Long Night Moon (The Bradbury Institute Book 2) (11 page)

The sound of their ragged breathing
was the first thing to bring him back into himself. Gently, he moved to his
side and pulled her to him. He wanted to hold her as long as she would let him,
all night if he could. Tomorrow he had to evaluate the security situation at
the institute, he had to start researching how she might abdicate the Bone
crown, and he had to figure out what to do about his brother. But for now,
tonight, with Eve in his arms, he slept. Free of nightmares, all the night

Tomorrow would take care of itself.


Chapter 18


The meeting was set for midnight.
Bettine arrived not a minute sooner. She left her car and strode leisurely to
the waiting limo. A dark-haired lackey opened the door with a cheeky grin. She
spared him a single glance of disdain and entered the limo.

Agnar Drake offered her a drink.
She declined. He said, “Right to business, then, I take it?”

“I’d prefer.” She made no move to
remove her coat or gloves.

“All right, then. My terms for
lifting the curse that forbids you from returning to Sideways are quite simple.
I only want one little thing.”

“And that is?” Bored, unimpressed.
These human sorcerers thought entirely too much of themselves.

“The Key of Darkness.” He smiled
faintly, a hint of challenge in his ice blue eyes.

If he thought she would balk at
such a price, try to negotiate or even flat out refuse, he was in for a
surprise. “Done. When would you like it delivered?”

Agnar chuckled. “I think you and I
are going to work very well together.”

Bettine said nothing. She had
expected a high price but this shook her, not that she allowed herself to show
it. There would be no turning back. If she delivered the Key to this man she
would be declared an enemy of Bradbury and the Board of Directors. She would
most certainly lose Chet. But she would finally be able to return home.

Surely that would be worth it, no
matter what the cost.


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