Finity's End - a Union-Alliance Novel

Finity's End
Caroline J. Cherryh
A Union Alliance novel


Editorial Reviews
Finity's End
falls after
Merchanter's Luck
but before
in the lineup of C.J. Cherryh's Merchanter novels (part of the author's award-winning Alliance/Union universe). It resumes the story of Fletcher Neihart, an orphan and unwanted foster child who, against his will, joins the crew of the legendary merchanter ship
Finity's End.
As Neihart struggles to find his place both on the ship and in the world, the ship undertakes a mission critical to the continuing peace between the Earth,
, and
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Science Fiction Age
Finity's End
is complex, insightful writing. Cherryh understands human nature under stress, and has a gift for conveying the immediacy of interactions, concerns, betrayals, and forgiveness.
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Spotlight Reviews

This is GOOD!!
May 28, 2001



I have been a fan of Ms Cherryh for many years but from the moment I read Finity's end I knew it was something else, even for her.

The story is about a young boy who's had a rough childhood with his mom suiciding and having to spend his life in one foster-home after another. All the while, his "real" family of the space-ship "Finity's End" are trying to get him back and making an even bigger mess of his life in the process.

All the characters in the book are so real you feel that you know them after a very short time. They become friends and so this book is among the select few that I reread over and over again. The experiences as well as the characters can be found in most people's lives and childhoods and that is what makes me love this book.

C J Cherryh is a reliably thought provoking writer.
December 21, 1998



FINITY'S END by C.J. Cherryh a book review by R.C. McDonald

In Finity's End C J Cherryh returns to the universe made popular in her Merchanter and Cyteen series, some of which books earned her science fiction's coveted Hugo award.

This book continues the tale of a centuries-long dispute between the two political entities which rule known human space and the loosely-knit alliance of merchant ships who supply and connect them.

Within this gritty and appealing portrayal of a very believable and very human future you will find the story of one ship in particular, the Finity's End, and of one boy in particular, torn through no fault of his own between the world of the alien hisa and the that of a merchanter family starship.

You can expect to learn some new ideas about how you view your own world after looking at life through the eyes of this book.

There is no need to have read the books previously written in this universe - each book, including this one, is self explanatory, and yet manages to avoid over-repetitive explanations for those who have read the others - the mark of a very skilled writer indeed!

Finally, on a note near and dear to any science fiction reader's heart, strict attention is paid to the laws of nature and the workings of science. All in all, a superlative book, one to be cherished and read repeatedly.
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Pretty Good. Kept my interest.
July 25, 2000



I picked this book up at the local bookstore, on the "Bargain" rack a few years ago. Read the synopsis on back and thought I'd give it a try. I didn't know it was part of a series, in fact I had no clue until today while reading these reviews. I liked Finity's End. The main character was very interesting. He seemed alive. I found myself feeling for him, and hoping he'd make the right decisions for the right reasons, and not just be dragged down by his heritage, or dragged out. Some of the others on board ship also were likeable, and came alive for me. It was pretty juvenile at times, but kids will be kids, even if they are only characters in a book. I thought the way they spent their "downtime" was great! I wish we could do that in real life. Read the book, it's not the best book in the world, but for a space sci-fi book it's great!

Excellent story!
May 10, 2000



I read this book when it first came out; just finished rereading it. It remains one of my favority science fiction books of all time. Good story, strong characters. You care about what happens to the crew. Very well written story. Cherryh is always a good author; this book is one of her best.


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