Vampire "Unleashed" (Vampire "Untitled" Trilogy Book 3) (25 page)

“I have heard disturbing chatter that he is idolised in certain avenues.”

“From day one,” Lucian responded. “Anyone who has ever held a grudge against the police loves that there’s someone like him. He’s the patron saint of anyone who has suffered police oppression.”

“My goodness... what a world we live in.”

“I know. Hard to fathom really. He was by all accounts a nice and pleasant man who began to believe he was a vampire. With time those hunting him became convinced he was a vampire too and now anyone with an internet connection can participate in the fantasy… except, this is real. There are men like that walking around. We rub shoulders with them every day. There are men in this world who harbour the most violent and vicious fantasies and you would never realise. You could work with them, you could ride on the bus beside them. They could be your brother or uncle, all smiles and happy families whilst underneath they’re fantasising cruel ways to hurt others.”

“Is there anything we can do? Against men like that? These men hidden in society.”

Lucian Noica shook his head. “No, Minister. There is nothing you can do. Nothing.”

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