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Authors: Laura Frantz

Tags: #Romance, #General, #Christian, #Historical, #Fiction

Courting Morrow Little: A Novel


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The Frontiersman's Daughter

Courting Morrow Little



To my brother, Chris, who has Christ's
heart for a hurting world.


Red River, Kentucke

July 1765

Morrow paused on the river trail to wipe her brow with the hem
of her linsey shift. It was a true Kentucke July, and the woods
were hot as a hearth, the leaves of the elms and oaks and sycamores curling for lack of water, the dust beneath her bare feet
fine as flour. Even the river seemed like bathwater, its surface still
and unbroken as green glass. She'd been following her brother
Jessamyn to swim, but a treasure trove of wild grapes along the
river's edge slowed her.

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