WINTER'S KISS (3 page)

Mine!” he growled deeply and roughly as he made his way up to her neck again.

Kendra didn’t protest as she knew she would be his the moment he touched her. She wanted him, needed him.

Yes,” she moaned as he licked her neck before gently biting.

Hearing that word sealed it for Joseph. Kendra was now his. He moved back and smiled at her with a wolfish grin. He slid lower and opened her legs, scooping his fingers under her backside and lifted her up to his chin where he feasted on her. He licked her clit and labia, making lazy circles, flickering over her clit, then sucking her clit between his teeth as she moaned. Her legs tightened convulsively over his back. He made a low growl of satisfaction.

He began to probe her entrance with his tongue and she writhed, grabbing at his head, tangling her fingers in the thick silkiness of his hair. He moved his tongue back to her clit as he slid a finger inside her, pumping and probing till he found the right spot.

Her orgasm shook her as her skin grew hot with power and she glowed as she spilled her essence. Joseph drank and drank till there was not a drop left. His body began to glow as well as the temperature of the teepee grew to a sweltering heat.

He lowered her back to the bed with one hand and reached up with his other hand, finding her breast once more, tugging and stroking her nipple.

Pleasure ripped through her, her muscles twitching. She tightened the grip on his hair, clinging, intoxicated on the power that spilled over her body and his. She was his and no other would ever claim her the way he had. Her body danced to his tune as she breathlessly begged for more. Never had she felt like this.

Taking his time, he savored her sweet surrender, enjoying every whimper, moan, the roll of her hips, and every twitch of her luscious muscular legs. He was hard as stone, but still he teased her, licking and sucking her nipples as she made a desperate pleading sound. She was ready and he could wait no longer. He had to have her now. In one swift move, he pulled away from her grabbing her curvaceous hips and lifted her, legs open and ready for him. He moved between those silky thighs as he held his aching, throbbing cock in his hand, positioning himself at the entrance of her sex. The first long thrust tore a shout from his mouth.

Kendra was incoherent as she cried out, wrapping her legs fiercely around his butt. He ground his hips harshly, taking her, enjoying the hot, creamy hold she had on his rock hard cock. He watched, loving her sounds and the look on her face with each thrust.


His body was buried deep inside of her, knowing this is where he was supposed to be. He’d just met her, but this was
woman. She glowed with
power. Her eyes transformed, no longer the eyes of a human. Her power began to arise after being dormant for so long. A high pitched sound tore from her as another orgasm rocked her body. Her inner muscles drew tight around his cock, each convulsion sending another jolt to his balls. He closed his eyes, letting the power overtake him, feeling it pulse and tighten in his balls. He was on the verge of spilling over. He bellowed as his own orgasm ripped threw him. He collapsed on top of Kendra. Both were breathing heavily, sweaty from the heat of their magical power and the heights of their orgasms.

After a few long minutes, Joseph drug himself off of Kendra and lay beside her, cradling her in his arms. The blizzard still raged outside of the teepee and the fire had burned down to a glowing ember. Then all was still. The snow stopped falling and the raging winds died down.

Winter had blown its strongest, hardest; freezing kiss, yet the lovers still remained untouched by its frosty embrace. They were hot, glowing with power as they lay sleepily in each other’s arms.

John, Julie and the others left their teepee and rejoiced, howling and dancing in the moonlight. They had found their safe haven, away from those who hunted them and their eldest son had finally found his mate.

Joseph would take Kendra back to her jeep in the morning so she could report to work safe and sound, her body now completely healed. She would protect them, as long as they were in animal form, they would not be hunted on this land. Julie and Joseph would teach Kendra the ways of the shaman and about her magical heritage. All would be as it should and their magical tribe would flourish.













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