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True Desires

True Desires

By T.K. Holt

Copyright 2014 T.K. Holt


True Desires Copyright © 2014 T.K. Holt

Edited by Tracy Roelle

Cover Art by T.K. Holt

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.


This story was inspired by what I call an “author challenge.” Being an author of several genres, I questioned myself, the faith of my readers, and several fellow authors if I had what it takes to write a BDSM story and they all said the same thing. “DO IT!” So I did. In honor of, and sending special thanks to all who encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and take a chance on something new, True Desires is dedicated to you.

As always, very special thanks goes out to all who assisted in the development of this story, my beta readers, Angie and Michelle, my editor Tracy Roelle, my formatter Colette Stone, and the never-ending support of my family and close friends.

Writing adds excitement to my life and truly gives me something to be proud of. The fact that so many of you read and support what I do says that the hard work it takes to put out these books is appreciated, and in return, I appreciate you.


“As long as you keep reading, I’ll keep writing.”

-T.K. Holt

Chapter One

“Officer Paxton. We need you to respond to a 459A at 500 North Hazel Street.” The police scanner blared as Fabian cruised along the quiet streets of Chicago, Illinois. “10-4, Officers Paxton and Thomas responding.” He turned to his partner, Orlando, who just shook his head.

“There was no way we were going to go an entire night without something happening. It was just too damn quiet.” Orlando was the laid back one of the two. He preferred a nice, quiet shift where he had to do as little work as possible. He turned on the siren and held on tight. Fabian drove like a bat out of hell when responding to a call. Fabian passed the driving portion of the police test with flying colors, Orlando never argued when his partner offered to drive. He was honored to have him behind the wheel of any patrol car he had to ride in all night.

The two had been best friends in high school, college and the police academy. It was only fitting that they watched each other’s backs as partners on the police force. Orlando stood at six feet-five inches tall, light grey eyes with a solid athletic build. As the top scoring point guard in school, and the only black kid on the team, Orlando just knew that his friend would accept the basketball scholarships he was offered. To Fabian’s surprise Orlando tagged along with him to the police academy instead. They vowed to watch one another’s back just as they had as kids. Fabian always made fun of Orlando; he was not only African American, but he was mixed with Irish, Indian, and a pinch of Caucasian. If he let his hair grow long he would blend right in with the white kids.

Screeching to a stop at the reported address that was being burglarized, they jumped out of the vehicle and approached the house. Calling for backup, they did not know what to expect and did not want to be caught out-numbered or out-gunned. There was no way to tell whether or not the assailants were still in the house, but the security alarm was still going off from inside. Turning to Orlando, Fabian gave him the signal to go around the back while he approached the front just in case the robber was still in the house and tried to make a break for it. Fabian stood at six feet even but would stand back to back or side by side with his partner who towered over him. His lean build made him faster and more agile than his bulkier friend. With his long black hair pulled back into a ponytail, Orlando always made fun of him, calling him “the dark-haired Fabio.” Fabian had Indian roots that gave his skin a bronzed caramel complexion and silky smooth hair.

Orlando made his way around the side of the house and peeked through the parted drapes. There was no sign of the intruder or of the residents who owned the home. Stepping as lightly as he could, he walked up on the back patio and stood by the back door. “Side and back of the house is clear. No sight of the burglar or residents. There is no sign of forced entry.” Fabian took his partner’s information into consideration as he knocked on the door and announced their presence. “Hello! Anyone home? Chicago PD, open up.” Listening for any sign of struggle or attempt to escape, he heard a muffled scream from inside the house. Cluing his partner in, he told him he was going to make a move into the house and for him to stay put until he called. Just as he was about to kick in the front door, the backup they requested pulled up with only the police lights flashing, no sirens. “There was a noise from inside the house. I think there might be a resident inside unable to respond. I’m going in.” Fabian told the other officers over the radio.

The officers from the second squad car quietly approached the front of the house to cover Fabian while he went in. Guns and flash lights drawn, ready for action, they moved forward.
The frame around the door cracked and buckled against the force of his size twelve boot. “POLICE! Anyone here?” Standing back, he surveyed the inside of the house for any sudden movement before he entered. Moving forward, he cleared the front entry way, the living room, and dining room and then made his way towards the stairs while the other two officers checked the rest of the bottom level of the spacious house. Most of the lights were out in the lower level of the home. A phone was ringing in the kitchen just as the dispatcher radioed to check on the status of the call.

“Officer Paxton and Thomas along with Charles and Green are on the scene.” Just as Fabian heard the police dispatcher relaying the message to the dispatcher of the Security Company over the phone, he heard the muffled cry again. The alarm was shut off from the respond center. “I hear something upstairs. I’m going up.” Orlando still stood guard at the back door awaiting instructions from his fellow officers on the inside.

Fabian had his gun still drawn when he proceeded up the stairs in search of the voice he heard. After clearing the first bedroom, he moved down the hall, checked the bathroom and then moved on through the house. Fabian spotted a dim light showing through a crack in a door at the end of the hall, which must have been where the noises were coming from. Pushing the door open, he found a half naked woman handcuffed and gagged, sprawled out on the bed. Wearing a skimpy nightie, she twisted and turned, trying to free herself of her confines.

“Chicago P.D., Ma’am, I’m here to help you.” Holstering his gun, he walked over to the bed to release the terrified woman. He could not help but let his eyes linger up and down her body. Her cleavage was overflowing from the top of the pink v-neck chemise. The matching pink thong she wore covered only the crest between her thighs, held up by two tiny strings around her waist. He was used to walking into all kinds of situations after his long years of being employed as a cop, but the sight of this sexy woman restrained to the bed did something to him
he was not expecting. Brushing her long black hair away from her face, he removed the gag to question her and to assure himself she was unharmed.

“What’s your name?” The woman looked up at him with relief in her big brown eyes. “Sara Daniels.” He nodded as he confirmed she was the homeowner. The dispatcher had released her name after making contact with the people from the Security Company. “What happened here?” As an officer of the law, he was taught never to assume the facts in a situation. What appeared to be might not be the situation at all. It was better to get all the details of a situation and then put the rest of the pieces to the puzzle together.

“Some man broke into my house while I was in the shower. When I came out of the bathroom, he grabbed me.” Observing her emotions and reaction to his questions, he wanted to be sure she was telling him the truth.

“Do you know if the burglar is still in the house?” He released her wrists from the cuffs, checking her for injuries or bruising. “N-No. He jumped out the window after restraining me to the bed.”

“The house is clear. I have Ms. Daniels upstairs with me. She’s shook-up, but she is unharmed.” He radioed to the others the current status of the only resident he had come across. Pulling the blanket up over her body, he covered her before the other officers had the chance to enter the bedroom to find her in her unmentionables. Not to mention to keep his own mind from wandering and to stop the stirring in his uniform pants.

“Ummm…Ok. Ms. Daniels do you know how he gained access to your home?” Rubbing her wrist to ease the soreness from the cuffs, she shook her head. “I have no idea. I came out of the bathroom and he grabbed me and tossed me onto the bed. He told me not to scream while he
was handcuffing me to the bedpost and gagging me.” There was a master bathroom right behind him in the bedroom. The assailant must have gained access to the house while she was in the shower and more than likely through the same window he jumped out of. He probably assumed he could get in and get out while she was in the shower.

Orlando rounded the corner and entered the room. “Ms. Daniels, do you live alone?” The deep tone of Orlando’s voice echoed through the quiet room.

“Yes.” Looking around, Fabian noticed there wasn’t much of a mess. Whatever the thief was looking for, he must have either known where to find it, or he did not have much time to search. The drawers to her night stand were left open, along with a couple of drawers on her dresser. Some of the contents were tossed on the floor. “When did the alarm go off, Ms. Daniels?” He surveyed the room for broken glass or any sign of a struggle to figure out exactly how all of this came into play.

“There is a panel on the wall in the bathroom. When I opened the door and saw him standing there, I tried to run back inside the bathroom before he grabbed me. I was barely able to reach the panic button before he tossed me onto the bed. He tied me up and then climbed out the window. I guess he was keeping me from preventing him from escaping,” Sara explained.

“Can you tell us what he looked like and what he was wearing, Ma’am?” Fabian needed to get a description of the assailant to put out a search for him. Maybe they could get lucky while searching the neighborhood. They could also give the neighbors a heads up to be on alert if they saw him. Sara gave them all the information she could remember about the man who had broken into her house. She said that for the life of her, she could not think of what he might have been looking for. She got out of the bed, put on a robe and checked around for anything that could have been missing. She was obviously unaware of both his and Orlando’s wandering eyes, probably still shaken from the previous occurrences. There was nothing stolen that she could see. Perhaps he was just some bum hoping to find some stashed money or credit cards.

Fabian gave the other two officers the description of the burglar, they set out to search the surrounding area. After closing out their questioning and taking a written report from Ms. Daniels, the officers searched the house one last time and told her they would be in contact. They reminded her to close and lock all of her doors and windows and to arm her alarm system as soon as they left. They headed back to the police department to fill out paper work and head home for the night. Courtney, Fabian’s girlfriend, was at home waiting for him. She had excused him for going in on her birthday weekend, but if he was late she would kick his ass.

Chapter Two

Teaching summer school classes was not an option for Courtney this year. It had been so long since she had the chance to enjoy the summer. She and Fabian had not had much time to spend together during the school year, and with him previously working the night shift, they had hardly had the chance to see each other during the work week. She was so thankful he was finally able to change shifts, and she was not forced to work during the summer. They planned to do something special this year for her birthday.

Her birthday was on Sunday but Fabian had promised her that the whole weekend would be dedicated to doing whatever she wanted. He took off work and told her to be prepared to have the most memorable birthday of her life. When she got home from shopping, she started dinner and waited for him to get home from work. Fabian made no mention of special plans, so she continued on with her normal routine. But she did have some plans of her own in the works, and if he did not hurry home she was going to start the fun without him.

After a hot bubble bath, she lotioned up in one of his favorite fragrances; warm vanilla and lavender. Picking up the Frederick’s of Hollywood bag she brought home from her favorite lingerie store, she pulled out the tiny purple teddy she purchased to surprise him with and slowly slipped it on her body. Checking out her hotness in the mirror, she blew herself a kiss and strolled over to the candles on the dresser and nightstand to light them. She turned on some soft music and then checked the time.
He should be home any minute now.
Giving the teddy one final tug, she adjusted everything to make sure it was in place.

For a petite woman she had big boobs and full hips. It was her waist that was tiny in diameter. Five feet-seven inches tall, she had toned legs and arms. Aside from teaching, she
spent a lot of her free time at the gym while Fabian was working. Her green eyes were the color of emeralds that complemented the golden shade of her bleached blonde hair. She and Fabian had talked about children, who he hoped would turn out to favor her more than him. She would not mind which one they favored; she promised to love them just the same. One boy for her, and he wants a boy and a girl. They agreed to meet somewhere in the middle.

Just as she slid back onto the bed, she heard the front door open and close.
My baby is home.
“Where is my beautiful birthday girl?” She heard him shout out. “Up here, baby.” The thought of having dinner first crossed her mind, but she quickly decided on dessert instead. She jumped from the bed, ran to the mirror and checked herself out one last time before she had the chance to show off her lusciousness to her hopefully stunned boyfriend of three years. So used to being conservative all the time, she had her hair pinned up into a bun.
What the hell am I thinking?
She pulled out the pins and let her hair fall down around her face. Fluffing and flicking her wavy hair over her shoulder, she puckered her lips and then smiled.
Much better!

“Well hello!” Fabian startled her, standing in the doorway of their bedroom gawking.

“Hello yourself.” She smiled and purred in the sexiest tone she could conjure.

“I thought it was your birthday, not mine. What did I do to deserve such a treat?” Fabian gave her a look she had not seen in his eyes in a very long time.

Her little surprise was working. “Well, I just thought since you were so kind to take the weekend off to spend with little ole me that I would get it kicked off with a little something special for you.” Fabian groaned when she did a sexy turn to show off the front, back and sides of the lace negligee. Her eyes slowly trailed along his body, taking in his real reaction to her sultry appearance. No matter how many times she saw that man in his uniform it always turned her on. The raging bulge in his pants did not help matters much.

Her eyes finally noticed the bags in his hands. The expression on her face must have lit up like a Christmas tree. “For me?” She squealed. He got a sly grin on his face that said he was up to no good.

“For us! I thought we could spice things up for a change.”

Not sure what that meant, she turned and sauntered over to the bed and lay down. “Well, then show me what you got.”

Fabian set the bags down next to the bed and began to strip himself of his gear. The vest hit the floor, sounding like a ton of bricks. The belt went next. Kicking off his boots, he looked at her and smiled as she watched his every move with a wanting stare. When he got to his pants, he did a little roll of his hips to tease her as she looked on with a heated stare. “Woooo!” She cheered him on. He turned his back to her and wiggled his tight ass as his pants slid down his thighs. “Shake it baby, shake it!” The heat between her thighs radiated at an increasing level. She could not wait to sink her teeth into that man. Finally down to his fitted boxer briefs, he dug through the shopping bags and started retrieving the contents one by one.

“Is that a blindfold?” With no idea what to expect to come out of that bag, she did not think a blindfold was going to be one of them. She had issues with being unaware of her surroundings. Her heart raced with every item he pulled out of the bag. Without noticing she was doing it, she was sliding further away from him across the bed. “Trust me, birthday girl. You’re going to like it.” Shaking her head, she did not like where any of this was going. A blindfold, paddle, anal beads, and to top it all off he pulled his handcuffs from his belt on the floor.

“What do you think you are going to do with those?” Sheer panic and concern lined her voice. He must have lost his mind if he really thought she was going to allow him to use any of those items on her. Birthday or not.

“Be spontaneous with me for once. Please? For me?” The innocent look on his face was so hard to resist; she gave it a second thought.

“What sparked this sudden surge of random freak fetish?” She probably should not want to know, but she was, in all honesty, very curious. This was a first for them, and he had never shown any sign of wanting to try something on this level. It was probably that damn Orlando’s doing. His friend was always filling Fabian’s head with kinky shit he had been trying and suggesting they try them too.

“I told you; I just feel like being spontaneous.” Fabian shrugged it off like it was nothing. Horrid memories drifted back slowly, things from her past that she never shared with Fabian. She tried her best not to freak out when he expressed his determination to attempt to take their sexual exploration to another level. If he knew what she had been through, he might not be suggesting this now, but because she kept that haunting part of her childhood a secret from him, she was now forcing herself to give him what he wanted.

“Ok, just this once but if I say stop, you better stop.” An unconvincing grin stretched across her face and it disappeared. From the way Fabian was looking at her, she could tell he was starting to be unsure about continuing on this venture, but she sensed he really wanted to give it a try. So for him, she would.

“Just lay back. You do trust me, don’t you?” She listened to the sensual tone of his voice and let it take her to that place she was hoping they would both go soon. Little did he know, she
did not trust anyone when it came down to taking away her freedom to move her arms, legs or to even see what was going to be lodged in her ass. Normal sexual exploits was something she was comfortable with. Anything extra was just freaky, and freaky she was not. “I love you, but it’s hard to tell if I can trust this new you. I don’t know who you are tonight,” Courtney confessed. Fabian just smiled.

She laid back and closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath she willed her bad memories to let her live a little. She had always wondered what it would be like to be handcuffed to the bed and fucked until she screamed for mercy. Tonight was that night. The sound of the cuffs sent a chill down her spine. Uncontrollable shivering started all over her body, but Fabian did not let up. He gripped her hands and pulled her arms over her head. As he locked her wrists to the cast iron headboard with the cuffs, she felt her chest begin to tighten with fear, but her pussy began to drip with need. The side of the bed gave under his weight as he kneeled over her body to put the blindfold over her eyes. “Just relax, baby. I’ve got you. I will never hurt you or do anything you don’t want me to.” His soft whisper in her ear sent a pulse through her nipples, forcing them to harden instantly.

Focus on him and you will be ok.
Her thoughts were divided. On one hand she was enjoying the newness of this sexual experience, but on the other hand she did not like being helpless to his whim. Soft kisses started on her lips; his tongue grazed them, and moved along her jaw line. The erection, she longed to feel thrust deep inside her, pressed against her belly as he made his way down her body. She giggled at the feel of his face brushing against her neck and his lips kissing her shoulder and chest. Her back arched up, requesting attention to her swelling breast. The metal of the cuffs clanked against the hard frame of the bed as she attempted to reach out for him.

Trapped in the darkness of the blindfold, she could only be subjected to feeling, sounds, and scents. Fabian was good at moving in silence, it was all a part of his cop training. She could smell his musky scent from a hard day’s work, and longed to touch his skin. The end of what she assumed was his long ponytail tickled her skin as he trailed kisses from her face to just below her belly button. Her inner thighs were creamy, but her heart was still racing. She wanted so badly to ask to be released, but she was still trying to be strong for him and this fantasy of his.
Courtney, you can do this. Be strong. Just relax. You might actually like it.
A soft moan escaped her before she even realized what was happening to her. Fabian was kissing her nether lips through the thin lace covering her soaked pussy. Spreading her legs further, she gave him better access to finish his dessert.

His fingers slid under the fabric and moved it to the side. A cool breeze grazed her swollen pearl. Instantly, a warm sensation replaced it when his lips captured her throbbing bud, trapping and torturing it with his tongue. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his body, pulling him in close to her. His tongue dipped into her channel, sending a bolt of electricity straight to her core. Back arched, hips bucking, she rocked against his hot mouth, searching for the orgasm she felt creeping to the surface. She felt Fabian wrap his hands around her hips, holding her in place. “Not so fast, birthday girl. Let me please you. I want to take my time.” The sound of Fabian’s manly growl reached her ears, making her pussy drip even more.

His tongue made long, slow strokes against her tiny bunch of nerves. Kiss after kiss was placed sporadically around her pussy and along her inner thighs. He was teasing her now, taking it way too slow. She was hot and ready to come all over his face, but he was holding back and making her suffer. “Stop teasing me. I need to come.” Her frustration was about to erupt and was going to drag her fears back to the surface along with it. He had no idea what he was doing to her, but he was about to ruin the entire night.

“Be patient. We have all night.”
The hell they did!
His hands caressed the soft skin around her thighs, up her sides and stopped at her heaving breast. Strong finger tips rubbed against the lace material separating her nipples from his gentle touch.

Courtney felt him fisting the delicate material and then releasing her sensitive breasts from the confines of the supporting cups of the lingerie. His hands cupped her full mounds. She moaned and pressed her boobs into the palms of his massaging hands as his mouth continued to ravage her center folds. Her head thrashed back and forth just as her orgasm unleashed an explosive sensation throughout her entire body. The blindfold slipped off, freeing her from her prison of darkness and terror.

Looking down into his lust-filled brown eyes, she quivered against his lips when he glanced up at her and winked. Pulling at the cold metal restraints, she wanted so badly to bury her hands in the long strands of his hair and rock her body against his face to a second ecstasy. The steel dug into her wrists as she pulled at the cuffs again. She whimpered and moaned when he pulled her closer to thrust his tongue deeper into her tight channel. The orgasm subsided, leaving her body covered in tiny droplets of sweat. Her head crashed against the pillow. Fabian lifted her legs, pushing them back and spreading her wide.

“Someone is peeking.” He taunted her.

“I enjoy watching you,” she purred, trying to ignore the irritation generating from her wrist.

“I have something else for you.” She peeped between her breasts, trying to see what he was up to next, but she had no luck. The only thing that gave her a hint was a cold sensation rubbing against her puckered hole. A cool liquid glazed her back door. Jumping from the chill of what she assumed was lube, she took another deep breath and braced herself for what was to come. She wanted to protest him going anywhere near her ass, but in her current state there was really nothing she could do about it.

“Are you ready?” His sultry voice crooned.
Not really.
Something hard and round in shape pressed gently against her taut hole.

“I’m not sure,” she replied when her curiosity took over. Anal play was not on her list of favorites. She was a conservative lover with a lot of restrictions. Totally surprised at herself that she had let him get this far, she sighed and tried to relax.

The first bead was inserted, followed by two more. The sensation was different, but pleasing. Strangely enough, her pussy started to react. “Do you like that?” Fabian gently tugged on the beads, not hard enough to free them from their tight capture but to stimulate her filled entrance. Using his free hand, he slid two fingers into her pussy, working both holes simultaneously. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her mind was now at ease and her body was fully responsive. She could not muster an answer to his question for she found herself tongue-tied and stammering. Her second orgasm built up like a rumbling thunder. “Holy Shit!” She screamed out the moment his lips met her protruding clit, sending her flying high over cloud nine.

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