To Please a Lady (6 page)

“Oh, so good.” Hermione’s voice was slurred and satisfied. “You, gentlemen, were magnificent. I salute you.”

Berry laughed. “As I believe our cocks did you.”

Hermione’s laugh was throaty and sent messages of excitement to his groin. “Oh, so true. I believe I am sated more than I thought ever possible. Gentlemen, on a serious note, I thank you for our mutual gratification. Now…”

Berry heard her voice tail off and wondered,
What? Why did she stop speaking?
He looked and saw the sadness in her eyes and knew she was about to disappoint them. In that supposition he was

“Now, gentlemen.” Her voice wavered and then became stronger, more resolute. “I feel now it is time for you to take your leave. I have much to ponder and very little time to do so.”

Ran sounded incredulous. “You are dismissing us? Now? After we have reached such heights of ecstasy as to have never been imagined or surpassed?” Berry stretched a warming hand toward him. Had it already not been proven that to push Hermione was to hit a wall so high and hard it was nigh on impossible to circumnavigate?

“I fear so, my lords. Tomorrow—nay, my pardon, today—is to be a momentous occasion, and I need to sleep in preparation. Therefore, I beg your indulgence and bid you goodnight.”

How could anyone lying arse-naked between her two lovers sound so resolute?
Berry looked down her magnificent and naked body from her pussy hidden in its curls where he so recently was welcomed, to her breasts, nipples still peaked, and her oh-so-inviting and determined mouth. She was much too important to risk losing.

“Your word is our command, my love. If you will give us but one moment to recover. For truly, after a magnificent lovemaking such as we just experienced, walking is not something I would wish to undertake and cannot guarantee any measure of success until my limbs have stopped trembling. Then I will bid you farewell until the morrow.” He glared at Ran, a look so full of purpose that Ran paled.

“And I,” Berry heard him say, though not in a tone to indicate delight.

“I thank you, gentlemen.” Her tone indicated none of her pleasure at their acquiescence; she was surely toying with them.
Let her have her thoughts of winning for of a surety they would be short-lived.

Slowly and stiffly Berry stood and went to the ewer, neatly hidden behind an ornate screen. After briskly washing himself—for the water was no longer warm—he lifted a soft cloth and returned to the bed from where Ran had moved and was obviously waiting for Berry to return before he took his place at the ewer. Berry looked at both his lovers.

“Wish you I wipe the evidence of our proclivities from you or wish you do it yourself?” He spoke to Hermione, who regarded him lazily.

“Generally, my lord, ‘twould be my pleasure to submit to your ministrations; however, this time, I will minister to myself after I have bid you farewell. Until eleven?”

He held back his laughter as Ran shook his head and with a muttered oath, disappeared behind the screen. Instead he merely nodded, dropped the cloth on the bedside cabinet, and began to dress in britches and shirt, his cravat still loose around his neck. Hermione lay supine; he felt her gaze follow his and Ran’s every move.
Not unaffected or disinterested then, just determined to do things her way.
Well, he would allow her that—for now.

He saw her move uneasily as he continued to regard her, his gaze unwavering. As he knew, that specific, steady gaze was particularly unsettling to the one on the receiving end. She cleared her throat, and he stifled his smile. If she wished to converse, hers would be the first word. Behind him, he could hear Ran, temper restored to its normal, steady level, whistling. Still he regarded her, unblinking.

Ran appeared in his peripheral vision and by his demeanor, recognized the power play taking place and retired from the ring to dress—
and perchance watch?
Still Berry stood silent, contemplating the woman before him. Eventually it seemed she could stay quiet any longer.

“I, er, well, my lords, I think the correct response is I thank you for your attention. As I do. And will be pleased to ride in the park at eleven. But, truly, I am fatigued and need to sleep.”

“Of course, my dear.” He moved and lifting her hand, drew it to his lips. After the conventional kiss, he turned to her wrist and sucked, seeing his mark with satisfaction. “We will be pleased to call on you at the chosen hour.” He moved back to allow Ran, now dressed, to mark the other wrist before taking his leave and withdrawing from the chamber, Ran close behind.

“She is playing with us.” Ran all but exploded as they retraced their earlier steps along the mews. “She was sated, gloriously so, and now she bids us leave like recalcitrant children. It is too much.”

“Or not enough? Ran, my love, exert the patience you are famous for. Allow her to have the upper hand in this matter. For there will be few such occasions in the future, that I can confidently predict.”

“I feel I will be old and gray before I understand women.” In the pale light of early dawn, he saw Ran shake his head. “She enjoys us apart, seemingly enjoys us together. Therefore, why procrastinate? It is my urgent desire to be buried inside that sweet cunt and feel you deep and hard inside my arse. My cock is quivering even now at the thought of it. Why deny us this, and more, when it is something we each covet? Women.”

Berry laughed. “Not all women, my love, our woman. Remember that. She wishes to appear to be in control of her—and our—destiny. We pushed; she pushed back. If we had demanded, she would have refused to comply, even though we know her utmost desire is to feel us in both cunt and arse together. We would not now be staff-stiff and wanting, if it was not so. The chase is all the more sweet when the honey is waiting at the end.” After a swift glance along the deserted mews, he moved suddenly and pinned Ran to a wall. Deep in the shadows now, he had Ran’s cock out and into his hands before either drew breath.

“Now,” he commanded.” Now come in my mouth as I suck you.” So saying his mouth closed around Ran’s rock-hard cock, and he suited actions to words. Ran obeyed almost immediately, his indrawn breath and shivers the only outward sign of completion. On many an occasion, a quick, silent trysting had been their only way to achieve sexual satisfaction, and each were masters at it. Berry stood, swallowed the last of his lover’s cum, and watched as Ran neatened himself.

“For old time’s sake.” He kissed him hard, allowing the taste of Ran’s cum to transfer to Ran, who returned the kiss with satisfaction.

“Do you wish?” Ran gestured toward Berry’s straining cock

Berry laughed softly. “Do I ever not wish so? Nevertheless, I must decline at this moment.” He saw Ran stiffen and knew he had also heard the measured steps of the watch as they moved along the mews toward the gate they had exited earlier. With one unspoken, mutual decision, the gate was ignored, and they walked toward the mews’ end and then into the street—two gentlemen returning home together, seemingly from a night of excesses.

He saw the watch regard them warily, then relax as he realized they were not young bucks ready for mischief.

“Night, gentlemen.” Both returned the salutation. At the steps leading to the door of Ran’s establishment, they stopped and shook hands, their own special handshake, that gave promise of strength and excitement.

“I will call for you at ten thirty.” Berry smiled as he took his leave. “My phaeton?”

Ran nodded and watched his retreating back, waiting until his friend and lover entered the townhouse adjacent to his before opening his own front door.

Why had life become so complicated? He wondered, as he climbed the stairs to his bedchamber. Well-acquainted with the art of being rested and alert on little sleep, he knew this night he would need to bring all his powers into play to achieve such relaxation. With a mental shrug, Ran entered his bedchamber. With only a brief, wistful thought of the waste of such a large and intriguing bed when only he was in it, he stripped and fell onto said bed, to sleep deeply and dreamlessly until awakened by his valet.




He supposed three hours’ sleep was better than nothing; indeed he had functioned admirably on less, and for night after night at that. However, his third bungled attempt at tying his cravat caused his valet to look at him anxiously.

“I know, Hockling. I know I am bumble-fingered this morning. Blame the Earl of Langlosh. ‘Tis his fault for keeping me up.” And how, he thought! “We were out and about until the early hours. I fear I am getting too old for such activities
.” For in truth, I hope not to be out and about, but in and, well,
from now on.
“Ah, I am ready for my coat now. Thank you.” He was assisted into a dark blue jacket of superfine wool and studied his reflection in the mirror. It would do.

He walked the stairs at a leisurely pace. No one, except Hockling who had been part of his household for many years and nursed him through many wounds unexplained and unmentioned, would have thought this easygoing, languid, elegant gentleman could move at any pace other than slow and, if necessary kill without blinking an eye or breaking a sweat.

As he reached the entrance hall, Dorris, his austere major-domo, was admitting an equally elegant Berry who, as customary, was dressed all in his signature gray.

“My Lord, the Earl of Langlosh.” Dorris bowed to them both and withdrew.

“The horses are waiting if you are ready?”

He nodded, and as if by magic, Dorris appeared to hold open the impressive oak door for them to pass into the sunlight. Outside, Nicholls, Berry’s young and eager tiger, was talking softly to two perfectly matched gray high steppers.

“Fine as trivets, m’lud,” he said cheerfully, his bright Cockney accent loud in the quiet square.

“Thank you. I will not need you.” The lad’s face fell. “Go back to the stables and tell Mr. Hammond you are to exercise Star for me.” The face changed to one of pleasure.

“High treat, I presume?” Ran inquired as he took his seat next to Berry.

“A good lad with a light and steady hand. He will be head groom one day, I believe. Now, are you ready?”

“As ever I will be,” he said. “Although I confess to a certain amount of trepidation.”

Berry glanced at him as he maneuvered the horses away from the square and into the busy street. “Why? She wishes us both; why have a worry? It will change things only for the better. We will still have time to fuck and enjoy each other, as well as individually or together with Hermione. And I confess the idea of any one of us as voyeur both pleases and excites me.”

Ran laughed as they turned into the square where Hermione lived. Backing on to their own square with only the mews separating the houses, it was convenient for any nocturnal activities they chose to undertake.

“As it does me. Shall I knock whist you hold the horses?” Ran inquired and at Berry’s nod, sprung down to apply the knocker to the door.

It was opened by yet another imposing major-domo. “Ah, Wardle, is your ladyship ready? Lady Missenden, that is? Lord Stray and I are escorting her to the park.”

“I’m here.” Hermione appeared behind Hammond, very elegant in a walking gown of palest lilac, her chip bonnet adorned with violets, her kid gloves the same pleasing hue. Ran bowed over her hand, ignoring the laughing sparkle he could see in her eyes. She passed by him to stop on the uppermost step and turned to look at him.

“Are you coming, my lord? Shall I wait for you?”

“Nay, my dear, always I shall await your pleasure.” He took her arm, holding it firmly as she began to giggle. Drat the woman; she would be the death of him. “As will Berry, I perceive.”

They reached the carriage, and he stood by to help her up.

“As I will, what?” Berry inquired. “Fight you to be the one to admire trim ankles and a shapely rear? Always.”

Hermione shook her head in an admonishing manner. “My lords, you are incorrigible.” She settled herself on the seat, and Ran pulled himself up to move her tight between his thighs and Berry’s. He noted she made no protest. Indeed if anything she moved slightly to rub against each one in turn. Minx!

“Well, Mione-mine.” Berry’s tone was light, as if the conversation was to be inconsequential, although he knew damn well it would not be. He and Berry had discussed at length who would articulate their ultimatum. Berry, ever the orator, was the natural choice. The phaeton lurched over the cobbles, and the movement interested his cock. This brought forth a thought.

“I wonder if Ivo Daranton ever had his circular track built?” he asked idly. To his surprise it was not Berry who answered, but Hermione, her eyes full of mischief.

“But, of course. It is splendid.”

The horses surged forward as Berry dropped his hands, and the reins loosened. “Damn.” He swiftly regained control.

“See what you have done?” Ran asked, laughter in his voice. “Never would anything usually unnerve Berry to such a degree that his cattle suffer. Or forget his thread. I, however, am not in charge of the vehicle and will put the question for both of us. What know you of Daranton’s track?”

Berry had turned into the park and was making his way along the track among many other carriages. “Not here,” he said. “This is no place for talk such as we need. I suggest we do our perambulation to save the tabbies from tongue wagging, and we repair to one of our houses. What say you?”

Ran nodded. “I feel it is in our best interests to do so.” He turned to look at Hermione, who smiled.

“Agreed, my lords.”

“So be it. Nevertheless, do not think for one minute, my dear, that I will forget you are still to answer my question.” Ran spoke lightly but recognized the hint of iron he had interjected into his tone. As did the other two, judging by the glances he was given.

The slow drive from one end of the park to the other and back was an important part of daily life during the season. Never one of his favorite pastimes, on this morning it was more than usually irksome. By the time they had made their addresses to the patronesses of the
who were out and about, well over the hour was passed, and both he and Berry were looking impatient. Finally the gate was once again accessed, and Berry tooled his pair through it and skillfully along the busy streets. One urchin, darting across the road in front of them, received a mild—for Berry—admonition to look where he was going. An itinerant pie seller received the same. Obviously Berry was tempering his responses owing to there being a lady present.

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