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Authors: Savannah Stuart

Worth the Risk (6 page)

It quickly faded until he felt nothing more than pleasurable tingles along his spine.

In wolf form, his auditory senses were amplified a hundredfold. Behind him, he

could hear her clothes hit the ground then he heard her sharp intake of breath before

she made the change herself.

Before he could turn, he felt a cold nose against his fur. When he turned to look at

her, he growled protectively. It shouldn’t surprise him, but she was a small wolf. Maybe


Savannah Stuart

seventy-five pounds and her shifted form was that of a brown and white Alaskan

malamute. She was…cute. It was the only word to describe her.

She nudged him again and yipped playfully. In response, he trotted across the patio

toward the open stretch of sand. Instead of following, she ran a few feet ahead then

turned to face him. With her paw, she kicked up the grains in his direction and yipped


Follow me,
he projected with his mind, but she didn’t seem to understand. His pack

could communicate telepathically in wolf form and while it was just a pack thing, he’d

thought it might be possible with Marisol since they were mates. Hopefully after they

bonded they’d be able to communicate.

She crouched down on all fours as if ready to attack but her tail wagged playfully.

When he bounded toward her, she leapt away from him and ran toward the ocean.

Keeping his pace slower so he wouldn’t scare her, he followed suit and let her lead the

way. He liked this side of her. She was definitely easier going in wolf form.

As they ran along the beach, he let go of his earlier worries. He’d have to face them

eventually, but for now he let the salty essence of the ocean envelop his senses.

* * * * *

Marisol forced herself to relax as the shower jets pummeled her shoulders. She

guessed the bathroom had been custom designed because everything in it was higher

than normal and very expensive looking. The marble shower—which was big enough

for four people—and matching oversized tub had the splendor of the Old World.

Combined with the dark cabinets and warm fall colors of the room, it was actually very

inviting. Traditional in style.

The run with Stephan earlier had been exhilarating, but now she had a bigger

dilemma. Stephan wasn’t the asshole she thought he was.

He was a freaking DEA agent. He was one of the good guys.


Worth the Risk

Which meant he wanted to arrest Perez. She didn’t want the man behind bars

though, she wanted him six feet under. He was an absolute monster. Now she wasn’t

sure what to do. One part of her wanted to tell Stephan what Perez was capable of, but

she worried he’d try to keep her away from him.

She couldn’t afford that. Not when she’d come so far. Not when she was so close.

Stephan’s earthy scent tickled her senses. He must be close by. As soon as they’d

returned from their run she’d changed back to her human form then darted off to take a

shower. She knew he had questions but she wasn’t prepared to answer them so she’d

run away like a coward. She should have known he’d follow.

Her eyes were closed as the water rushed over her body, but she knew he was in

the bathroom now. He wasn’t making a sound, but she could practically feel him in the

room with her. “Why don’t you just get in here?” she asked.

“I am.” His deep voice caused her eyes to fly open. He was right in front of her and

she hadn’t even heard him approach.

“You’re very quiet,” she murmured.

“That’s because I’m the big bad wolf,” he growled playfully.

She liked this side of him, even though part of her wished she could still view him

as an arms dealer. Still holding the sudsy loofah in her hand, she shifted out of the way

so he could join her under the water.

As he stepped under the steady stream, he reached for her hips, but she swatted his

hands away and swept the loofah over his chest and stomach.

A soapy river trailed down his chest and her gaze couldn’t help but follow it. His

cock twitched as she drank in the sight of him.

“Are you just going to stare, or are you going to touch?” His deep voice brought her

gaze back up with a start.

Stephan’s dark eyes glittered with barely contained lust. Without responding, she

set the loofah on the built-in bench and knelt in front of him. She was most definitely


Savannah Stuart

going to touch all she wanted. He was like a tasty piece of candy and she was going to

savor the time she had with him.

Grasping his cock at the base, she ran her clasped fist up the length of him, then

back down again. He pulsed in her tight grip.

She risked a quick glance upward. His eyes were closed and his chest rose and fell

rapidly. She loved being able to make him pant. Grinning in satisfaction, she leaned

forward and licked the underside of his thick shaft. She kissed and nibbled along his

length. Each time her lips or tongue touched his cock, she could feel almost

imperceptible tremors racing through his body.

Her pussy tingled as she licked him. Knowing she could bring him pleasure made

her own body ache with need. He’d taken so much care the night before making sure

she found release, she wanted to do the same for him.

Keeping her hand tightly around the bottom of his cock, she wrapped her lips

around his crown and sucked lightly.

“Oh yeah,” he murmured, sinking his fingers into her hair and tightening on the

strands with a gentle pull.

Those two words were all the incentive she needed. She traced her tongue around

the crown before taking him fully in her mouth and sucking hard. With her free hand

she played with his balls, lightly tugging on them while she continued working his cock

with her mouth. When his hips twitched and he moaned, her nipples hardened in


Water rushed down her back and over her chest but she could barely feel it. All she

cared about was getting him off. It was suddenly the most important thing. It was

totally primal, but this was her mate and she wanted to bring him pleasure. She didn’t

have to wait long.

His cock jerked in her mouth and she realized he was close to coming. When his

grip tightened on her hair, she increased her movements.


Worth the Risk

Her fist squeezed and pumped faster as she sucked him harder. And that’s all it


“Gonna come.” His voice was hoarse.

She rarely swallowed, but she wanted—no, needed—to taste him. It wasn’t lost on

her that he gave her the opportunity to pull back either. But moving away was the last

thing she wanted. She placed a hand on his thigh for support as he exploded in her


His come hit the back of her throat in long, hard jets. Keeping her lips firmly

around his cock, she continued sucking and kissing him until he sagged against the


She lifted her head and couldn’t stop the smile spreading across her face. He looked

so satisfied, it was hard not to feel pleased with herself. His dark gaze sought hers out

and before she realized what he planned, he hooked his hands under her arms and

lifted her up.

As his mouth crushed over hers in a demanding, erotic dance, he fisted her hips

and pulled her roughly against him.

She clutched his shoulders for support and when he tugged her bottom lip between

his teeth, she arched her back. Tingles shot down her spine and the ache between her

legs grew with each second that passed.

It had been so long since she’d been with a man and she’d thought last night would

quench her thirst. Instead she was primed and ready to fuck for hours. Even her breasts

were heavy with need.

His hands began a slow trail up her waist until they settled right under her breasts.

He cupped them and in unison, rubbed his thumbs over her nipples.

Desire coiled in her belly. She desperately needed him to relieve her. When she

groaned into his mouth, he pulled his head back a fraction.

“What do you want,
kardia mou
?” His breath was a whisper over her swollen lips.


Savannah Stuart

“I want you inside me.” She spoke softly, not wanting to break the intimacy of the


His eyes flared with white-hot lust at her declaration. Immediately, his hands

strayed from her breasts and around her back. He grasped her ass and squeezed lightly.

When he did, her pussy actually fluttered. She savored the feel of his fingers caressing

her wet skin.

“Hands on the wall,” he murmured, sending more shivers skittering across her

skin, straight to her toes.


“Now.” The word was a subtle order.

She instinctively clenched her legs at the command that resonated through his

voice. Slowly, she turned around and placed her hands on the cool tile.

“Now spread your legs.” He hadn’t shaved that morning so his stubble tickled her

neck when he spoke close to her ear.

His cock pressed against her back and when she did as he ordered, a cool draft

rolled over her pussy lips. They were already swollen with need and he hadn’t even

touched her.

When she felt his mouth on her shoulder, she tensed for a split second as she

wondered what he would do. But he didn’t attempt to mark her. He simply feathered

kisses along her back.

The moist trail led straight to her ass. He pulled away so that neither his mouth nor

hands were touching her. She couldn’t see him, but she knew he had to be kneeling

behind her. He was able to see every little imperfection about her. She was spread open

for him and she was suddenly very aware how much at his mercy she was. If he wanted

to claim her, bond with her, he could. Her gut told her he wouldn’t without her

permission, but a sudden dose of fear poisoned her thoughts and her muscles



Worth the Risk

She started to close her legs when he dipped a finger inside her vagina. At the same

time, he raked his teeth over her behind and her body pushed her insecure thoughts

away. She was so wet it was almost embarrassing. Her juices flowed freely over his

hand and down the inside of her thighs.

His finger felt good, but she wanted a lot more. She needed his cock to fill her,

stretch her, take her. “I want
inside me,” she ground out before she could stop


“Soon.” He continued teasing her slit for a moment before trailing his finger back to

her tight rosette. She clenched as he pressed his finger against it. The thought of letting

him touch her there was surprisingly erotic. Especially since they barely knew each


“Relax.” Again, his voice was commanding.

Braced against the wall, she trembled. He wouldn’t hurt her. She was sure of it. If

she told him to stop, he would. Forcing her body to listen, she imagined what it would

feel like when he once again filled her. When she exhaled a long breath, he slipped his

finger into her hole. Her head fell back on a soundless cry.

The sensation was foreign yet erotic. In her hundred years she’d never let a man

touch her back there. She’d never had the desire to. Now she wondered why she’d

waited so long. The slight stretching filled her with indescribable pleasure.

He continued pushing into her with slow measured movements. Her body clenched

around his finger and her pussy spasmed out of control, wanting to be filled.

“You’re so tight.” His deep voice sounded strained.

Her breath caught as he penetrated deeper. The building ache threatened to make

her lose her mind. Desperate for relief, she reached between her legs and touched

herself. Gently rubbing between her swollen folds and over her pulsing clit eased the

ache some, but she still needed more.


Savannah Stuart

Stephan withdrew his finger and seized her hips. Before she had a chance to

prepare herself, his cock plunged into her pussy. Her inner walls stretched and

expanded, but in this position it was easier than the night before to take his size.

He reached between them and ran his palm over her ass, tracing a finger down her

cleft. This time she wasn’t nervous when he slid a thick finger inside her tight rosette. A

soft moan escaped her lips. “Stephan…”

With wild and almost uncontrolled thrusts, he rocked into her pussy. The rougher

movements were different from their first time yet her body felt on fire. It was almost as

if her skin burned for his touch everywhere. Her ass clenched around his finger as her

pussy clamped around his cock.

It was too much to take. Bending forward a few more inches, she moved her hips

back against his, meeting his insistent strokes. Every time his shaft slid into her, she

pushed closer to finding her release. Combined with the steady probing of his finger,

she finally pushed over the edge.

Her mouth opened, but no sound came out as a violent jolt of pleasure rippled

through her core. It started between her legs and pushed outward, moving across her

belly and breasts. The climax built and built until it felt as if she could actually explode.

She reached out to hold onto something but the tile was too slick and her knees felt like


Stephan could feel her ass and pussy contracting around his finger and cock

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