The 200 SuperFoods That Will Save Your Life

The 200 SuperFoods That Will Save Your Life

The 200 SuperFoods That Will Save Your Life

Deborah A. Klein, M.S., RD

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1 Carbohydrates: Fruits

1 Açai Berry

2 Apples

3 Apricots

4 Bananas

5 Blackberries

6 Blueberries

7 Blueberries (Dried)

8 Boysenberries

9 Cantaloupe

10 Cherries

11 Cocoa Beans

12 Cranberries

13 Cranberries (Dried)

14 Dates

15 Figs

16 Goji Berries

17 Grapefruit

18 Grapes

19 Grape Juice

20 Honeydew Melon

21 Kiwifruit

22 Lemons

23 Limes

24 Lychees

25 Nectarines

26 Oranges

27 Papaya

28 Peaches

29 Pears

30 Persimmons

31 Pineapple

32 Plums

33 Prunes (Dried Plums)

34 Pomegranates

35 Quinces

36 Raisins

37 Raspberries

38 Strawberries

39 Tangerines

40 Watermelon

2 Carbohydrates: Starchy Vegetables

41 Acorn Squash

42 Artichokes

43 Black (Turtle) Beans

44 Butternut Squash

45 Corn (Maize)

46 Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)

47 Green Peas

48 Kidney Beans

49 Lentils

50 Lima Beans (Butter Beans)

51 Navy Beans

52 Pinto Beans

53 Potatoes

54 Pumpkin

55 Quinoa

56 Red Beans (Small Red Beans)

57 Sweet Potatoes

58 Tomato Paste

59 Winter Squash

60 Yams

61 Yellow (Wax) Beans

3 Carbohydrates: “True” Vegetables

62 Asparagus

63 Beets

64 Bell Peppers (Red/Yellow/Green/Orange)

65 Bok Choy

66 Broccoli

67 Brussels Sprouts

68 Cabbage (Green/Red)

69 Carrots

70 Cauliflower

71 Celery

72 Collard Greens

73 Cucumber

74 Eggplant

75 Green Beans

76 Hot Peppers

77 Jicama

78 Kale

79 Kelp

80 Leeks

81 Lettuce

82 Mushrooms

83 Mustard Greens

84 Onions

85 Parsley

86 Parsnips

87 Radishes

88 Rhubarb

89 Rutabaga

90 Salsa

91 Scallions

92 Shallots

93 Spinach

94 Summer Squash

95 Swiss Chard

96 Tomatoes

97 Turnip Greens

98 Watercress

99 Zucchini

4 Carbohydrates: Grains

100 Amaranth

101 Barley

102 Brown Rice

103 Buckwheat

104 Bulgur Wheat

105 Corn Tortilla

106 Millet

107 Multi-Grain Cereals/Pilaf

108 Multi-Grain Crackers/Bread (Whole Grain)

109 Oat Bran/Oatmeal

110 Popcorn

111 Spelt and Spelt Pasta

112 Spelt Pretzels

113 Sprouted Grain Bread

114 Sprouted Grain English Muffin/Whole Wheat English Muffin

115 Sprouted Grain Tortilla

116 Teff

117 Triticale

118 Wheat Germ

119 Whole Wheat Couscous

120 Whole Wheat Cracker/Flatbread/Crispbread

121 Whole Wheat Pasta

122 Whole Wheat/Whole Grain Pastry Flour

123 Wild Rice

5 Carbohydrates: Dairy and Dairy Substitutes

124 Greek-Style Yogurt

125 1% Milk and Skim Milk

126 Low-Fat or Nonfat Yogurt with Inulin

127 Low-Fat Cottage Cheese

128 Low-Fat Unsweetened Kefir

129 Plain Low-Fat Yogurt

130 Ricotta Cheese

131 Soy Milk (Unsweetened)

132 Soy Yogurt

6 Proteins

133 Almond Butter

134 Cheese

135 Chicken Breast Without Skin

136 Cod

137 Edamame (Green Japanese Soybeans)

138 Eggs—Organic Omega-3

139 Eggs—Pasteurized 100% Liquid Egg Whites

140 Eggs—Powdered Egg Whites

141 Flounder

142 Haddock

143 Halibut

144 Hemp Seed

145 Peanuts

146 Pollock

147 Salmon

148 Sardines

149 Sole

150 Soy Nuts (Roasted Soybeans)

151 Tempeh (Fermented Soybean Cake)

152 Tofu

153 Trout

154 Tuna

155 Turkey

156 Whitefish

7 Fats

157 Almonds

158 Avocado

159 Chestnuts

160 Flaxseed

161 Hazelnuts (Filberts)

162 Hemp Seed Butter

163 Hummus

164 Olives and Olive Oil

165 Pecans

166 Pine Nuts

167 Pistachios

168 Pumpkin Seeds

169 Red Wine

170 Safflower

171 Sesame Seeds

172 Sunflower Seeds

173 Walnuts

8 Sweeteners and Desserts

174 Agave Syrup

175 Honey (Raw)

176 Maple Syrup

177 Blackstrap Molasses

178 Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

9 Dietary “Free” Foods: Herbs and Medicinals

179 Apple Cider Vinegar

180 Brewer's Yeast

181 Cardamom

182 Chamomile

183 Chia Seeds

184 Cinnamon

185 Cloves

186 Coriander and Cilantro

187 Cumin

188 Dandelion

189 Endive

190 Fennel

191 Fenugreek

192 Garlic

193 Ginger

194 Green Tea and White Tea

195 Horseradish

196 Marjoram

197 Mint

198 Rosemary

199 Saffron

200 Sage

10 Beverages

11 Sample Livits and Meal Plan Helper

12 Grocery Shopping

13 Livit Snacks

Appendix Actions That Will Save Your Life

Subject Index

Recipe Index


I wish to thank my two boys, Hayden and Eitan, for letting me sleep through the night most of the time and for all the joy and laughter they add to my life; my mother, for always being excited to hear what I have to say about nutrition and applying it right away in her own life; my brother, Dr. Dan Rudé, for providing his chiropractic expertise with regard to wellness; Kim Stakal, a superb organic chef, for providing her expertise in recipe consulting; The Livitician Network staff, for all their assistance in teaching my Livit philosophy to the thousands of patients who walk through the door and for helping the first Livitician book become a reality; and last and most important, my patients, who continue to fuel my passion to spread the word with tips for achieving optimal health. Thank you!

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