was almost like being watched. Or even better, being caught like the queen almost caught her watching behind the curtains.

I do not need your name,” Arabelle breathed against the cold stones of the passageway walls. Her fingernails scratched against the sediment as the stranger pushed forward, filling her at once with the impressive girth of his French cock. She was not expecting such a move so soon, and despite being so wet, she still gasped out with the pleasurable pain of being taken without warning. Of being claimed.

Mon dieu, mademoiselle,
you are so tight.” The man hunched slightly over Arabelle, using his leverage to drive her up so her toes were barely touching the floor. One of his wonderfully large hands snaked around the front of her dress and over the tear that he had made to release her breasts. He pinched at her nipple in much the same way that he did her clitoris, provoking Arabelle to moan out in much the same way, as well.

Arabelle smiled almost sinisterly as the queen's consort impaled her, and she replied to his observation with a simple, “You have…taken me for the first time.” It was mostly the truth. Besides taking herself with the ends of her hairbrushes, her fingers, or the help of one of the other maids, she had never been claimed by a man before. Until now. And her body wanted more of it. This was the moment she was waiting for. This was why she denied pageboy after pageboy as they rubbed their cocks against her inner thighs, begging to be let in. Arabelle wanted the queen's man.

The stranger was driven on by learning that he had taken a virgin. Arabelle could feel the urgency in each one of his thrusts. They caused her breasts to press up against the cold stone wall. The feel of her erect nipples scratching against the harsh stone made Arabelle cry louder as she angled her hips and pushed them back into man. This forced him deeper within her, so much so that Arabelle could feel the whole of his cock pressing against her warm insides. Still, she wanted more and more of him, and so she slammed her hips into his over and over again, unable to stop herself.

Sounds of the wet slapping, body against body, filled the tunnels, along with the passionate moaning of Arabelle. The man only grunted every now and then, but he was practiced since he could not make a sound while having the queen, lest Her Highness be found out. Every now and then, he would lean over and bite into Arabelle's shoulder, muffling what could have been an agonizingly pleasurable cry that he never allowed to fruition.

Something warm crept up Arabelle's body. A sensation that she had never felt before. No matter how many times she had let her fellow maids put their fingers inside of her, no matter how many times she had impaled her wanting pussy onto her hairbrush handle, nothing had ever felt like this. Part of Arabelle feared what was to come of the new sensation as it pushed through her, threatening to explode. It was not like the orgasms that she had brought upon herself. This was something different. Something filling. Her body started to become rigid, as if embracing what was to ultimately happen.

The consort's thrusts became more defined and driven as Arabelle started to tighten around him. Every time he filled Arabelle up, she was lifted up off the floor and her face was forced against the stone wall. She moaned at first, but then her moaning turned into frantic screaming as her first orgasm from a man started to take control of her every action.

Arabelle's breasts bounced each time the stranger entered her, left her, then drove himself into her once more. He pulled Arabelle back against his chest by grabbing on to her breasts, cradling them completely in his hands. “Fuck, come for me,
ma petite mademoiselle.

The words came from the man more like an order. He had spoken to her as he had spoken to the queen. It was an order and dream that Arabelle could certainly fulfill. Her orgasm seized her body at exactly that moment, right when his cock was buried so deeply inside of her that she could feel her womb contracting around it. Arabelle clawed at the wall as he held her against him, sitting upright on his cock as it jerked inside of her and filled her with the warm, sticky liquids that she'd seen left on the queen's bed things many times before. Arabelle's crying and moaning filled the whole of the labyrinth, and when they died out and her body stopped convulsing from pleasure, the maid slumped forward slightly, spent.

The sound of a door opening echoed through the tunnel, and just as quickly as the stranger came onto Arabelle and took her, she could hear him lacing up the front of his trousers. By the time she pulled down her skirts and turned around to see the man, he had already taken off down the damp, hidden hallway and run off into the depths of the palace.

Arabelle stood grounded in her place, her chest rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath. She could feel his come running down her inner thighs and shivered as she tried to cover up the tear in her bodice. She had to hurry, lest she be caught. Arabelle ran back to her chambers, inciting the throbbing pangs of pleasure from the orgasm she had before with each step.

She would have a story to tell the other maids upon her return.


The maids resided in their own quarters, which housed about six young women. They formed a close family woven through with secrets and scandal. Each one of them knew something private about some high lord or lady, and every tidbit of juicy information would be brought back and shared between the girls.

Arabelle excelled at this game. She knew which men she could bat an eye at so that they would whisper palace gossip into her ear, which would then be passed on to her fellow maids. She would bring back stories about how the duke of so-and-so had a stable boy behind the hay stacks and how they got caught because the duke forgot to wipe the remnants of their affair off his trousers.

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