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Authors: Serena Pettus

Tags: #Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifter

To Claim His Mate (16 page)

Erik is a lone wolf himself, but offers his help when an injury befalls the lovely she-wolf he discovers on his property. Attraction sparks and he soon realizes—much to his own surprise—that she is his destined mate.

Shortly after deciding to give the whole thing a trial run, their mutual attraction overwhelms them, but danger is still stalking her, and Erik is determined to find a way to keep her safe.

Now, can Erik convince Sarah that they belong together and tame her wilder side enough to claim her as his own?

To Protect His Mate
by Serena Pettus

Stephanie has had a rough year. After witnessing a murder and receiving numerous threats, she has moved to the small town of Hastings, only to discover that her newfound friends are a group of werewolves.

So much for getting back to a normal existence.

With the threats beginning anew, she must now make a choice. Does she stay and fight for her chance at happiness, or should she run again in an attempt to protect the people she’s come to love.

Abraham has finally found his mate, but something is wrong and she’s not confiding in him. Not knowing what to do, he turns to his new sister-in-law for help. But when Stephanie finally confides in Abraham, will he be able to give her what she needs and claim her as his own?

The danger following her finally catches up, and in order to keep Stephanie as his own, Abraham must protect his mate, but will he make it in time?

To Save His Mate
by Serena Pettus

Lacy Anders is getting burned out in her job with the state police, but when a cold case is reopened, she finds herself tapped for the undercover assignment. Never imagining that she would ever be back in the modeling world, she now finds herself posing as bait in order to catch a serial killer before they strike again. The only problem? Her new modeling partner is the hottest man she’s ever laid eyes on, and she’s not entirely sure that her eyes will be the only things she lays on him!

Ethan Wolfe’s life is simple … until he meets Lacy. She is his every fantasy come to life, and soon he finds himself battling his inner wolf for control whenever she is near. The little firecracker soon turns his world upside down, when she brings him on board with her investigation. Now, with models falling victim to strange “accidents”, the two must put their relationship to the side in order to catch the culprit.

But when the killer finally comes out, will Ethan be in time to save his mate?

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We Kill Dead Things
by Sommer Marsden

Zombie Exterminators
Series, Book One

Poppy thinks her life is weird working the food court at Parktowne mall, until in one brief moment of creeper killing, things change forever. Now she's a freelance zombie exterminator along with her long lusted after co-worker Garrity (her not-so-secret crush), a somewhat lusted after bad boy Cahill, and pretty gay boy Noah.

When the four are hired to do a ballsy zombie clean up at St. Peter's Hospital, Poppy finds out just what's more scary than creepers: The Evoluminaries, a zealot cult who think zombies are part of God's chosen, who happen to end up thinking Poppy might make a mighty good zombie incubator. She finds herself finally sleeping with Garrity, being hunted by a crazy preacher man and stumbling over the fact that Cahill and Noah have become lovers somewhere in the chaos. And that's all on the job.

Just another day in the life when you kill dead things...

After Dark
by Kris Norris

Between the Veils
Series, Book One

Temperance Dunnigan can’t believe she’s agreed to travel to New Orleans to be part of Avery Smith’s special ghost hunting squad—and in the midst of Mardi Gras no less. There isn’t a sane reason to be there…other than Avery. Though she considers him a spoiled, rich kid, his money is her ticket to finally getting some concrete evidence to lay the eternal question of spirits to rest.

Avery didn’t think twice about inviting one of the foremost paranormal investigators to his retreat. After all, Temperance is smart, daring and totally not his type. He’s more than aware of her feelings toward him and embraces the chance to work with someone he has absolutely no interest in…that is until she becomes entrenched in a deadly summoning. Saving her life wasn’t part of the plan, and now he can’t stop his heart from racing every time she looks at him. They’ve got one week to figure it out before all hell breaks loose, and Avery loses more than just his reputation.

Secrets and Spells
by Jessica Jarman

Northern Circle
Series, Book One

Anxious for a change and wanting to learn more about her late mother and where she came from, Thalia Wells accepts a job in the small town of Parrish. As she settles into her new life, she begins to notice unsettling oddities about her new home.

Gray is used to secrets. Being a witch and living in a town of people with magical abilities means living with secrets. But keeping Thalia in the dark kills him especially when it brings her pain.

Thalia doesn't believe in magic and had given up on happily ever after, but can she find both with Gray?

Dark Promise
by Gwendolyn Cease

Series, Book One

Joelle Quinn doesn't live much differently than any other working person, holding down two jobs and struggling to keep her head above water. But all of that changes when a vampire walks into her life. He doesn't ask for much: he merely wants Joelle to give her blood to another vampire, one who is nearly insane.

Talon struggles to hold the darkness at bay, fighting back a raging beast inside. The urge to kill and bathe in the blood of anyone in his vicinity is something he lives with every day—until he meets the one woman who holds the key to his sanity, and perhaps his very survival.

Dark Surrender
by Temple Hogan

Taste of Darkness
Series, Book Three

Vampire Hunter, Marika Stanislaus—or little sister as her older, protective brothers like to call her—is on her own for the first time. With both men tied up in Europe, she’s the only one left to investigate an active vampire at work in the Florida Keys. She’s tired of her brothers treating her like a baby. After all, she’s one hundred and ten years old, a woman of the world.

Nicholas Kyrillos just wants a quiet, peaceful retreat where he can rest and contemplate something other than dodging hunters who want to nuke him. He has few rules, chief among them, no women. With a daily supply of blood from a medical house, he plans to walk the shoreline and read all the literary classics he’s missed the past century or so. He never reckoned on a rogue vampire, who’s picking off unsuspecting tourists as his personal smorgasbord, or on a gung-ho, fresh-faced vampire hunter who’s unrelenting in everything she pursues, especially when she’s spent the night in his bed. Where’s the peace now?

Three Ways to Wicked
by Melinda Barron

Bestselling Author Krisily Carmichael needs a break from her life. Her horrid ex-boyfriend sold naked photos of her, and now she’s plastered all over the nation’s largest skin magazine. So when an advertisement for a rental cottage near Bath appears in her mailbox, she snatches up the offer.

When she arrives at the remote English cottage, she finds a charming country home with a huge botanical garden…complete with four magical beings trapped inside.

Victim of a wayward spell, the Sorcerer Uriel and his alchemist cousins, Bythos and Acolius, have spent centuries trapped inside their garden with an evil witch who wants their secrets. Krisily’s arrival sets off a string of events foretold to bring about the witch’s end. Unfortunately, they have to contend with the witch’s curse, which took one sense from each of the men.

But the four of them find a way to communicate, and they come together in a blaze of passion that helps them to destroy the witch and meet their destiny.

Oriana and the Three Werebears
by Tia Fanning

Oriana Ricci has taken over the family business—flying cargo and rich tourists around Alaska’s barely inhabited Kodiak Archipelago. When her plane malfunctions and she’s forced to make an emergency landing, she finds herself stranded in the middle of a National Wildlife Refuge. With no civilization for miles and no hope of rescue, she thinks all is lost… Until she stumbles upon the entrance to an underground bunker.

Jack, Jordan, and Jonathan McMathan own and operate a secret intelligence firm contracted by the US Government. Hidden away in an old Cold War spy station located the middle of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, the brothers are not only able to do their top secret jobs safely without fear of discovery, but are better to protect their other, more personal secret: They have the ability to shift into Kodiak bears.

Like a fairy tale gone bad, the brothers return home to find their lunch tasted—or eaten, their computer chairs adjusted—or broken, and a beautiful blonde sleeping in one of their beds. This situation poses a big problem for the brothers… Their location is now compromised. But more importantly, what are they to do with the lady?

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