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Cuffed (Hidden Pleasures, #2)


Hidden Pleasures Book Two


Kitty Hunter

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First A Tale of Two Kitties Press publication August 2013

Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents

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Chapter Two

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Chapter One

he shabby hallway carpet stretched out in along grey line past at least twenty more doors. Gavin rapped on the slab in front of him, fighting his irritation with Ronnie’s living arrangements. He’d grown up in large apartment buildings similar to this one, and didn’t enjoy the reminder of his upbringing. It was too soon to push her about moving, he knew that. But the Dom in him wanted to sweep her off her feet and take her home where he could take care of her. Away from this crappy, low rent place. He had a feeling she’d never leave her roommate Shea unless the other woman had a new place to go arranged.

He didn’t know his curvy, sweet sub that well yet, but some things he could just tell about her.

Maybe he and Luis would arrange something for Shea. They made enough money that a nicer apartment for a single woman wouldn’t be a hardship.

Don’t push her too fast. She’ll spook. Earn her trust, ease into it.

One thing he knew for sure? The fact that she yearned to be taken care of completely, and gave herself over to sex with an abandon he’d rarely seen.

His cock swelled as he remembered the husky timbre of her voice yelling his name as she came while he ate her pussy. God, he already loved the feel of her hot little clit in his mouth and the clench of her cunt around his fingers.

The door swung open on silent hinges and revealed her. Ronnie. A fitted T-shirt stretched tight across her breasts, jeans that clung to her thighs, and bare feet complete with purple toe nail polish. She grinned, blushed, glanced at his shoes, back up again, and blushed some more.

The blush was adorable. She was all red hair, freckles on the bridge of her nose, and huge tits. He’d topped her with his best friend Luis a week prior, and had spent every night since then aching to get her beneath him, to bury his cock deep and watch her eyes roll up in her head.

Seven long days and nights of jacking off to the memory of her lips on his dick and the taste of her pussy, the long locks of her hair falling around her face. He’d gone to Hidden Pleasures on Wednesday and played with one of the collarless subs there, but it hadn’t been the same. Not good enough. What Ronnie lacked in skill, she made up for in enthusiasm and a natural submissiveness that couldn’t be taught. A rare treasure.

Fucking hell. Those tits....

Finally she looked up and held his gaze, a mixture of arousal and uncertainty in her eyes. The dichotomy tugged at all his Dom instincts, and he held himself still. Under control. He resisted the urge to barrel into her, ripe her jeans off, and fuck her until he couldn’t see. Instead he gathered her into a hug. At first she held startled, but then she relaxed into his arms and sighed, snuggling into his chest. The pliant yield of her large breasts and her hips cradling his thighs filled him with pleasure.

Luis was more overtly dominant than he was, so the other man took the lead when they shared a woman. Ronnie was the first to fill both of their sexual needs so completely. But here today, he was alone. Had her all to himself.

He was going to make good use of that time.

“I missed you.” He cupped her ass with both hands and she let out a low moan.

“You just talked to me a few hours ago.” She tipped her head back, a flush to her cheeks, and wet her lips.

“Too long. I talked to you, but I haven’t seen you in a week.” He’d never been the type of guy to hide his feelings, and didn’t see any reason to hold them back now. They’d been apart, and he’d wanted her. Every fucking day. With a quick kick he closed the door, and then latched his mouth to hers. He plunged his tongue into her mouth, aggressive, domineering, and popped the button on her jeans. “I want to fuck you. The taste I had of your pussy wasn’t enough. I need to feel your tight cunt wrapped around my dick.”

He dipped his fingers between her pussy lips and chuckled. Dripping wet already with nothing but a suggestion of sex. Her responsiveness spurred him on.

“Are you ready to play?” Her pussy juices coated him and he thrust his digits into her grasping hole.

“Uh...uh...yes. Yes Sir.” The short nails on both hands dug into his shoulders, and the bite of pain excited him.

“Good. Take your clothes off.” Indecision and nerves flitted over her features, but when he swirled his finger over her clit, she shuddered and her posture changed. He kissed the corner of her mouth. “Go to the middle of the room and take your clothes off. I want to see you. You have a beautiful body.”

He removed his hand and licked her pussy juices off his fingers. Lust darkened her eyes, and she paced away. Not rushing, but not dawdling either.

“Turn to face me.” The last week spent talking to her on the phone, getting to know her, helped him know how far he could push her. She was so damn inexperienced, so fresh, sweet, and unsure.

Trembles ran from her hands and up her arms, but she spun and took her shirt off. A white lace bra cradled her generous breasts. The puckered skin of her nipples showed through the fabric.

Damn nice tits.

His dick throbbed and pulsed in his pants. Fuck, he wanted to rub the tip of his cock across her nipples, shove his cock between her lips and have her suck him off. She’s suck him, he’d tease her tits, let her suck him more. Then he could cum on her lips and her tits. Smear his jizz all over her so everyone would know she belonged to him.

The hesitation she warred with concerned him, so he crossed to her and stood behind her. She needed a push, but to know he was guiding her, would keep her safe. Brushing her hair off her shoulders, he licked and nibbled at the exposed skin. “Ronnie, I gave you a command. If you disobey, I’ll have to punish you. Do you know what that means?”

Her breath hitched. He toyed with her waistband, but didn’t reach lower. She rose on her tiptoes and he grinned. She wanted his hands on her, to have him stroke her pussy.

“A spanking, Sir?” The note of want in her tone amused him, and he filed the knowledge away for later. Luis loved to lay his palm on woman’s ass.

“No, my beauty. Spanking is Luis’s forte.” He tugged on her hair. “First, I’ll have you blow me and swallow my cum. Then I’ll strap a vibrator to your pussy and I’ll set it at a level that will drive you crazy but won’t be enough to let you come. And I’ll keep you like that, standing in the corner, watching other people fuck at Hidden Pleasures.”

Her breathing increased in speed and she whimpered. He slid his hand into her pants and flicked her clit. “Oh love, it’s the sweetest torture you can imagine. Maybe we’ll do it for fun. I saw you when you first came into the club. You like to watch.”

“No I don’t.”

He squeezed her nipple. “Yes you do. It’s never a good idea to lie to your Dom. And you forgot to call me Sir.” The flat of his palm connected with her ass cheek with a satisfying crack. Maybe he’d like spanking her more than he had other subs. She was so fucking responsive. The smack would turn her on and scare her a little into moving. “Now, why aren’t you undressing?”

She sighed and squirmed against his hard on. “I’m afraid my roommate will come home and see. She’s so much prettier than thin and perfect. I don’t want her to see me naked, Sir.”

“Shea is a regular visitor to the club. Sex will not shock her. You are incredibly beautiful. Shaped like a woman should be. Soft, curvy, with hips I can hold onto while I fuck you and bury my cock balls deep. I can’t wait to fuck you good and hard, watch your tits bounce when I ram my dick into you.” He released the clasp of her bra with an easy, practiced move and slid the article down her arms to the floor. She shook and goose bumps erupted across her body. “Now, take these pants off for me so I can fuck your pussy right here where anyone can see us. I like it when I can make a woman come. Your cum will cover my dick. I love it when other people watch and I can tell they’re jealous of me, getting to bring a woman to orgasm, her cunt gripping my dick. I want to hear you scream my name.”

She worked the pants over her hips and off her feet. He kissed and licked the freckles on her shoulders, smiling to himself. Her safe word—probably because she saw the dark spots on her pale skin as an ugly mark. He liked them.

He slid one hand through her pussy lips from the front, her curls soaking wet, and breached her ass from behind with the other. A shaved bare pussy was better. He’d shave her in the shower before they left for the club. Her cum wet his fingers and she rose on tip toe, then settled back to the floor. She wanted his dick inside him, he knew it.

“Go sit on the couch with your legs spread.” His balls were tight and hard, his dick throbbed and pulsed so bad it hurt. He hooked one finger in his tie and yanked it off, then unbuttoned just enough of his shirt to get it off as well. Any time he was stuck working at the office instead of out in the field like he preferred, restless energy built up until he could barely stand it. Most people had no idea he actually owned the state’s largest landscaping company because he spent as much time as possible helping design and plant new flower beds or mowing grass. Days like today, the only thing that would help him relax was a good fuck. Thank God Luis had found Ronnie. A good hard fuck with her would help alleviate the stress and pressure. His leather dress shoes slid off his heels with ease. He studied her face, the rapt attention she gave him as he discarded each article of clothing turned him on.

She liked his body.

The lips of her pussy glistened and she shifted around on the couch. She’d white knuckled the cushions. He stepped free of his pants and boxers, stripped his socks off, his dick bobbing in front of him like a flagpole. Hard as hell and dripping pre-cum. The calluses on his palm rasped over his shaft as he pumped it to tease her.

What next? He loved to eat pussy, but he’d already tasted her. Plus, she looked like she’d come in an instant and he wanted to feel her explode around his dick.

No. He’d fuck her. Then eat her. Then have her suck him off. Fuck some more.

He crossed over to her, yanked her hips forward, and braced one hand on the back of the couch. No need for a rubber. They’d all been tested this week and the results were fast tracked through his private physician. He and Luis had done it to reassure her, they were tested every month as part of the protocol for belonging to Hidden Pleasures.

Neither of them bothered to remind her how she’d already taken their cum into her mouth, swallowing their loads after she sucked them off. The tests seemed redundant after that, but this was about building trust. The tests were a small thing.

“I’m going to fuck that pretty pussy now.”

She nodded and wet her lips. “Please Sir.”

Damn, that tone in her voice. The want and need, so turned on but still waiting for his orders. Heat radiated from her cunt to the tip of his cock and he used his hand to maneuver his rock hard shaft through her dripping wet folds.

He poised the purple head at her hole and stared into her eyes. Her pupils were huge and dilated, knuckles white where she gripped the cushions. “Put your hands on me. I want you to touch me.”

It almost killed him to hold still and not pound her pussy with his cock, but he had to feel her hands on him. This was more than fucking for him and if she touched him, he’d know better if all the flirting and banter of their phone calls was at the root of something real. He’d had enough of bitches after his money. He wanted a sub who craved the dominance, sure, but also one who craved

The soft smoothness of her hands skimmed up his arms and his balls swelled even more. She traced his biceps and chest, licking her lips with a “fuck me now” expression. Behind the surface lust though, he glimpsed more, a tenderness and affection she might not even be aware of yet.

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