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Generational Sins

By Samantha Blair






©2011 Samantha Blair

All rights reserved. This work in whole or in part may not be reproduced without written permission from the author.

This is a work of fiction. The characters in this book do not exist outside of the imagination of the author and are in no way meant to represent any persons living or dead.


Please read with caution. This book contains very adult situations and is not suitable reading for those under the age of eighteen.

Chapter 1

"Has he fucked you yet, Katlyn?" My father-in-law’s hands were hot. One burned into my hip, the other ran up the outside of my thigh, pushing the hem of my skirt up to the top of my stockings. His thumb brushed across the very top of my thigh where the bruising began. I could tell that he was tracing the black and blue handprints with his eyes. My skin crawled.

I tried to steady my voice enough to answer him, but my throat was closed with fear and disgust. I knew that I would be punished if I couldn't mange to answer, but it just wouldn't happen. My voice wouldn't work. I swallowed thickly.

He chuckled. His foul breath fell across my exposed shoulder. "My son still has a ways to go with your training, I see. While I do appreciate a woman who can keep her mouth shut, when I ask a direct question, I expect an answer."

"Father?" David. Thank God.

"I don't think you are moving fast enough with your training process, son," Richard said removing his hands from my body, but not stepping away. "She still seems a bit… willful."

"I assure you, she is improving."

"Mmm." Richard stepped back and lifted his whiskey from the table. "Perhaps you could demonstrate her obedience for me." It was not a suggestion. David and I both understood the command in his voice.

"Of course, father."

David smiled. It's all an act. He's pretending. David loves you. You can do this.

"Come, Katlyn," David commanded. My feet obediently moved to comply. "Kneel." I dropped to my knees and squeezed my eyes shut. I could do this. I could do this for him.

I relaxed as David threaded his hands in my hair. His touch was so soothing. He would protect me. I tilted my head into his touch automatically.

"Pleasure me, Katlyn." His voice was cold and commanding, but I heard the reassurance in it. We had practiced this. I knew what was coming. I could get through this. I would just focus on David and forget about all of the terrible things around me.

Unbuckling his belt, I removed it and set it gently beside me on the floor. David unbuttoned and opened his pants himself. I took his cock into my hands. He was only semi-erect. I knew that this disgusted him as much as it did me, but we had to keep up the charade. He would find a way to be hard for me, and I would make it as easy for him as possible. I smiled up at him attempting to reassure him that I was okay.

David's hands returned to my hair, and I committed myself to my task. I ran my tongue around the head of his cock, gently licking the slit as he had taught me. He sighed in pleasure, not loud enough for Richard to hear him, but enough to give me confidence.

I licked down his length, lifting his cock, as he got harder under the ministrations of my hands and mouth. I moved closer, between his legs and gently sucked his balls. His hands tightened in my hair, and he rocked his hips forward slightly encouraging me.

Richard cleared his throat, and I almost jumped. I had mostly managed to convince myself that he was not here—that he was not watching his son like some perverse circus act.

"Suck me," David commanded. His voice rougher than it had been before.

Please, David. Keep me focused. Don't let me get scared.

I dropped my hands and linked my fingers together behind my back. David took his now fully erect cock in one hand and pulled my hair back sharply with the other. He pushed his hips forward and slid the head of his cock into my mouth.

Relax, Kat. Breathe in through your nose. I heard David’s voice in my memory reminding me of my training. He had prepared me for this. I could do this.

Trying to relax, I opened my mouth to him as he pushed further forward.

"Fuck," he whispered under his breath for my benefit. He was trying to let me know that I was doing well. I so loved it when he praised me.

He pulled back and then thrust his hips forward again, gently fucking my mouth. I closed my lips around him and sucked as hard as I could.

"Yes, Katlyn," he said. He looked down at me, watching his cock, as he pumped in and out of my mouth. "You love sucking my cock, don't you, you dirty little slut?" This was for Richard's benefit, but I was ashamed to admit how hot it made me. I loved it when David talked to me: dirty, praising, or otherwise. Hell, he could read the phone book aloud, and it would turn me on. It was like there was a secret language, just between us, that was his way of expressing how much he wanted me, how much he enjoyed what I could do to him.

"Ellen!" Richard called.

I heard David’s mother, Ellen, cross the kitchen and come to stand in the doorway of the dining room. I didn't look at her; I couldn't. I closed my eyes and my cheeks burned. I was so ashamed. How would I survive this?

"How may I please you, Richard?" she asked.

"Come," he commanded, much like David had called me earlier, but I knew that there was a difference. His command and David’s were nothing alike. David loved me.

He is not his father, I reminded myself.

"Your son seems to have trouble understanding how to fuck a woman's mouth," Richard said coldly, half mocking David, but mostly forcing Ellen to turn her attention to her son as he tugged at my hair and forced himself deeper into my throat.

"Show him."

"Katlyn," David said above me, "look at me." I lifted my eyes to his as he asked. "Fuck yes," he said, never breaking his steady pace.

His eyes were angry, but I knew that the anger was not directed at me. I would help him. Together, we could do this. I moaned around him and began to use my tongue on the sensitive underside of his cock.

I tried to ignore the couple beside us, but it was nearly impossible. Ellen matched my position the floor a few feet away from us. Richard was fucking her mouth roughly. Her head was titled back as a result of his hand pulling hard at her hair. She was whimpering slightly.

"That's right, whore," Richard said. "Watch your son. Does it remind you of your own training? Fuck, you were hard to break. You insisted on fighting me at every turn, but we solved that problem didn't we?" He laughed. It was cold and cruel.

"You see, son?" He turned to David smiling. "They are just like horses. They need a firm crop to teach them their place. Wild fillies may be beautiful, but they do not reach their perfection until they learn proper submission and obedience. Your mother will never deny me again. I can do anything to her that I wish, and she will only beg for more."

I wanted to find his wild horse analogy humorous, but there wasn’t anything funny about this moment. That poor, broken woman…

David tapped his fingers twice at the base of my neck. He was signaling that he was close to coming. He couldn't give me a verbal warning in front of his father, but he wanted to prepare me. He turned his beautiful blue eyes to me. They were pleading with me to forgive him for allowing this. I would forgive him. I always forgave him.

"Suck me harder, slut," he commanded. I complied as best I could even though my jaw was aching. It was almost over.

"Fuck!" David swore one last time as he emptied himself in my mouth. I swallowed quickly and cleaned him with my lips and tongue.

Richard grunted next to us as he also found his release. I swallowed back my disgust.

"Stand," David commanded me. "Go and finish dinner."

I fled the room, grateful for the reprise. I had only to make it through dinner, and then David would take me home. Only one more hour.

Chapter 2
Six Years Earlier

Anatomy 101 Lab | T, Th | 10:30am-12:30pm | TA

I looked down at my schedule for the hundredth time since arriving on the Harvard campus. I had it memorized; I don't know why I continued to look. Truthfully, I was more nervous than I wanted to admit.

I was pre-med, following in my father's footsteps. These 101 courses would be filled to the gills. The lectures would have over one hundred and fifty students. The labs would be closer to fifty. By midterms those numbers would be reduced by half. Only the strong survived in this environment. Many would change majors or drop out all together in the first few weeks. I would not be among them. I was here to work hard.

I reviewed the reading that I had completed last night in my head. I'd read every textbook on my list twice before arriving at school. I reread the appropriate chapters before each class began. I would live up to my father's expectations.

Entering the lab, I looked around. It was a little more than half-f already. It was likely that whomever I sat next to would become my lab partner for the entire semester. I wanted to choose wisely. I scanned the faces. No. No. No. Too flirty. Too much of a jock. A blond girl with her tits literally falling out of her low-cut shirt looked up and winked at me. Definitely not. Finally, I decided to let fate choose for me. I slid into one of the chairs at the last remaining empty lab table. The odds suggested that someone would sit next to me. I hoped that it would be someone who wanted to work as hard as I did, but I doubted that I would find anyone quite like that.

I reread chapter three as the class filled in around me. After another minute or so, I heard the chair beside me scrape on the floor. I looked up. Oh God no. She had beautiful brown doe-eyes and soft brown hair that cascaded down over her shoulders. She was dressed modestly in grey slacks and a black v-neck shirt. She smelled like heaven and was the last thing I needed.

"Hi," she said softly.

I glowered at her, willing her to go away. She seemed a little surprised by my hostility, but she did not shy away. Instead she lowered her eyes to the floor, sat down, and opened her text. Her book had suffered almost as much abuse as mine. The spine was cracked, the pages worn. She probably bought it used.

Thankfully, the teacher's assistant walked in a moment later and began the lab. I focused on my work, and so did she. She did not attempt any further conversation, and I was fine with that. When she was called on for an answer, her response was correct. She wasn't stupid. Maybe it would be okay after all.

When the lab was finished I nearly ran for the door. I could not allow my mind to remain focused on her. She was intelligent. She would be an acceptable lab partner, but it would end there. I would speak to her on Thursday, I decided. I would be civil, and then I would move on.

When Thursday came I found myself facing a huge amount of anxiety. This was not an uncommon feeling for me. I had always found myself in positions where people expected much of me. I usually managed to meet and exceed those expectations, but I often did so with a large amount of hidden stress. Today I had placed the expectations upon myself. I would interact with my stunning lab partner, and I would not allow myself to recognize that she was female. She was simply an a-sexual being that sat with me in Anatomy.

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