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Growing Up in Lancaster County

A Happy Heart
© 2008 by Wanda E. Brunstetter
Just Plain Foolishness
© 2008 by Wanda E. Brunstetter
Jumping to Conclusions
© 2009 by Wanda E. Brunstetter
Growing Up
© 2009 by Wanda E. Brunstetter

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All Pennsylvania Dutch words are taken from the
Revised Pennsylvania German Dictionary
found in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Scripture taken from the
Holy Bible, New International Version
. Niv
. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any similarity to actual people, organizations, and/or events is purely coincidental.

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Table of Contents

A Happy Heart


Chapter 1: A Lachlich [Laughable] Day

Chapter 2: Crazy Rooster

Chapter 3: Disappointments

Chapter 4: Seeing Is Believing

Chapter 5: Blurry Words

Chapter 6: Learning the Truth

Chapter 7: Four Eyes

Chapter 8: Jacob’s Promise

Chapter 9: Plenty of Trouble

Chapter 10: Vanished

Chapter 11: Happy Medicine

Chapter 12: A Day of Surprises

Back to School


Chapter 1: Grandpa’s Greenhouse

Chapter 2: A Trip to Town

Chapter 3: Trouble By the Road

Chapter 4: Camping Surprise

Chapter 5: A Birthday Surprise

Chapter 6: Trouble in the Greenhouse

Chapter 7: Hannah Comes Home

Chapter 8: Nothing but Trouble

Chapter 9: A Thrilling Ride

Chapter 10: An Exciting Day

Chapter 11: Lost

Chapter 12: Unexpected Surprise

Jumping to Conclusions


Chapter 1: Good New

Chapter 2: Out of Patience

Chapter 3: Eavesdropping

Chapter 4: Busybody

Chapter 5: Tittle-tattle

Chapter 6: The Big Day

Chapter 7: Wishful Thinking

Chapter 8: Nosing Around

Chapter 9: Babysitting

Chapter 10: Another Good-bye

Chapter 11: The Worst Possible News

Chapter 12: A Big Surprise

Growing Up


Chapter 1: Sidetracked

Chapter 2: Too Many Chores

Chapter 3: Getting Even

Chapter 4: Daydreaming

Chapter 5: Borrowing Brings Sorrowing

Chapter 6: Mistakes

Chapter 7: Aunt Rachel

Chapter 8: Gone Fishing

Chapter 9: Total Chaos

Chapter 10: Rachel’s Pie

Chapter 11: Bad Advice

Chapter 12: A New Opportunity

About the Author

A Happy Heart

To the children at Riverside Christian School in Yakima, Washington. Thanks for letting me share my life as an author with you.
To Dr. Richard Ehlers and Dr. Ben Jaramillo, my kind and helpful eye doctors.





—silly child







—thank you










guder mariye
—good morning



















schlang aage
—snake eyes






Bass uff as du net fallscht
Take care you don’t fall.

Du kannscht mich net uffhuddle; ich bin zu schmaert

You can’t confuse me; I’m too smart.

Duh net so laut schmatze

Don’t make such a noise when you eat.

Geb acht, schunscht geht’s letz!

Watch out, or else things will go wrong!

Grummel net um mich rum
Don’t grumble around me.
Sei so gut
Was in der welt?
What in all the world?
Wie geht’s?
How are you?
Chapter 1
[Laughable] Day

his is so much fun!” Ten-year-old Rachel Yoder squealed as her end of the teeter-totter shot into the air.

“My stomach feels like it’s in my throat!” Audra Burkholder shouted when her side of the teeter-totter dropped down and then sprang up again.

Rachel waved one hand in the air. “Whe-e-e-e!” she hollered.

“Are you gonna ride that thing all day or does somebody else get a turn before recess is over?”

Rachel looked down. Freckle-faced Orlie Troyer stared at her. Rachel and Orlie had become friends during the year, but Rachel didn’t want anyone at school to know she was friends with a boy so she kept it a secret.

“Well?” Orlie asked, tapping his foot. “Can I have a turn on the teeter-totter?”

Rachel squinted at him as her side of the teeter-totter dropped again. “Is that any way to ask for something?”

“Maybe he doesn’t know how to say
sei so gut
[please].” Audra said, wrinkling her nose. “Maybe he doesn’t know about manners.”

Orlie squatted in the dirt, raised his hands in front of his chest, and said, “Can I please have a turn on the teeter-totter?”

Rachel giggled. “You look like Jacob’s dog when he sits up and begs.”

Woof! Woof!
Orlie bounced up and down.

“Oh, all right, you can have a turn while I get a drink of water.” When Rachel climbed off the teeter-totter, she held the handle so Orlie could get on.

“This is sure fun!” Orlie shouted as his end of the teeter-totter rose. A gust of wind whipped his straw hat from his head and spun it away. He tipped his head back and howled with laughter.

Rachel raced to the pump, grabbed a paper cup, and pumped the handle up and down. When the cup was full of water, she took a big drink. Then she pumped until her cup was full again.

Rachel’s brother, Jacob, nudged Rachel’s arm. “Save some of that for me, would ya?”

Water sloshed out of Rachel’s cup and splashed her dress. “Say, watch what you’re doing!”

“I figured you might need a bath.” Jacob snickered.

She glared at him. “Very funny.”

“I thought so, little
[silly child].” He leaned back and laughed until his face turned red.

“Stop calling me a silly child!” Rachel dipped her finger into the cup and flicked water at Jacob’s shirt. “And there’s plenty of this to go around!”

“A little water doesn’t bother me,” Jacob said with a shrug. “In fact, it feels kind of nice on this warm spring day.”

“Puh!” Rachel hurried across the playground, still holding her cup of water. “I’m back,” she said as Orlie’s side of the teeter-totter shot up. “It’s time for you to get off now.”

When the teeter-totter came down, Orlie shook his head. “I don’t want to; I’m having too much fun.”

“I said you could take a turn while I got a drink,” Rachel announced. “So now you need to get off.”

Orlie grinned but didn’t budge.

Rachel glanced at Audra as Orlie’s end of the teeter-totter rose and Audra’s end dropped. “Can I take your place?”

Audra pushed a strand of dark hair under her
[cap] and shook her head. “Sorry, Rachel, but I’m having too much fun.”

Rachel tapped her foot impatiently. If she’d known this would happen, she wouldn’t have gotten off the teeter-totter. She would have waited until recess was over to get a drink.

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