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Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink


JT Schultz





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Praise for JT Schultz


"JT Schultz is an author to watch!!! She packs action, humor and heat between the pages!!!"

~Author Karen Kelley


"JT has a way of combining humor and sensual delights to keep the reader entertained from start to finish! I’m positive you won’t be disappointed at any time!"

~Joni – Twolips Reviews


"JT Schultz has a style that grabs you and drags you in."

~Rachel C. - Fallen Angel Reviews


"I love Ms. Schultz’s writing style and I would highly recommend her stories to others. You won’t be disappointed."

~Diana, Night Owl Romance Reviews


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Dear Reader,

Thank you for purchasing
Tickled Pink
. This story was originally designed to go in an anthology; unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. Stay tuned for 2015. I am especially grateful for your purchase as 50% of the book sales will be going to Susan G. Komen in order to help find a cure for breast cancer. This is my first charity book and I promise you, it won’t be my last.

At this time I want to give
special thanks
to my editor, Annie Kelly, and fellow author, Suzie Ivy, for the time they donated to this project.

Antonia Deluca and Richard Bryson’s story holds a bit of magic, unleashed by the bottle of
Tickled Pink
. How does the story unfold? In Antonia’s own words - got arrested, met, got married, had sex, became friends then fell in love.

Again, thank you for your purchase and helping to work toward a cure. I truly hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.





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To Amy, Lorie, Donna, Vickie, Kate and Shira, God blessed me when he gave you to me for friends and brought you into my life.

To Mom, Aunt Jinny and Aunt Dell. As women, unafraid of the past no matter the good, bad, ugly and at times sad—all the things what made you the strong ladies today. I turn to that strength and know I can be a better person despite circumstance.

Olivia, you are my heart, now, always and forever…it’s a mom thing. Always have hope and believe in the good.

To Robbi H., Laurie D., Riza G.M., Jana G., Kim W., Carolyn E., Tina K., Tammy G., Esther H., Acquabelle R., and Dawn R. You fought and survived or continue to fight, against the heartless disease that kills millions. It holds no discrimination. Breast Cancer doesn’t care about color, religion, sex or anything…but your courage matters to me—and to others.

To Alice C., Sandy and Tiffany L, Phylis G., sorry you lost the battle, other’s will continue to fight.

Charles P., Scott S., Michael V., James M. and David N., true men who would wear pink, knowing real men do—especially if there is a cure around the corner. Thank you, always.

To my editors, publishers, fellow authors and my beloved readers both old and new, let’s fight back, let’s stand up and together, work toward a cure.

~Love & Blessings, J


It’s getting pink in here…


“Thank you for making today perfect.”

“You’re more than welcome.” Antonia Deluca smiled at her best friend Kayla. “I’m happy to have you still here. It’s been a long eighteen months and I can’t think of anyone who deserves all the happiness in the world more than you do.”

She glanced around the now empty event tent. The flecks of silver in the nearly sheer fabric sparkled like tiny diamonds underneath the moonlight. The traditional swag bows, all pink, hung from the backs of chairs draped in white. Round tables adorned in pink tablecloths with white lace fabric in the middle held centerpieces of crystal bowls with floating white candles and pink roses.

“I admit, I never thought I’d ever get to marry Andrew.” Kayla’s face glowed with that special light only love can bring.

“Speaking of the gorgeous groom, where did he escape to?”

“He’s gone out to the car. I left a gift there until we were alone. I got you a little something for being the most amazing friend, supporter and cheerleader anyone could ever hope for.”

She shook her head. “You didn’t have to do that. We’ve been friends since high school—I was just doing my job.”

“You’ve been a God send to us both.” Andrew’s deep voice had her turning to the groom who pulled out a chair and joined them at the table. He carried a bottle of pink champagne and three glasses. “Really, Toni, you’re amazing. Everyone raved about the wedding. Everyone is saying it was one of the loveliest they’d ever seen.”

True, she did oversee every detail and called in some of her best colleagues to help ensure this wedding was not only beautiful, but perfectly Kayla. “Thank you. I’m glad you’re both happy and do wish you both all the best.”

“Speaking of the best…” Kayla squealed. She turned to her new husband and flashed him a bold smile. “Did you get it?”

“I did.” He reached inside his tuxedo jacket and withdrew a small white box with a pink ribbon—of course. He passed the box to Kayla who turned to Toni and shrugged. “This is from us. For everything.”

She slipped the box from her friend’s hand and blinked, then glanced up and darted her gaze between the newlyweds. “You really didn’t have to.”

“Yeah, we did.” Andrew winked, and then poured three glasses of the pink champagne.

“Open it up,” Kayla encouraged with a spark of mischief in her blue eyes.

Toni nodded and carefully untied the ribbon. She lifted the lid and stared at the small bottle with something pink inside and a tiny cork in the top as a stopper. Her curiosity was piqued and she lifted the unusual glass object out of the safety of the cotton encasement. The contents held a glittery quality, but the substance was reminiscent of pink smoke as opposed to a liquid or solid. She admired the gold label and smiled. “
Tickled Pink

Knowing Toni’s love for all things quirky and unique, the gift was perfect. She’d never seen anything like it. “I love it.”

Kayla turned to Andrew. “I told you, it was ideal.” She turned back to Toni and grinned. “Now make a wish and pop the cork.”

Her brows dipped. “Why would I do that? You do realize it’s a bottle and not a candle on a birthday cake?”

“I do, but its magic and will grant you a wish.”

Toni cast a skeptical glance at Andrew who offered her a grin and a shrug. She glanced back at her friend who had been through so much sadness, illness and finally had reached recovery and happiness. “Okay, since I can tell this means so much to you, I’ll do it.”

Kayla beamed and clapped her hands together. Her diamond ring sparkled under the lighting, but its radiance didn’t compare to the bride.

She thought for a minute; what could she wish for? She didn’t believe in the whimsical foolishness of making wishes—hell she didn’t believe in signs—but if this would make Kayla happy, that’s all that mattered. “I wish for you to be happy.”

Toni pulled the cork out. The pink misty substance escaped out the neck in the form of a cloud—a glittery pink cloud. Once all the substance had dissipated she glanced at her friend and placed the cork back in the empty bottle. “How was that?”

Kayla smiled and nodded. “Perfect. However, out of fairness, only one thing could make me happy at this point.” She took her husband’s hand and smiled. “The cancer is gone—at least for now, I have amazing friends and family, and I married the man of my dreams.” Her blue eyes filled with happy tears. “The only thing that could make me any happier at this point is to see you settled—to find love.”

“I do have love—my career and I are very attached.” She flashed the newlyweds a saucy grin.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.” Kayla curled her fingers around the stem of the champagne glass. “Mark my words Toni—
Tickled Pink
is magic and it will happen—you wished for my happiness and that means you finding love.”

“To love and life.” Andrew lifted his glass as did Kayla.

“To love and life,” Toni whispered and lifted her glass.

The three glasses clinked together and the flames on the floating candles flickered. Not just on their table, but on all the other tables.

Toni sipped the pink champagne and her heart raced. The wish, the
Tickled Pink
and the sudden flickering candles were just a coincidence—right?

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