Hard (The Bear Chronicles of Willow Creek #2) (10 page)

Mr. Weaver’s eyes lock on Eli, and his smile spreads. “You’re the mayor’s cousin, correct?”

“Uh huh,” Eli mumbles, relaxing into the chair. 

The bastard’s smile grows even further as he asks, “How do you feel about your cousin marrying an outsider?”

My man’s body goes taut as his arms tighten around me. “I’m not sure what you mean by outsider?”

“Well, Mrs. Artair is the first person to call Willow Creek home that is not a direct descendent to the original settlers,” Mr. Weaver says as he removes his glasses and sticks them in his pocket. “I would assume that fact would make her an outsider.”

This dickhead is baiting my man, trying to get some reaction out of him. I’m sure the reaction he gets isn’t gonna be what he expects. Feeling the tension flying off of Eli, I realize something has to be done to keep him from blowing up. 

“Well, as an outsider myself, I love it here. The people are nice and the town is beautiful. Coming from Chicago, I had never seen such open spaces or breathed such clean air. If Amelia and I are really considered outsiders, I can happily say that we’ve never been made to feel as such.”

Mr. Weaver’s eyes move to mine, angered at being cut off. “Do you not think it’s odd that you and your sister are the only two people here that are not related to the original settlers?”

I take a deep breath, trying to think of the correct way to respond, but Eli does it for me. “I hate to cut this short, but we have an appointment that can’t be missed.”

Mr. Weaver’s eyes come to me as he asks, “An appointment? I thought you had time for a full interview.”

“That was before,” I reply, grasping for an excuse to get this bastard out of the house. “It was a last minute thing that came up. Sorry about that.”

“Can I ask what’s so important that you have to cut our time short?”

Eli’s arms tighten around me as he answers, “Not that it’s any of your damn business, but we’re going to pick up our marriage licence.”

I almost ask him what the fuck he is talking about but catch myself just in time. “Yes, we have to pick up our marriage licence.”

“That’s wonderful news,” Mr. Weaver says, looking from Eli to me. “I missed the mayor’s wedding. I hope I get an invitation this time.”

Fuck! How are we going to explain when there is no wedding? Looking over my shoulder at Eli, I mouth, “How are we gonna get out of this?”

He leans down and whispers in my ears. “We’re not. No dick weasels allowed.”

Chapter Thirteen



I are just about finished making spaghetti for lunch, when Eli walks in and says, “I want to take you somewhere.”

“Give me just a few more minutes, and I’ll be done with this,” I tell him, stirring the marinara sauce.

He grabs my free hand and shakes his head. “No, it can’t wait.”

I look at the intensity in his dark eyes and instantly drop the spoon into the marinara sauce. My body heats up at the thought of what he has planned. Hopefully, another afternoon of wild sex with my man is on the agenda. Nothing would be better.

“Okay.” Nodding my agreement, I follow him out the door into the woods. 

We walk in silence until we reach a clearing with a small natural spring running through it. A gasp leaves my throat when I see the beauty surrounding me: wild flowers, tall oak trees, and gorgeous rock formations with a tiny waterfall. 

I notice a blanket and a picnic basket beside the water, and I smile. “What is this? Is this all for me?”

“Of course it is. Anything for you, Angel,” he says, shooting me a wink.

 He leads me to the blanket, still holding my hand. Sitting down, he pulls me into his lap as he kicks off his shoes. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

He is being so sweet, so playful, I’m not sure how to react. The man I know is neither of those things. He’s aggressive, grumpy, and over the top sexy. Still, I like this new side of him, so I’m willing to see where it leads me. 

“What?” I ask, nipping his chin.

He leans in for a soft kiss before pulling back and looking into my eyes. “Remember, when we talked to the reporter.”

His voice is so soft it sends a heat wave though my body. The only thought I have in my mind is getting him naked and having him inside me. Still, I answer him. “That was just yesterday. Of course I do.”

Eli smiles as he leans down and pulls the shoes from my feet. “Do you remember what we told him we had to do?”

My heartrate skyrockets as I run a hand through his coffee-colored hair. “Yeah, I remember.”

“Well, I don’t want to be known as a liar,” he says before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a light blue velvet box. 

I pull in a deep breath as tears spring to my eyes. “Is that…”

Before I can finish my sentence, he says, “I wish I could give you my mom’s ring, but I can’t. I hope you’ll like this one just as much.”

With that, he opens the box and shows me a beautiful ring with an amber stone surrounded by tiny diamonds. “Oh my God, Eli, it’s gorgeous.”

He slides it on my finger without asking me and looks into my eyes. “Since you couldn’t have my mom’s ring, I wanted you to have something that reminded me of her. Her eyes were the exact color of this stone. You wearing it will be like having her with us.”

My tears are falling freely as I reply. “I would be honored to wear it.”

“I know we haven’t been together long, but the way I feel about you is unlike anything I could’ve ever imagined, Angel.” Placing his forehead against mine, I barely here him whisper out, “I love you.”

“I love you too, Eli. So, so much. I don’t care if it’s only been a few weeks since we met. I don’t want to ever think of a life without you in it.”

Eli leans in and gives me another gentle kiss. “Do you know what this means?”

I pull back and smile. “I’m assuming this is your way of asking me to marry you.”

He shakes his head, causing my heart to drop, before he says, “I’m not asking. You were mine the minute I got inside that hot little body of yours.”

“So, what is this?” I ask, giving a little wave of my hand.

“This,” he says, running his hand over the ring he just placed on me, “is my way of telling you, we’re getting married. This is my way of letting every man who ever lays eyes on you know that you’re already taken, that you’re mine and only mine.”

With that, his lips meet mine again in an all-consuming kiss. Within seconds, I’m panting with my need for him. Eli forces me onto my back, hovering over me. He pulls back, just enough to pull his shirt from his body. Wanting to feel his skin against mine, I do the same. When he comes in for another kiss, only the lace of my bra is separating us. The first contact of his skin sets me on fire. There is no way I can hold in my moan.

He continues to kiss me as his hand comes up to massage my breast. When he pinches my stiff nipple, I cry out in pleasure. “Oh, yes, Eli.”

“You like that, Angel?” he asks, pulling away from my mouth to lick the excited peek. “Do you want me to play with your tits?”

“Uh huh, please,” I mumble, hooking my leg over one of his and running my foot over his jean-covered calf.

He continues lavishing attention on my breasts as his hand works its way down my body. Bunching my skirt up around my waist, he grabs a hold of the side of my panties and tears them from my body in one swift tug before sliding between my legs. He focuses on my clit, sending waves of pleasure through my body. When one finger works its way into my depths, I can feel my pussy tighten around him.

The sensations rushing through me cause me to pant. “Yes.”

“No, no, no.” He pulls his finger from me. “Don’t you come without me.”

Sliding my hands over the muscles of his back, I whisper, “I need you inside me, now.”

His mouth slams down on my lips, and his tongue duels with mine for dominance. Removing his fingers from within me, he places both hands on my inner thighs and gently pushes, urging me to spread my legs wider. As soon as he has me positioned the way he wants me, two of his fingers go straight to my clit, giving it a hard pinch. My back bows with pleasure, and another deep moan is pulled from me. 

I start to work on his jeans, wanting him inside me as quickly as possible. As soon as my hand wraps around his hard cock, he pulls back and jerks the skirt from my body. A second later, my bra is removed, shredded by his claws. He pushes his pants from his hips, not even taking the time to pull them off, and surges inside me. 

His thrusts are urgent, strong, and deep, each one bringing a gasp from my lips. “Yes, Eli, fuck me harder.”

“I’d give you anything, Liza. All you have to do is ask,” he growls out, plunging into my depths with all his might, bottoming out balls deep.

Digging my fingers into his muscular ass, I continue to pull him toward me, urging him to go harder, deeper. The orgasm I’m chasing is just out of reach, and I’m desperate to chase after it. Lifting my hips to meet each of his thrusts, I let go of his ass with one hand and curl it around his hip. Not giving him a moment to anticipate my actions, I slip my hand between our joined bodies, and begin to gently squeeze his balls.

“Oh, fuck, Liza,” he bellows. “If you don’t stop that, I’m going to be blowing inside of your tight little cunt before I’m ready.”

Smirking up at him, I give them another gentle squeeze. The reaction I was hoping for follows soon after as he pulls out of my body and flips me over onto my stomach.

I’ve barely gotten my hips angled upwards before he is plowing back inside of me. “Fuck, yes. God, you feel so damn good.”

“Fuck, Angel, your pussy feels amazing. Do you feel how deep I am? I fucking own you, Angel. Body and soul you are mine.”

As soon as the words leave his lips, I feel my orgasm begin to sweep over my body, causing all of my muscles to clench in anticipation of what’s to come.

“That’s it. You come on my cock while I fuck you nice and hard. That’s it. Squeeze my dick with your pussy, Angel. Fuck!”

As soon as I feel his dick begin to thicken with his impending orgasm, I begin to come again, barely having come down from the last one. As I feel him unload inside of me, a sense of peace engulfs me, and I find myself hoping that we’ve just made a baby.

As soon as he stops thrusting, I collapse to the ground below me and focus on slowing my breathing down. As I lie below the man who has possessed me completely, I take a second to think about what it would be like to have a child with Eli. I’m only eighteen, but thinking of bearing Eli’s children gives me the most amazing feeling of completeness.

Even though I realize that we have tons of time ahead of us to start a family, I can’t help but lie here and think that nothing in this world could make me happier right now. We may not be having any little cubs anytime soon, but having Eli at my side is more than I could have asked for.

Some people need money, careers, and success to make them feel whole. Then there are the times that all you need in life to make you whole is the kind of love you’ve only ever heard of in fairytales. 

Chapter Fourteen



in front of the town council building, my stomach churns with anxiety. Last night, Eli told me his father is going before the shifter tribunal today for threatening the lives of two mated females. I’ve been nervous ever since. Amelia tried explaining to me exactly what the tribunal is, but I’m not sure I understand. To me, it sounds like some sort of medieval court, with Ethan as mayor, handing out death sentences left and right.

My sister promised me that Ethan would not put his uncle to death. She couldn’t tell me what the punishment would be for such an act, and I’m too nervous to ask. As much as I do not like how Eli’s father acted when he came to our home, I don’t want him to be punished too severely. I know any pain the man feels will also hurt my mate, and I don’t want Eli hurting.

Eli jumps out of the truck and walks around to my side, helping me out. “Come on, Angel. We’re running late. I can’t miss this.”

I stay quiet as he leads
me into the town hall then into the elevator. Unable to stand the silence a minute more, I ask, “What’s going to happen, Eli? I’m going to be honest here and tell you that this entire thing is freaking me out.”

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine,” he says without answering my question. He also refuses to make eye contact with me as he speaks, something he’s been doing since we left the house.

“Don’t you think I deserve to know what is happening? I’m the one your father scared shitless and tried to attack. Is that why you won’t look at me? Are you somehow mad at me over this whole thing?” I reply, anger replacing my nervousness.

He shakes his head and turns, finally looking me in the eyes. Releasing a sigh, he wraps an arm around my waist, pulling me into his side. “I’m not mad at you over this, Angel. You never have to worry about me getting angry over something like this. I know damn well it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the fact that my father hasn’t gotten over my mother. Hell, at this point, I’m figuring he never will, and I get it. I do.”

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