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Just a Flirt

Just a Flirt

Billionaires on the

Book Three

By Olivia Noble


Copyright 2014 Olivia Noble


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Chapter One



“Fine,” Nicole grumbled to herself as she
stumbled out of the elevator. Her shoulder banged roughly against
the wall on the other side of the hallway, and she giggled at her
own clumsiness, barely feeling any pain from the impact in her
inebriated state. She struggled to straighten herself as she used
the wall for support, wobbling in the direction of her hotel

“Fine,” she said again with more conviction.
“You’re a jerk, Eva. I don’t need you anyway.”

Her ankles twisted in her high heels from
moving at an erratic speed, sometimes walking far too quickly and
sometimes completely paused in confusion. Finally, after what felt
like an eternity, Nicole found herself sprawled on the ground
beneath her hotel room door.

“Okay,” she said, looking up at the number
dizzily. A small hiccup escaped her throat. “Just gotta find my
key...” Rolling onto her stomach, she pulled at the handle of her
purse which was tied around her neck so that she wouldn’t lose it.
After fishing around for several minutes, and dropping a tube of
lipstick and a few packets of condoms, she held up the small
plastic card triumphantly between her manicured fingers.

She lifted herself onto her knees and tried
to insert the key into the door several times. After several
frustrating failures, the light finally blinked green, and she
giggled in glee. Nicole opened the door and promptly fell forward
into the suite.

“Mmm,” she mumbled, rubbing her cheek
against the soft carpet. Somehow, in her current condition, the
floor seemed to be as comfortable as an expensive mattress. She
certainly didn’t feel any desire to go through the difficult task
of climbing all the way across the room and up into her big empty
bed. When her eyes glanced toward the luxurious bedroom, they
immediately filled with tears. Nicole pulled her purse off her neck
and tossed it feebly at the bed.

“I don’t need anyone!” she shouted at the
bed angrily. “No Eva? No hot dudes on the beach? Who cares! I’m an
independent woman and I can please myssself. Thank you very

Crawling forward into the bedroom, Nicole
heard the door shut closed behind her with an odd crunch. She was
far too drunk to look back and investigate this. She continued to
crawl toward her shiny golden purse which now lay in the middle of
the carpet with her credit cards and cell phone spilling out. After
reaching the purse, Nicole found herself unable to resist checking
for messages. There had been nothing since Eva last informed her
that she was abruptly leaving the country on a private plane.

“Aren’t you fancy?” Nicole said bitterly.
“All it takes is one gorgeous billionaire for you to become a
complete slut and leave me lying in a ditch somewhere.” Nicole
scanned through some of her older text messages as well, and found
that while there were dozens of messages from old booty calls,
there was, as usual, nothing from the one man she actually cared to
hear from. She briefly considered drunk dialing him, but she knew
better. With a large yawn, Nicole pulled her soft purse against her
middle as though it were a teddy bear.

“I’m in the Bahamas, for heaven’s sake,” she
reminded herself firmly. “I’m going to have a good time if it’s the
last thing I do.”

Her eyelids grew very heavy, and for a few
minutes, they closed completely.

Dreams danced in her mind, revealing the
deep, honest desires that she never allowed herself to acknowledge.
She saw the face of the person she never allowed herself to think
about. When her eyes finally opened again, Nicole was startled to
find herself lying on the ground. She yanked herself off the floor,
feeling as refreshed and alert as if she had slept for several

“Eva?” she said in confusion, rubbing her
eyes as she grabbed one of the bed posts. Finding that her friend
was nowhere in the hotel room, the information from the previous
night came rushing back and smacked her in the face. “Oh,” she said
to herself glumly. “Great.” Nicole moved to a mirror and recoiled
in horror when she saw the sorry state of her black hair.

“Jesus, girl. You look like shit,” she
whispered to herself with disappointment. “No wonder you can’t get
laid. You need to get this mess sorted.” She began trying to wipe
off her smeared eye makeup, but it was futile. She was in desperate
need of a shower.

Reaching up behind her back to untie the
strings that held up her bikini top, she pulled off the small piece
of fabric and let her breasts bounce free. She reached down to undo
the ties on the sides of her bikini bottom as well, and tossed both
garments onto the bed.

“Thanks for
helping me get
lucky,” she told her discarded swimsuit disdainfully. “I spent good
money on you! The sales lady said you were guaranteed to be a
powerful man-magnet. Couldn’t you have
to attract a
man who wasn’t old enough to be my dad?” Nicole scowled and
stretched her arms. “More like hot-guy-repellant,” she murmured as
she moved toward the luxurious bathroom of the suite. In addition
to an elegant glass shower, there was a very lovely, large bathtub.
She wasted no time in climbing into the bathtub and turning on the

“That’s nice,” she said with a sigh as she
ran the warm water over her feet. They were sore and aching from
dancing in high heels. She cupped the water in her hands, and
splashed it over her face, making sure to carefully knead the
mascara out of her eyelashes. As the water began to fill up in the
tub, she sighed and leaned back into its depths, allowing her
frizzy hair to become soaked. She reached up to comb her fingers
through it and gently massage her scalp in anticipation of the
hangover that was sure to come eventually.

But worse than the physical symptoms of
alcohol withdrawal was the loneliness that was sure to set in now
that Eva was gone.

“Everything’s going to be fine, Nicole,” she
assured herself as she wrapped her arms around her middle. “You’re
awesome. You’re smart and sexy. Super sexy. You’re going to be

Nicole had great trouble being alone. Ever
since her father walked out on her, she could never seem to handle
even a few minutes of silence or absence of physical contact. The
paralyzing fear and depression would set in. It was a little easier
at home, because she had so many eager college boys on speed dial.
She could fill the void with meaningless sex, and sometimes, if she
got lucky, they would get tired enough to end up accidentally
staying the night. Those were always the best nights, when she
would fall asleep in the arms of some random stranger.

It didn’t matter who it was, as long as
there was someone there.

Drawing in a shuddering breath, Nicole let
her head sink below the water. The truth was that she never would
have gone on this Caribbean vacation if Eva hadn’t agreed to come
along. She was counting on the comfort of having her friend nearby.
While she had made a great pretense of pretending that the trip was
about helping Eva let loose, she also had her own selfish
motivations. She was tired of being alone in her small loft in New
York City. She wanted to experience what it felt like to have a
sister; to have a family member that actually cared.

The sex wasn’t part of the plan; but it was
a nice little added bonus.

Nicole was accustomed to using sex to thank
people for showing her any bit of kindness. She had learned that it
was the only way to guarantee that their affection would continue.
The only way to try to make sure that they would remember her
existence, or think of her sometimes. It was simply how she got

Of course, it also helped that it erased all
her pain for a few moments.

Lifting her head above the water, Nicole
studied the shower head of the bathtub. Seeing the little metallic
hose which led to a detachable faucet, her eyes lit up. She leaned
forward to tug it off the wall and eagerly switched the water flow
to the shower head. Relaxing back into the tub, she positioned the
hose between her legs and allowed the water pressure to caress her

With a little moan of satisfaction, Nicole
tilted the stream of water until it was positioned perfectly to
massage her clitoris. She closed her eyes and let the sensations
take her away. She imagined that it was a man between her legs,
licking at her hungrily to prepare her body for his cock. She
imagined him pumping his fingers in and out of her while he looked
up at her with ravenous eyes.

Don’t stop,
she’d whisper to him as
she tangled her fingers in his hair and dragged him closer.
close. Keep eating my cunt. Just eat me all up.

For a moment, she imagined Andreas between
her legs, shoving his tongue between her folds, but she immediately
dismissed this image. He belonged to Eva, and it felt wrong to
fantasize about her best friend’s man. She had been lucky to get a
little taste of him while things were still casual, but knowing
Eva, that wouldn’t be for very long. She next imagined her
ex-boyfriend from high school, gently sucking at her nub while
pressing a finger up her ass. She had really thought that he loved
her. Of course, he had gotten bored of her before long. Nicole
dismissed this memory too, and grew frustrated with trying to pin a
face on her fantasy man. She decided just to focus on the

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