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Copyright© 2013 Jessica Jayne



ISBN: 978-1-77130-538-9


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To my husband, who allows me to escape into my
"writing cave" enough to live my dream! Thank you!


To Natalie - For beta reading this story and giving
me your honest feedback!  Thank you so much, girlfriend!




Advantage, 2


Jessica Jayne


Copyright © 2013






“Flipping fudge,” Gregory Snow heard a soft female
voice say from behind him.
He could tell
the delicate voice was upset, but he couldn’t help but chuckle.
After years practicing law, it was strange to
hear someone swear so kindly.
In fact,
he was pretty sure the last time he heard someone
“fudge” to replace the f-word, he had been watching television on Thanksgiving
A Christmas Story
was on.
He spun around to find the friendly curser
and didn’t see anyone.

“Freaking flip,” he heard her again.
Then he saw the lithe body of a woman rise
from behind an older purple VW bug he had just passed in the parking lot and he
lost his ability to breathe.
Holy Christ!
Her curly golden hair was pulled back in a
tight ponytail, wispy curls framing her face.
She wore a thin purple and hot pink braided headband in an effort to
tame her
Her hot pink tank top clung tightly to her torso, showing off her small
but perky breasts.
Greg’s cock hardened
as his gaze scanned over what he could see of her.
She was stunning.
She looked like she was coming from a
workout, which puzzled him since she was in the parking lot of Advantage
Insurance Company.

“Can I help you?” he asked.
The woman startled at the sound of his voice.
When she lifted her eyes to meet his,
Greg inhaled sharply.
She had the
deepest blue eyes he’d ever seen.
were gorgeous.
She was gorgeous.
She couldn’t be more than twenty-five… maybe
There was not a single line
on her face.
Everything on her that was
visible to him was tight.
He imagined
her pussy would also be tight.
Where the hell did that come from
She screamed youth… much too young for him, at forty-two, to be thinking
such thoughts.
But he couldn’t stop the
arousal that immediately coursed through him at the sight of her.
Something about her turned him inside out.

“I’m…I’m sorry,” she said, standing a little taller.
She might be five feet four inches…
She threw what looked like a
rolled-up yoga mat over her shoulder, walked around the back of the VW and
lifted the hatch to throw her mat inside.
“My car seems to have died and I don’t have the slightest idea what’s
wrong with it.
And I have a class to
teach in exactly thirty-five minutes and it takes me about thirty minutes to
get to the studio without traffic.
Triple A will take at least forty-five minutes to get here.
By that time, I’ve missed my class at the
It’s too late to call for a
substitute to teach the class.
studio is so new.
I can’t afford to lose
any customers at this point.”
She took a
deep breath and Greg watched as her chest rose and fell with her breath.
His gaze lowered to her tight black yoga
capri pants.
She had a rocking body.
Lean, muscular legs.
Perky ass.
was going on with him?
Had it really
been that long since he’d been laid that he was lusting after this young stranger?
She was going to think he was an old creep.
His gaze flew from her ass to her face again
at her exclamation.

“Did you just say ‘shizzle’?” he asked.
It was impossible to hide the humor in his
This beautiful creature was
She looked like a Victoria’s
Secret angel with her long blonde hair and tight body, yet she swore like a

She slammed the hatch down and kicked her rear
When she looked up at him, he
could see the tears welling up in her eyes, so he quickly wiped his hand over
his face to keep the smile from spreading further across his lips.

“I’m sorry,” he said softly.
He hated to see women cry, especially ones
that made him hornier than a teenager.
“Can I drive you to the studio?
You can deal with your car later.
I can tell it’s important to you.”

You’d do that?” she asked, tilting her head
up to look at him.

“Of course,” Greg said softly.
Before he could even take his next breath,
this blonde beauty threw
at him.

“Thank you,” she said into his chest.
Slowly, his arms wrapped around her small
tight body and he gave her a gentle squeeze.
Then he grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her back, fearing if she
stayed that close to him, she’d surely feel his straining erection and that
would probably make her less thankful for his assistance.

“It’s not a problem.”
He pulled his keys out of his pocket and hit
the unlock button to his black BMW SUV.
The lights flashed and he watched as her gaze fell on his vehicle.
“I’m Greg, by the way.
Greg Snow.”
He held out his hand.
Her head
slowly turned back toward him.
just throwing
at him seconds ago, he found it
adorable that her cheeks were flushed when she slid her delicate hand into his.
Her skin was so soft and yet an electric
current shot through him at the feel of her hand in his.

“I’m Tessa Mills,” she said softly.
Her gaze fell to their joined hands before
she raised her eyes to look him in the face.
He wondered if she felt it, too.
Then he saw it in her eyes.
was something in her deep blue eyes… heat… desire, maybe?
He couldn’t make it out exactly, but it was
not a look he expected from her, considering their obvious age difference.
But he liked it.
A lot.

“Grab the things you need and jump in.
I just need to make two calls before we head
out, okay?”
He watched as she reopened
the hatch to her car and pulled out her mat and a purse.
Pulling out his iPhone from his pants pocket,
he quickly dialed his car mechanic.

“Jarod’s,” Greg heard his friend on the line.

“Hey, buddy.
It’s Greg.
I need you to do me a
favor,” he said, watching Tessa walk the four cars down the aisle to his BMW.
He could not get over her body.
Youth definitely had its advantages.
Not that the women he had been with in the
more recent months didn’t have good bodies, but they didn’t have the kind of
body Tessa had.
What he wouldn’t give to
feel her wrapped around him in every way.

“Sure thing,” Jarod said, bringing him out of his
lusty haze.
“Whatcha need?”

“Can you send your tow truck over to Advantage’s
parking lot to pick up a car?” Greg asked
eyes still glued on Tessa.

“What’s wrong with the Bimmer?”

“It’s not my car,” Greg said.
He explained the situation to Jarod, who
agreed to tow the VW Bug to his shop and take a look at it.
“I’ll drop the keys off shortly.
Just call me and let me know what’s wrong
with it.
I’ll cover the repairs.”
As he disconnected his call with Jarod, his
phone began to buzz with another call.
He noticed John Dorsey’s number on his phone.
“Dorsey,” Greg said into his phone.

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