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Authors: Viola Grace

Tags: #vampire, #demon, #Magic, #Shifter, #mage, #lion, #fey, #xia

Three Parts Fey

After facing demons and
murderers, their greatest task is in front of them—meeting the



With her binding to her partners, Benny feels safe
and settled. She wants to start her career in the XIA and make a
place in that organization. The past rears up and has other

The binding has
its own issues. Their group has to meet and greet each family they
are attached to and try to gain approval for their union. A
different technique is required for each species, and they have to
be ready for anything.

True love might
win the day, but politics is a pain in the butt.


The characters and
events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons,
living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.


Three Parts Fey

Copyright © 2015 by
Viola Grace


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Three Parts Fey

An Obscure Magic Book






Viola Grace

Chapter One



Benny laughed as they
staggered into the dower house, leaving her parents the big house
for the evening. Benny and Argyle supported Smith, who was
distinctly limping from his fall while eluding a handsy

He kept
muttering. “She tried to take off with me.”

Benny was still
giggling, though it wasn’t helping. “You are just too adorable for
words and probably the only one she felt she could subdue without
calling attention to the struggle.”

His black look
was answer enough. The other two stayed wisely silent, but Benny
could see them grinning at each other.

The party had
been a riot. Everyone had enjoyed themselves, and her parents were
on their way to their house for an anniversary all alone.

Dawn was
staining the sky, and the dower house closed the drapes as Argyle
made his way into the kitchen.

He looked at
her with suspicion. “Benny, was that you?”

“Nope. It’s the
house. It is structured for us now, and while the arrangement may
be a little odd, we should be able to make it work.” They hadn’t
been with her when she examined the new setup that the house had
made with their specific union in mind.

He looked
around. “Is Jessamine here?”

“Not quite yet,
though I imagine she is holed up in her resting box. What my
parents are engaging in, no one needs to witness.”

Smith grumbled.
“Where can I put my foot up?”

“Up the stairs.
When you find the bedroom, you will know it. I will make a poultice
for that ankle.”

Tremble helped
Smith up the stairs, and Benny got to work.

Argyle seemed
content to keep her company.

“I didn’t know
you could make a poultice without a lab.”

She grinned and
got her mortar and pestle. “Folks have been grinding up herbs for
healing purposes since they could mash any leaf with antiseptic
properties with a rock.”

He smiled. “My
mom did that while I was growing up. Every bruise, bump and cut got
the same treatment.”

“How old were
you when you were given your vampirism?”

As she spoke,
she flicked through the counter herbs and found the ones she
needed. She plucked a few medicinal herbs and then bulked the rest
of the mortar out with parsley.

“I was
twenty-six. Parsley?”

“Sure. It
improves just about everything.” She winked and started to grind
the leaves together. “I will actually use magic to make this more
effective, but Smith needs to learn to be lighter on his feet, and
a few minutes of pain is a good teacher.”

“Shifters heal
quickly.” He watched her work at the process of making the
equivalent of an herbal pressure pack.

“Yes, and magic
heals even faster. If he was able to tap into his demon side, he
wouldn’t have even had to hop away from the party.”


She looked at
him and winked. “Yup. But, as he manifests as an incubus, the rest
of my night would be shot.”

“I am still
getting used to that idea. We all have different aspects?”

“Of course.
Your demon form is not only dictated by its attachment to you, but
also to your personal magic, to what you are at the core. That is
why demons are so direct, they hide nothing.”

He chuckled. “I
gathered as much with the public nudity in the zone. Our clothing
was a bit of a jarring note.”

She wrinkled
her nose and kept working. “Personal touch. You are bound to me, so
I dressed myself as I wished to appear, and you and the others were
dressed to flatter me.”

“Because you
are the high king.”

She shrugged
and checked the mix in the mortar. “Did you ever doubt it?”

He chuckled.
“Not for an instant. The first night you were guarded, but there
was power behind your choices. You knew what each species would do
and how they would do it. Knowledge is power, and you know a

She scraped the
contents of the mortar into a plastic container, and she inhaled
the scents of mint and parsley. The other herbs were hidden

Before she
could get distracted, she washed her tools and set them on the
draining board.

“And now, we go
and fix the lion.”

She grinned and
headed up the stairs. Argyle drew even with her and offered her his
arm. She took the support and walked toward their bedroom.

As their
footfalls struck, a voice called out. “Argyle, you have to see this

The vampire
grinned and entered the room; the gauzy curtains closed
automatically and the synthetic lighting came on.

Benny released
him to let Argyle lead the way, and she trailed after him.

Smith was on
his back with his leg propped up on pillows at the edge of her bed.
The huge expanse made him look tiny, but he was craning his neck to
see everything in the room.

She snorted.
“Hike your trouser leg up, Smith.”

He grimaced and
showed her the swollen joint of his ankle. His shoe had been
abandoned on the drive home. She cut his sock off and winced at the
break that was visible through the purple skin and white bone
pressing at it.

Benny swallowed
and carefully applied the paste she had created downstairs.

He sighed and
smiled. “It feels cool.”

Benny finished
covering him in the ground-up herb salad, and she held her hand
over his ankle. The demon blood was minute, but still very much
inside him. She put it to work and fixed the bones back into
alignment before knitting them back into place.

“How bad is the
sprain?” He levered himself up on his elbows.

“Hold still. It
was a break, not a sprain. Your tendons just held everything in
place. I am fixing it, but healing spells are tricky, so I am

concentrated and muttered the spells that shaped her focus, and her
focus fixed his bone and muscle.

When the last
cell clicked into place, she sat back and groaned. “I am way too
tired to be doing this.”

Argyle and
Tremble were next to the bed, watching. Smith was flexing his foot
and grinning. “It feels better and smells nice.”

She snorted and
crawled off the bed. “I am going to wash my hands. You go and wash
your foot. I need to sleep.”

Argyle asked.
“May we join you?”

“That’s what
the bed is for.”

She headed to
the bathroom and scrubbed the green off her hands. She washed her
face and brushed her hair, unzipping her cocktail dress as she
returned to the bedroom.

“If you guys
don’t like the giant dorm room, I am sure that we can manage
something else.”

Her men were
all in a state of undress. Argyle was wearing his customary shorts
to bed; Smith was naked, as was Tremble.

appreciated the view, but she was too tired to do anything about
it. “At the foot of each bed is a globe. That globe will create a
privacy screen that extends for three feet on either side. You can
walk through it, but while you are inside, no visual will enter or
leave, the sound is the same.”

The dress slid
to her feet, and she shucked off her bra and panties, kicking free
of her heels a moment before she crawled into bed. She moved until
she was in the centre of the expanse, and she slid under the quilt
that covered it.

“Well, it has
been a lovely evening and it’s turning into a bright day. I am
getting some rest.”

Smith sighed.
“Nothing else?” He put his hand on her thigh above he quilt.

She reached out
and patted his hand. “Nothing else for eight hours.”

chuckled and moved to lie against her left side.

Argyle was
already settling in for his deep rest on the far left edge of the
bed. He didn’t need contact as he slept. He wouldn’t wake up
looking for anyone.

Smith eased her
to her side and snuggled up against her back. Tremble wove his
fingers around her hands and gave her a soft kiss.

“Good night,

She ducked her
head so she wasn’t yawning in his face, and she exhaled. “Good
night, guys. When we wake up, I have a question to ask you.”

Argyle said
slowly, “Ask now.”

She looked at
Tremble and felt the slight squeeze of Smith’s arms. “Fine. Would
you guys be willing to wear a mark of our bonding?”

chuckled. “If you can get it to stick, I am in.”

grinned. “Me, too.”

Smith whispered
in her ear, “Just tell me where you want it.”

Benny sighed.
“Good. A friend told me it would be a good idea.”

Tremble smiled.
“Which friend?”

Benny snuggled
into the sheets and enjoyed her sensation of being surrounded.


Her partners
were awake for a while after that, but Benny slept like a log.


Four hours
later, Benny was up, Smith was on his back and Tremble was nowhere
to be found. Argyle was still and silent on his corner of the

She eased up
and out of the collection of tumbled bedding and headed for her
wardrobe. A blue cotton robe with a bright and sprightly pattern on
the back was waiting for her. She slipped it on and pattered

Tremble smiled
at her over his shoulder as she entered the kitchen. “Have a seat.
The fridge is fully stocked.”

She paused for
a moment to enjoy the view of him standing there chopping fruit
wearing his shorts and his hair in a long braid. Nothing else. She
sighed and rejoined the sane and smut-free world.

“Of course it
is.” She smirked and glanced around. Her small purse was still on
the corner of the counter, and she opened it, fishing her phone

The message
light was flashing, and when she flicked her fingers across the
screen, she noted the email waiting.

The subject was
Design Approval
and the sender was Minerva. The image that
opened made her laugh.

“What is

“Minerva found
someone to design our tattoo. It sums all of us up in the oddest
way. Here. Take a look.”

The base was a
lion, the fangs and widow’s peak were obviously a reference to
Argyle, the brilliant platinum mane and the vivid rainbow eyes were
all Tremble. The deer horns that the lion sported were Benny’s
contribution to the pattern.

“How large will
it be?”

She wrinkled
her nose. “It will be small. Less than one inch high and wide. If
you approve this, we will have the artist here before dinner.”

“What about the

She grinned.
“They snooze, they lose.”

He raised his
eyebrows in surprise and then smiled. “I like it. If they can
create something that will stick to all our flesh, I will gladly
wear it.”

Benny looked at
what he had been preparing. “Can I have some fruit salad?”

Tremble grinned
and returned to his project. He served her a bowl of fruit with a
dollop of thickened cream on top.

“So, Benny,
what is on the agenda today?”

He sat on one
of the chairs at the countertop and took one of her hands in

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