To Please a Lady (4 page)




The said female was frustrated and feeling somewhat disillusioned with her mite.

Hermione stirred, twisted, and turned under her bedclothes and wondered, for the one-hundredth time, why she had sent the men away. For surely she had wanted—nay,
—their ministrations. Therefore, why in Hades deny herself?
Admit it, you want the upper hand, to be in control at all moments. Therefore, you so denied yourself the chance to feel a hot, hard, pulsating cock in your cunt, perchance another in your arse. Your loss. Truly your loss.

She gave up on her dignity and moved her hands under the sheets to touch her clit. Oh goodness, she admonished herself, admit what it is you want and take charge. Nodding at her audacious plan, she decided to do as she wished. Swinging out of bed, she lit a candle and found her diaphanous over gown, scorning a night rail which would typically go underneath. She slipped it on and covered it with a warm pelisse. Dare she? Yes, she dare. The mews would be deserted, the necessary entrances available.

A swift perusal of the corridor and a decision to use her private, hidden staircase brought her into an unused, ground-floor cupboard in a mere minute. Giving thanks to her long-dead ancestor for his forethought, she exited alongside the garden wall, her presence concealed in the shadows it cast over the garden, before opening the gate and moving stealthily into the mews. In the nearby stables, a horse whinnied, answered by another, and yet another.
Damned cattle, could they not keep their greetings to themselves?
She would be undone, a social pariah, if her antics were discovered.

Hermione shrugged and laughed to herself. So be it; she was ready to be outrageous, to do as she desired, not as others dictated; therefore, time to walk along the mews, shielding her candle flame and counting the gates. At the fourth gate she stopped and tried the handle. There! It turned. She let her hand flow over the slippery surface and opened the door, moving swiftly into an enclosed courtyard, redolent of the scent of roses. Always this scent would remind her of Berry and Ran.

Berry had said, many times, his door would never be locked against her. Never had she believed him until now. However, true to his word, the door opened noiselessly at her touch. Pinned on the inside was a note. She laughed. Its simple message instructed, “Alight the stairs, turn to your right, enter the first chamber on your left. You will not be accosted. Your route is lit.” How lucky she had chosen Berry’s house and not that of Ran. Although, she mused judiciously, it was almost a certainty, if that had been the residence in use, a similar note would be found at that abode also. Her lovers would not leave anything to chance. Fleetingly she wondered what would have awaited her if she had chosen the wrong mansion—”Sorry, out of luck. Try again”?

The note was true to its word. As she climbed the tight, narrow staircase, sconces lit her way, their flickering light illuminating her silhouette on the walls, the shadows dancing as she moved, and the flames flared and fell. Finding she had reached the uppermost stair she looked to her right to see a door positioned there. Opening it, a corridor stretched ahead of her, and as promised, there was the door on the left. She let the door from the stair close seamlessly behind her and wiped suddenly damp palms on her skirt. So, this was it. Dare she? Could she? Was she prepared to release her indomitable control? She rather thought she was.

Taking a deep breath, Hermione straightened her attire and then, without further volition, walked to the door indicated and boldly opened it.

What she saw not only gave her pause for thought, an instant need to be fucked, and a view to be given such pleasure as could not be imagined, it also gave her a need to be possessed by the occupants of the room. Immediately, at that very moment, with no excuses accepted.



Chapter Three



No apology would be needed. As she viewed the tableaux unfolding in front of her, her juices flowed, her cunt clenched, and her clit begged for attention.

In pictorial glory, she saw her lovers entwined. No other word would suffice. Ran was spread on his back, his legs resting on Berry’s shoulder. From her stance near the door, she could see how Berry’s cock was held deep inside Ran’s arse, his hands nipping each nipple so proudly presented to him, and Ran’s hands hard on his own cock, moving to the rhythm of the pounding inside him.

“Well, my lords, I perceive my presence, my body, need not be in attendance for you both to achieve your release. Alas, my worry you were pining and unable to achieve satisfaction without a woman to at least voyeur you was all for naught. I was wrong, I ascertain, so very wrong, for I perceive you both managed perfectly without me. Therefore, I crave your indulgence to retire.” She gathered her skirts and went to remove from the room.

Before she was able to do so, she was caught from behind. Pressed tightly against a rigid cock, the throbbing hardness easily noticed through pelisse and over gown. Whoever held her captive must have experienced great pain with such a swift uncoupling. However, that was neither her problem nor her worry. Unaccountably hurt and not knowing why, for she knew they were lovers well before she became part of their lives, and had she not indeed spurned them earlier? Still, she pulled away, facing forward lest her distress show on her face.

Composing herself, she grasped the door handle and turned.

“My lords, you had no need to cease your amusements on my behalf. Forsooth if I so desired I would stay to watch. As I feel at this moment my attendance is superfluous, I bid you goodnight.” Proud of her composure, she dropped a deep curtsy and swept out.

How she found her way home, she knew not. Her eyes were blurred, her gait uneven. So many questions. Not least why had they let her leave? Why was she feeling so bereft? It was she who had rejected their advances, nor they hers. Why should they not take their pleasure as they were so inclined?

Why not indeed, she thought fiercely as she re-entered her bedchamber and threw her pelisse unheeded toward a straight-back chair and missed. She let it lie on the floor like a discarded toy.
I wanted them to realize what they were missing by their perfidy; how mistaken could a woman be?
She smiled ruefully. They were not culpable; she was.

Hermione pulled back the covers and laid down, her back to the door, and looked at the glowing embers of her fire. A bit like my arousal, she thought dismally; without being stoked, it is extinguishing, ember by ember. Angrily she brushed away a tear.
If you had not behaved like a spoiled child, had been complimented by their desire to show you the delights that could be yours rather than choosing to be disgruntled, you would now be sated, as would they be. And have a chance to make an informed choice regarding your future instead of now pondering the thought that you may have ruined your chance.

Briefly she relived the delicious feeling of that hard cock separating her buttocks, and she sighed. Well, if to eat crow was the way forward, eat crow she would, given the chance. With melancholy, she closed her eyes.




Ran rose off the bed and laid his hand on Berry’s shoulder. “Do we follow?”

Berry shook his head. “Not in this state of dress.” He looked at their naked bodies. “Otherwise I believe we must. Not to coerce or seduce, but to calm and placate, to soothe and pacify. Allay any fears she may have and erase any hurts.”

Ran nodded. He began to pull on his breeches, thankful for the small supply of clothes each stored in their lover’s residence.

“We seem to do nothing proper this eve.” He spoke his thoughts as he watched with regret as Berry’s glorious body was hidden from sight. “Perchance now is our opportunity to rectify that.”

“One can only hope.” Berry was fully clothed and looking at him with impatience. “Let us go and do penance.”

“We can only hope that she has not locked the door.” Ran once more spoke his thoughts out loud and heard Berry’s grunt of agreement. The mews were dark, neither had thought to take up a candle, and the moon on the wane and frequently masked by clouds, all of which was little help. Again Ran blessed their training and their ability to walk in stealth at night. No cat could have proceeded better. Hermione’s gate was located with ease.

Their luck did not desert them—the side door was unlocked. Ran thought Hermione in her haste had simply neglected to secure it. There was no way she would have left it unsecured to facilitate their entry. She would have more likely barred it had she realized they may follow. Not that any such action would hold them back more than the few seconds it would take to overcome the obstacle presented.

Swiftly, he led the way up the stairs and stealthily trod toward the door of her bedchamber, Berry following. Silently he turned the handle, and the door swung noiselessly inward.

He glanced at Berry, who understood, and walked toward the large, ornate bed, where Hermione lay, facing away from them and seemingly unaware of their presence. Rapidly Berry divested himself of his clothes and moved to lie behind her, a piece of cloth in his hands.

As his clothes followed those of Berry, Ran watched as she stiffened then relaxed, pushing back into Berry’s hardening cock. Ah, so a welcome this time?

“Ah, my lord, ‘tis good.” She began to turn to see her captor. Ran moved closer, until he was almost touching both Hermione and Berry.

“Oh no, this is not acceptable.” He spoke softly, his voice disguised. “You chose to come to us; you chose to leave. Now we choose to deny you the sense of sight. Or touch. Do you choose to allow us?” Another velvet tie was applied over her eyes. A soft kiss applied as had been earlier.

“We made no promises to deny ourselves the ecstasy to be with your body. Do not denigrate yourself here, my love. We may be your masters, but we are also your soul.”

Another soft cloth was wound around her hands, keeping them in her lap. Hermione felt no fear. These were her men and her destiny. She nodded. What answer would be proper to such an outrageous statement? None, she feared. However, she attempted. “If you be my masters, I am not your slave. No one rules or owns me, excepting my own self. If you cannot accept this, then I fear you cannot accept me.” Now wide awake and wanting, she waited. In truth, her pussy was so desirous of being petted and stroked.
If her bluff were to be called, she would crumple.

There was a silence. Unable to see, it could have been menacing. Instead, to her amazement it felt comforting and safe. Indeed, with these men she felt truly protected. Be that as she may, she would still not be subservient to any person, male or female.

The air around her moved, and she felt another body near.

“Tell me, what do you feel?”

“Physically? Very little as neither of you deign to come within my capacity to touch.” She giggled, then gasped as she felt the coverlet over her heated body removed and cool air drift over her. “Who can tell if the very little would change to something bigger if you did so?” She continued, trying to regulate her breathing as she was lifted to her feet, and one hard, large cock rubbed up and down the generous indentation between her cheeks, and another, equally hard and seemingly as large, thrust between her legs to tease. She was left in no doubt at all the little
change. Dramatically.

“Mentally? I feel hot, aroused, excited, and emotionally challenged. My cunt is on fire; even its own juices cannot quell the flames.” She paused, but no other speech was forthcoming. The only sounds in the room, apart from their breathing, were the soft rasps as two cocks teased and caressed her body.

“I concede, my lords, that at this moment, in this matter, you are in charge. I await your pleasures. Or is that pleasure one where your cocks meet? For of a surety, they do so between my legs.”

“All our pleasures, my love, all our pleasures. Our cocks today are here but to serve you, with your choice, to cease at any time, should you so desire. You furnish us with the word for desist, and we all remember it well.” The voice, low and sultry, whispered in her ear, promising such pleasure as to make her squirm. She was now, with all her senses attuned, able to recognize the voice as that of Berry.

Hermione pondered. She felt those two firm, hot male bodies move closer, but still she did not touch. Let her now be the tease.

She made the silence last. Unseeing, behind her velvet mask, she felt the impatience in each body pressed to her. Finally, she spoke. “Snuff.”

A hastily muffled laugh and a cough was the response. Then, “Your pardon, my love?”

“My safe word should I need it. Snuff.”

“So be it. ‘Snuff’ for each of us if we wish an activity to cease.” That, she now knew, was Ran.

She felt the binding at her hands loosen and fall free.

“We are now all able to touch and feel at our will.” Again Ran spoke.

Still she made no move to touch either one of her lovers. In truth, her nerves were stretched to their utmost, her body taut and ready to sing. Her excitement such that to participate in any unrequested movement would be calamitous in achieving any longevity in their pleasure.

Perhaps they realized this, for as she stood waiting for their gratification to begin, she felt herself turned and led toward…what? In her darkness she knew not what or where.

“Are you ready to experience pleasure, Hermione? Accepting our directions for our ultimate releases?”

She nodded.

“Speak so, my love, for we both wish to be sure.” Berry’s voice was husky with—she hoped—desire and expectation. “You have my oath we will do nothing untoward, nothing other than bring us all to culmination.”

“My oath also. This is to be mutual in all things.”

Hermione chuckled. “I wonder who will be blindfolded next. May I add my oath to yours? With the consideration that after tonight, I may not agree to us being three together? Even though it may mean I no longer may be one of two with either of you.”

“You wish to try the goods?” Berry was laughing. “My love, you have been well using them for an age.”

If she had not considered it a childish act, she would have stamped one dainty foot. “My lords, I may have been sampling the goods in any which way we considered enjoyable, but indeed only singularly, never together.” She spoke in a reasonable tone, determined to omit any hint of the excitement the occasion was causing. “How, until I sample the fare, will I indeed know if two cocks are better than one? Or if the adage
spoil the broth’ is true?”

She heard the shouts of appreciation from both men and felt herself being turned once more before a hand on her arm guided her to sit on a silken cover. The bed? She was predisposed to think so.

“Our broth will never be spoiled when all three mix it equally.” She was told as she felt the bed—for surely it was that—dip on either side of her, and her body was sandwiched snugly on both sides.

“Then let us cook. Who is to stir the mix first? Who has the ingredients? How know us the best order to add each to our recipe?” Hermione was lighthearted, lustful, and no longer leery. She heard two deep laughs and leaned herself toward a night of entertainment and discovery.

Berry spoke as he looked at her magnificent body, open and on display for him and Ran, the black velvet covering her eyes, the long hair flowing freely down her back, and her hands loosely at either side. “The first ingredient is to ask for your trust and ask you to use all other senses available to you to make up for your temporary loss of sight. ‘Twill be restored to you when we fuck, for we wish you to see all the joys we experience. But to experience the heightening pleasure we crave you to realize, we want nothing to encroach on your inner sense. Do you agree?”

She nodded. Berry knew his silent sigh of relief was mirrored by that of Ran.

“Oh, my lords, I do so agree…with one proviso.” Her voice was full of possibilities. “You remember and honor your promise, for I am so desirous to see us achieve our mutual release.”

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