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Edited by Amanda Shore

Cover Art by Laura Gordon


              This book is a work of fiction. People places, events, and situations are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or historical events, is purely coincidental.


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Hello, and thank you for buying Thanos. This is my first fantasy, and I must say I truly loved creating a world and writing an adventure. I wanted to write a story about all the legends and mythical creatures we have heard of since kids and incorporate how the legends arise.

To my family, thank you for putting up with me as I sat down to write. To Tina, my lovely wife: I couldn’t do this without you. Thanos is the first fantasy you have ever read, and when you told me you couldn’t put it down, I was very happy and hope others enjoy this new world.

To my friends, thank you for your support, and to my editor, Amanda Shore, thank you. I have to say sending the book back and forth was trying for both of us, but thank you because the rules of English irritate me to no end.

To my beta readers, thank you for reading the raw manuscript with mistakes everywhere and giving feedback. When I received praise for the story and characters from you, I have to say I really wanted to dance.

To the readers, thank you for taking this journey on this new world and for all your support.

How far will Thanos go? It all depends on how the readers respond. So far, it looks like it will be three books. Now, if the last book is massive, over a hundred and fifty thousand words, it will be broken down. My intention is to have three stories spanning three books each, but only time will tell.

Now enter into this new world: Thanos.


























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Sitting on a large, marble throne, Dextury waited in a chamber on his wife and four offspring to join. The chamber rested on the highest peak on Thanos, Mt. Olton, and no living creature on Thanos had ever seen the summit. Many had tried but only reached less than halfway, and those that didn’t turn back died from the lack of air to breathe. This didn’t concern Dextury in the slightest because he was a God. He ruled over this realm with his mate and kids, whom he was waiting on. They ruled over several worlds in this realm for the All Father.

Now, all eyes were turned to Thanos. The All Father had commanded for a new race to be brought forth and see how they fit in with the other creatures of creation. This new species was called man. They were to be given free will to see how they adapted to life.

When Dextury first observed them, he couldn’t help but laugh because they didn’t have long life, weren’t very strong or smart, and no one really knew what they would do next. Some were benevolent while others were abominable. They reminded Dextury of his daughters Lynor and Amaris. Lynor was customarily kind but had a ruthless side while Amaris was typically hateful with a sometimes gentle manner. Many creatures fell into one of his daughters’ realms.

Lynor’s twin brother, Octin, could only be described as righteous, and Amaris’ twin, Nylash, was malevolent. The brothers had followers and creatures devoted only to them but like everyone else really didn’t relish the idea of this new species on their world.

When Thanos was created eons ago, Dextury had been given instructions to see what path the humans would choose. Humans could worship who they chose and couldn’t be punished for it. What upset the Gods the most was that humans didn’t even have to follow a God. Before humans came into being on Thanos, the Gods met to discuss what they would set up to see which path humans took. Millions of years later, it was time to meet and watch what path they would take.

Dextury looked up to see his wife, Asta, enter the chamber and glide across it to take the throne beside him. “It is time,” he said, smiling at her.

“Yes, and just like when we met the first time, I have no idea what path they will take,” Asta said, looking up at the door as the siblings entered. True to form, they entered together. A round, stone table materialized in the room in front of the mother and father. The sons sat opposite of each other as did the sisters.

Nylash looked up at his mother and father. “Why did humans have to appear here first?” He asked in malice.

Dextury smiled. “Son, I know you have asked the All Father, so don’t ask me,” he told Nylash.

With a pompous wave of his hand, he said, “They could go to another realm or even the All Father’s.”

Octin leaned forward over the table. “Brother, we have been commanded and must obey,” he said.

“We are Gods, not servants,” Nylash spat. Leaning back in his chair, Octin’s eyes narrowed. “Oh, dear brother, do I sense anger?” Nylash asked, chuckling.

“Nylash, enough,” Dextury commanded.

“Father, I just wanted to know what the All Father had told you,” Nylash said, grinning.

Dextury stood and glided over to the table. “Nylash, the All Father believes these humans could tip the balance of power between good and evil more than any creature that has ever been created.”

“We just set up the world for their choices, Father, not guided any of them to the choices,” Nylash said, disgusted.

Octin stood up. “As we were told,” he said, pointing at Nylash.

Asta walked over and put her hand on Octin’s shoulder. “Son, please sit down, and don’t let Nylash provoke you so easily,” she told him, guiding him back to his chair. Asta turned and looked at Nylash. “Son, you have pushed the barriers of our instructions from the All Father. He really doesn’t like some of your choices,” she told him.

Nylash laughed. “Oh, so am I in trouble? I’m a God. What can be done to me?” he asked.

With a grave face, Dextury strode over to his son. “You can be banished, Nylash, God or not. You will be a God in a realm of nothing, forever.”

Panic and fear washed over Nylash. “I have followed my instructions,” he said quickly.

“Yes, that’s why you are still among us,” Dextury told him. “You have some of your followers over large tracks of humans.”

“It was never said I couldn’t,” Nylash blurted quickly out.

Asta walked over and laid her hand on Nylash’s shoulder. “You are trying to tilt the outcome with your followers and not yourself,” she told him. “We were to put the artifacts on the world and choose our representatives and prepare them but nothing else.”

Starting to tremble, “Octin and Lynor have some of their followers over them,” Nylash said in a quivering voice.

“By choice!” Lynor snapped. “You have your followers over the humans by force of arms. They punish with torment and death.”

Amaris jumped up. “It was never said he couldn’t,” she shouted, defending her twin.

Lynor looked at her sister, slightly shocked. They usually got along well together, very rarely taking sides with the brothers. “I’m sorry, Amaris, if I upset you when I forgot to mention your followers as well,” she said, making Amaris gasp.

“Enough!” Dextury shouted, and a resounding thunderclap filled the room. Seeing he had their attention, Dextury glided back to his throne and said, “Sit down, everyone.” They all took their seats as Dextury looked around at each of them from his throne. “We knew this was coming, and I have watched all of you prepare, as has your mother. The All Father told me it was acceptable for Nylash to do as he did as long as he did no more,” Dextury said, making Nylash smile. “But don’t push it more, son,” he warned. Nylash’s smile vanished. “Mankind must have a free choice.”

“Father, if the All Father thinks these humans can tip the balance so easily, why create them?” Octin asked.

Taking a deep breath, “The All Father believes they will be the ones on other worlds that guide the path of all. Once the choice is made, then that is the path that will be taken for that world. No longer will the elves, dwarves, orcs, and goblins guide all worlds alone,” Dextury answered.

Nylash laughed. “This world is mine then,” he said with confidence.

Amaris looked at her brother. “Nylash, quit gloating. It’s not becoming,” she told him, grinning.

Lynor shook her head. “Yes, just look what happened to your elves,” she said, making both Nylash and Amaris stare at her with hard eyes.

Asta stood up. “This is enough, children,” she warned in a hard voice. “Have you finished your task?” she asked. They all nodded in reply. “So it starts,” she said, looking at Dextury.

He nodded as well. “Now let us sit and watch how this unfolds,” he said as images of lives on Thanos filled the chamber.

“Father, this could take hundreds of years,” Octin told his father.

“Maybe longer, but with us here, we can’t interfere with the choices to be made,” Dextury answered.

Amaris smiled at Octin as she said, “I’m sure yours and Lynor’s elves, fairies, and other creatures will be fine.”

“They sure beat your creatures in battle at the beginning of this world, didn’t they?” Lynor asked with a smirk.

Inclining her head, Amaris said, “Yes, they did, but even some of your fairies came over after the war,” she replied.

Asta clapped her hands, sending a resounding
through the chamber. “Children,” she warned then looked at Dextury. “Have you set your candidates in motion?” she asked him.

“Yes, as have you,” Dextury said, reaching over to hold her hand.

Nylash jumped up out of his chair. “That has to be a violation of our instructions!” he shouted.

Asta looked at him. “No, the All Father commanded it after your little interpretation of the instructions,” she told him. Nylash fell back into his chair.

Dextury laughed. “Now, let’s see how this unfolds,” he said as they all watched the images floating around the room.



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