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Breaking All the Rules (9 page)

She shoved back the chair and glanced down to the door that led out to where people entered after disembarking from the planes. Something had come up and they had called saying they were going to be delayed. Wild and Rhodi had been gone for a good two months and she was thrilled to hear they were finally coming home.
Correction, that they were home now.

Alyse headed for the door, wanting to run out there but she waited for Karen. Once she was bundled up they exited together. The cold Montana wind bit into her cheeks but Alyse didn’t care. Wild was home. That was all that mattered. Karen holding onto one arm for a bit of extra balance they made their way to where the plane had just taxied to a stop.

She leaned toward the jet when the door opened and the steps lowered. Rhodi was the first one off and his grin told the world how happy he was to see his wife again. He jogged over to them and Alyse released Karen so they could enjoy their reunion.

“Auntie Alyse!” The cry preceded a sight which brought tears to her eyes.

Her nephew Ricki stood at the top, her brother Richard behind him. Hand over her mouth, she blinked back her tears as she ran toward the jet and the hug which she knew was waiting.

“Ricki!” She wrapped her arms around him. “What are you doing here?”

Behind her brother came Carla, his wife. She hugged them as well. “What’s going on?”

“We were brought to spend the holidays with the Wilder family. Don’t worry,” Richard said. “The doctors said it was okay as long as he wasn’t out in the cold long. Speaking of which, Ricki, we need to get you inside.”

Her brother squeezed her arm. “We’ll be inside when you come in.”

She tipped her head back and stared up the steps to see Wild standing at the top. His gaze was on her and as it always did, warmed her so she no longer felt the cold weather surrounding her. He crooked his finger at her and she walked up the steps to him. He stopped her the step below him and kissed her. Held her close and made her remember what it was like to be in his arms. And the real thing was so much better than her dreams.

“I’ve missed you,” he said softly.

“I missed you, too. Thank you for bringing my brother and nephew here.”

“I know you wished you could see more of them.” Another heated kiss. “So, Santa delivered this year.”

She smiled at him. “Santa?”

“Sounds good to me, will you be my hot and sexy Mrs. Claus?”

She knew it was partially a joke. Every time one of them returned, he would ask her in a roundabout way to be his Mrs. Something. Normally, she laughed and shook her head no. Today, she placed her hands on the side of his rugged face.


He blinked. “Wh…what did you say?”

“Yes. I want to be your wife, Wild. I love you.”

He gave a loud whooping yell, lifted her off her feet and backed into the plane. “Eric,” he called. “Leave. Come back for your things later. And tell them to leave this jet alone for a moment or two. Then tell her brother she’ll be in shortly. We have some celebrating to do.”

Eric left with a laugh and wave. Wild closed the door and stared at her, as he went to work on his clothes. When he held her close, connected to her on the most intimate of levels, he moved slow, heightening their pleasure.

“I love you, Wild,” she murmured in his ear.

He didn’t speak but she didn’t need him to. She knew he loved her as much if not more than she did him. He showed her daily and Alyse knew, he would continue to do so for the rest of their lives. And all of it—this, her happiness—began one night in Belize.

About the Author

Aliyah Burke
is an avid reader and is never far from pen and paper (or the computer). She loves to hear from her readers and can be found on Facebook or Twitter at @AliyahBurke96.

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