Truth or Dare (3 page)

I jabbed the
next needle into her left breast.

After that
first needle, Cecilia acted almost as if nothing was
happening.  A little stick and it was done, just like the
nurses use to tell me when I’d get shots.  By the time I’d
finished the second breast, she looked positively bored.  So I
acted as if I was going to jab one of the needles into her inner
thigh.  That got her attention.

Before I could
go for her pussy lip, she hopped out of my lap, her hands back
behind her head.

“OK, this is
boring.  Next.”

 I stood
up and wiped both her tits down with alcohol then rearranged my
cock.  Grinning at Gary, I walked across the room and grabbed
a little wood-topped table.

“Here comes
the fun part, bud.  Hope that camera’s heat-proof or it’ll

I set the table on the floor in front of her.  She’d
read the script, too, and stuck her chest out.  I looked at
her, fresh needles in hand...the 
 one.  “You sure you wanna do


“What, you get
queasy at the sight of needles?  Yes, I want to do this, or
you wouldn’t be here.”

I shrugged and
pinched a fold of white meat on the inside of her left
breast.  “Fine by me.”

The plan was
for me to poke the needles all the way through and basically pin
her to the table by her tits like a bug.   She closed her
eyes and did more of the deep breathing stuff while I slowly jabbed
the needle in.  Once it broke the skin, it slid through easy,
then it hung up a little as it stretched a pinpoint of skin on the
other side before finally breaking through.  Even though she’d
winced, her areolae started to crinkle up again.  She was
getting into it.  So was my cock, or rather my cock was
still.  It was bouncing around inside my wet pants like a

Ignoring the
throbbing, or trying to anyway, I did the same thing on the outside
of her boob.

her nipple as a centerline, I lined the two needles up so they’d be
in the same place when I pinned her to the table.  Even though
she was acting like it was no big deal, her mascara was

I thought
about asking if she was alright, but not only did I not really care
so much, but I didn’t really want the smart ass reply.  I
pinched the inside of her right breast instead.  It wasn’t too
long before all four needles were sticking through the creamy white
part of her tit, and, as she stood there with her arms behind her
head, showing her boobs off to me, Gary, and the camera, I thought
about other things I could be skewering.

Once I was
done, she leaned forward and dropped her tits onto the table. 
The bottoms of her boobs flattened out.  Lying on top of the
wood, they looked like the main course for a Thanksgiving
feast.  I figured they’d feed a family of four pretty
well.  Anyway, I grabbed the outside needle on her right tit
and pulled it out so that the skin stretched.  She watched me
pin her tit to the wood, all the while doing that deep breathing

I have to
admit, there was something really hot about looking at her tits
like that.  Her nipples weren’t reacting real well.  They
were kind of flat, but the Thanksgiving dinner thing kept hounding
me, and the thought of taking a carving set to her tits became my
new dark fantasy, especially after I pinned the other side to the

a closer look, I moved around behind her.  I wondered if Gary
was having the same cannibalistic thoughts I was having. 
After giving him another quick grin, I leaned over her left
shoulder and snagged her nipple.  Pulling on it and the inside
needle beside it, I pushed the hypodermics into the table, pinning
her left tit like I did her right.  While Gary got some good
film, I decided just where I’d stick the next needle.

Now came the
fun part.  Well, the whole needle thing was fun, but it was
nipple time.  She kept her hands behind her back as I leaned
over her right breast and brought a needle toward her nipple. 
The script called for spearing her areola, just to one side of the
nub, so I lined up and looked at her.  She’d closed her eyes
tight and she was starting to breath hard.  That’s when I
noticed that her right hand wasn’t behind her back.  The wet
rubbing sound told me exactly where it was.

I snagged the
loose skin just beside her nipple.  “That’s not in the

She kept
rubbing herself.  I figured her clit was taking a pounding,
and imagined her fingers working away.  I felt my balls shift,
rolling around on their own the way they do when I’m really

She opened her
eyes for a half-second.  “It is now, Jeff.”

She called me Jeff.  If she’d forgotten her pet names for me,
all of them containing four-letter words, she must have really been
getting into it.  I smiled at Gary, nodded slightly so he’d
know the fun was about to start, and jabbed.

I know
somewhere back in this little story I said something about how
weird it is that certain things can make a guy stiff.  When I
watched the needle lance through the dark skin and pin it to the
cork, I actually almost came.  How weird is that?  It was
like slow motion, the sharp tip pressing into her areola, pushing
it down but not breaking the skin until it was sandwiched between
the needle and the table, then slipping through like it was going
through butter before ramming deep into the cork.

She took a
deep breath, but didn’t open her eyes.  Since she wasn't
watching, I thought about planting the next one through her
nipple—script or not.  I decided that jeopardizing my life
wasn’t the best idea, though, and went for the other areola
instead, ramming it through the soft skin so that it would take a
pry bar to pull out.  She gasped again, and sped up her

“Put your
hands on the table.”

She pried her
eyes open.  “Fuck you, that’s not in the script.”

I smiled,
another needle poised.  “Okay, let’s see if you can tear your
tits free before I jab this one through your nipple.”  I held
the needle menacingly over the stiff flesh.

paused, contemplating the thought.  When I rammed the needle
just to the left of her nipple, close enough to make her realize I
was serious, she started to put her hands on the table like I’d
ordered, but met my eyes instead.  They were glittering with
challenge and mischief.  “Fuck you, bastard.”


I think she
almost smiled, but I speared her nipple before she could
answer.  Without the distraction of her fingers doing the
walking, she cried out, eyes wide, and then drove a hand to her
pussy with an audible slap.  Before she really got going, I
skewered the other side of her areola and drove the needle into the
table.  The next two needles made her hiss as they pierced her
areola and drove into the wood.  I saved the best for last,
slowly pressing it through her nipple, wiggling it a bit until she
squealed, then pushed it down hard.

Tears ran down
her cheeks, but her fingers were winning the battle.  With the
tips of her boobs pinned to the board like butterflies, I decided
to improvise.  “Now, I’m gonna modify the script some

She was just
catching her breath when I reached beneath the table and hooked her
like a bowling ball, driving my two middle fingers into her cunt
and grinding my thumb into her clit.  She was dripping wet,
and her clit was hard as a rock.

Harder than
I’d ever felt it.


I knew that
Cecilia wasn’t a particularly religious woman, so I took it as a
compliment.  Then I pulled her backward by her pussy and
stretched her tits out by the needles.  When she gasped, I
laughed, grinding my thumb in a circle while I wiggled my
fingers.   I could tell by the way she was rolling her
hips, pressing against my hand, that she was close to coming.

In fact, she
was even pulling herself back harder, deliberately torturing her
nipples even more.  I looked at her stretched tits.  The
little dots of blood were starting to flow.  My dick beat like
a tom-tom, and fucking was beginning to be foremost in my

I listened for
that little moan—the one she always let out just before she
came.  When it came, I stopped.  She screamed again, this
time in frustration.  I caught her hand before she could get
back to her pussy and leaned over her, pinning it with the other
one by the wrists to the table.  She remembered several pet
names and conveniently screamed them into my face.

I just laughed
and nibbled at her ear.  “Time to get back to the script.”


‘please.’”  Boy was I enjoying myself.


“OK.”  I
yanked two of the needles from the top of her right tit.  She
screamed again and fought to get her hands free.



I yanked
another needle from her right tit at the same time as I yanked two
from the left.  Her reaction echoed down the hall.



This time, I
pressed down on one of the nipple needles while I pulled out the
last one from the top.

damn!  OK, Please!”

droplets of blood were oozing from the tops of her tits and blood
was trickling from the three holes in each of their tips.  Now
my dick was really tingling.  I left her with her nipples
pinned and crawled under the table.

“Gary, make
sure you get this.”

Then I pressed
my face up between thighs that spread like magic, and snagged her
clit with my teeth.  A half second later, I was beating on it
with the tip of my tongue, using her butt cheeks as handholds to
keep her still.  I could hardly hear with her thighs clutching
my head.  Breathing was coming close to being optional, but I
had a plan.

It wasn’t long
before I heard her cries through my thigh ear muffs.  From the
way she rocked, I knew I’d accomplished my goal.  She’d lost
control and actually torn the needles free from the table.  If
Gary didn’t get some really kick ass video of that, I swore to
myself I’d kick his ass.

After another
minute of licking her ‘til she slumped, I backed out from under her
and wiped my face on my sleeve.  “Gary, you’d better

shit, Jeff.  This’ll be worth a fuckin’ mint!”

“Well, keep
filmin’, dude.  We’re not done.”

I started
snagging needles from her nipples.  A couple of them took some
elbow grease and a fair amount of nipple crushing.  She hardly
seemed to notice.  Of course, she hadn’t stopped breathing
hard from the orgasm yet.

By the time I
was done, her nipples and areolae had six really obvious holes, and
blood was trickling through the hard crevices.

You couldn’t
tell from her smile that they’d just been swiss-cheesed.  “OK,
you’ve redeemed yourself.”

“Good, ‘cause
we’ve still got another set to…”

Her fingers
closed around my balls before I could finish, and my zipper was
down before she’d pulled me all the way to her.  I barely saw
her grinning as I closed my eyes, and hardly heard her talk as her
fingernails scored my sac and then she crushed my cock between her

“No, Gary,
this isn’t in the script, but you’d better fucking get it

“Oh, hell’am!”

Gary got it,
all right, and so did I.  But, taking the video couldn't have
been nearly as hot for Gary as having Cecilia sink her fingers into
her tits and crush my cock between them was for me.  I mean,
she had to have left bruises, ‘cause I’d never had my dick crushed
between a pair of tits quite like that before.  And, I’d never
sprayed a woman’s chin that way either.

After I wiped
us off, she left to take a powder before we started the next
set.  By then I’d decided that, since we’d already busted the
script, I’d have some real fun with her.  Now that I knew she
got off on having her tits tortured, it was my turn.




 She took
thirty before she decided to grace us with her presence
again.  During that time, I’d hauled one of the old chrome
dinette chairs from the building’s break room.  It, and its
cracked yellow padding, were waiting for her when she finally got
back.  She eyed the chair for a second then spread her legs
and plopped down on it.  She let me handcuff her arms to the
chrome-plated uprights between the seat and back and strap her
ankles to the rust-dotted legs.

Once I was
certain she wasn’t going anywhere, I knelt in front of her. 
Her tits were just inches from my face.  The poke marks red
and inflamed, especially in her puckered nipples.  Just as fun
were the purpling bruises that would have perfectly matched the
span of her fingers on the outsides of each breast.  Thanks to
those bruises, my cock was mostly flaccid and sex wasn’t driving my
every thought.  Testing her limits was.

“So, Cecilia,
what happens if we don't shoot the entire thing?  Do you get

She raised her
left eyebrow.  “Why do you ask?”

“Well, I was
thinking of changing the script some more.  I’m sure
your…employer will like what I have in mind.  We’ll just have
to see if you do.”

She opened her
mouth to bitch.  I can always tell.  I cut her off before
she could.

“Or, we could
leave you for the security guards to find...handcuffed, naked, with
more needles in your nipples or something.”

“You’re an
ungrateful bastard!”

I glared pointedly at her tits.  “No.  I’m

 grateful bastard.  So, what’ll it

“It’s not like
I have much choice.”

That wasn’t
quite the answer I expected.  But her words, and her
sultrier-than-expected tone, told me one of two things. 
Either she liked the idea despite herself, or she had some idea
about getting even that’d make me regret being born.

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