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The Mohammed Code: Why a Desert Prophet Wants You Dead



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Why A Desert Prophet Wants You DeadHow a Prophet of War Made You His Target



Howard Bloom

author of

The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of History


Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind From The Big Bang to the 21



Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Adolph Hitler tried to take over the world. All of them failed. Yet an illiterate desert prophet and his followers hammered together an empire eleven times the size of Alexander the Great’s conquests, five times the size of the Roman Empire, and seven times the size of the United States. The biggest empire in history. How did Mohammed pull it off? And how does his success threaten you and me?

You Are the Bulls Eye
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Iran says it knows the 29 key weak points it can attack to wipe out “Anglo-Saxon civilization.” It’s been building a nuclear weapons industry for 20 years, and it’s openly mass producing nuclear-capable missiles.


Pakistan has two long-range stealth submarines equipped with nuclear missiles that could wipe out up to six American cities. Our navy says it can’t detect them. And Pakistan is in danger of being taken over by its fundamentalists.


How will these weapons be used? How does the life of Mohammed determine the answer?



The Mohammed Code
is the story of how a desert prophet set us up for a nuclear Iran and an atomic successor to Osama.


It is the story of the only founder of a major religion ever to call himself “The Prophet of War”
and to command 65 military campaigns. It is the story of how that prophet set your ancestors up for over 1,300 years of attack and enslavement, the story of how he laid the groundwork for the destruction of superpowers far more potent than the United States, and the story of how he started the longest-running world war in history.


The Mohammed Code
is the story of how that prophet demands that his never-ending war be turned against you.

The Mohammed Code is keeping me up at night. It's a terrifying book-- like a horror novel. It's th
e best book I've read on Islam.” David Swindle, lifestyle editor, PJ Media


A Bloom book dealing with the evil tyrant Mohammad is a BRILLIANT idea Bloom’s writings have changed my life in ways I never thought I could change. He’s brave in the face of potential fatwas. Testicular fortitude and brains seem to go together in his case.” Amir Siddiqui, trainer to the stars of the Pakistan National Cricket Team, Islamabad, Pakistan and founder of the Symmetry Gym, Dubai.


Buy and read this book [The Lucifer Principle] if for no other reason than that the author foresaw the global radicalization of Islam against the West in terms much starker than Samuel Huntington's Clash Of Civilizations and much broader than Yossef Bodansky's brilliant tome on Bin Laden: the Man Who Declared War on America. In the author's view we erred gravely in not understanding the asymmetric scope of the threat of Bin Laden and post-Taliban Afghanistan, and we appear to have erred in a truly gigantic way in not seeing that the second Gulf War was in fact doing Iran's bidding and accomplishing something Iran could never have done on its own. …Overall I rate this book one of the ten most useful books relevant to understanding and defeating radical Islam, which the author says is ‘a meme growing ravenous,’ a sleeping giant that has been awakened.”

Robert D. Steele, author of The NATO Open Source Intelligence Handbook and The Defense Intelligence Agency Open Source Intelligence Handbook


The smartest book ever written about the danger of Islam. 9/11 proved that Bloom was incredibly right. He was howfully right.”

Pierre Jovanovic, publisher, Les Editions Le Jardin du Livre, Paris.

Howard Bloom


Author of: The

Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into the Forces of

History ("mesmerizing"-The Washington Post); Global Brain: The

Evolution of Mass Mind From The Big Bang to the 21st Century

("reassuring and sobering"-The New Yorker); and

The Genius of the Beast: A Radical Re-Vision of

Capitalism ("an extraordinary book, exhilaratingly-written and

masterfully-researched. I couldn't put it down." James Burke)



The Office of the Secretary of Defense put together a symposium in 2010 based on Howard Bloom’s second book Global Brain, and brought experts from the State Department, the Energy Department, DARPA, IBM, and MIT together to hear Bloom’s views. Why? Bloom’s insights on Islam have won respect in both the world of Islam and in the West. Bloom has appeared on Iran’s worldwide English language TV network, Press TV, five times. He has debated one-on-one with senior officials from Hamas and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood on Iran’s global Arab-language Alalam TV. And he has appeared repeatedly on Saudi Arabia’s KSA2-TV commenting on geopolitics. But Bloom has also spoken on how to understand the world through Osama’s eyes to the Department of Defense’s SENSIAC Military Sensing Symposium and has lectured on the 1,388 year history of militant Islam to the New York Military Affairs Symposium. Bloom’s 60 appearances on North America’s highest rated overnight talk radio show, Coast to Coast AM, a show that appears on 500 of the continent’s leading radio stations, have covered everything from the Gulf War and 9/11 to the Fort Hood shootings.


Howard Bloom has been called “the man who predicted 9/11.” His first book, 1995’s The Lucifer Principle--predicted a nuclear Iran. And his 2000 book Global Brain, warned about a man named Osama bin Laden and a group called the Taliban. A year later, Osama brought us 9/11.


In a market crammed with books on Islam, what is unique about Howard Bloom’s The Mohammed Code? if you are a Moslem and you want to be righteous, just, and pure, you are required to follow in the footsteps of Mohammed. What kind of footsteps did Mohammed leave you? His example as the commander of 65 military campaigns. His example as a participant in 27 of those battles. His example as the architect of ethnic expulsions and genocides.


Explains Osama bin Laden, Mohammed was “a Prophet of Conquest.” And Pakistan’s Universal Sunnah Foundation agrees. It says proudly that under Mohammed’s generalship, “Islam spread on an average of 822 square kilometres per day.” Behind that conquest is an astonishing story. The story of Mohammed’s life as a militant. The story of Mohammed’s two favorite tools of war, “deceit” (deception) and “terror.” The story that led to the assembly of the biggest empire in human history…an empire eleven times the size of the conquests of Alexander the Great, five times the size of the Roman Empire, and seven times the size of the United States. The Mohammed Code is the story of how Mohammed laid out a simple goal--seizing the entire world. A goal so dependent on violence that one of Mohammed’s leading modern interpreters, Islamic Revolutionary Iran’s founding father, the Ayatollah Khomeini, says proudly that “Islam has obliterated many tribes.” The Mohammed Code tells a story unknown in the West, the story that led the Ayatollah to declare that, "Moslems have no alternative... to an armed holy war. ...Holy war means the conquest of all non Moslem territories. ...It will the duty of every able-bodied adult male to volunteer for this war of conquest, the final aim of which is to put Koranic law in power from one end of the earth to the other.”


If you want to know the story of Mohammed’s ten years as a militant, read The Mohammed Code. It is more than just amazing. It is a story that explains the headlines. It is a story whose aftershocks are quaking your life.

Table of Contents


You Are the Bulls Eye 2

(Jacket Copy) 2

Militant Islam’s War To Save The World 7

Why I Am Writing This Book… 10

And Why I Am Writing It To You 10

Why An Ayatollah Wants To Rule The World 13

Time To Get Serious—The Punch of 9/11 15

The Osama Puzzle 17

The Krazy Glue of the Crowd--The Founder Effect 19

How To Be A Perfect Human 29

A Prophet Is Born 32

Mohammed’s First Glimpse of Empire 38

How Mohammed Built Militant Islam 48

The Birth of the Meme Police 54

The Value of Rigged Victories 63

Everybody Needs A Nerd 66

Off With Their Heads 74

Sex and Violence—Party Time for Genes 80

Turning Instinct Into Tradition 82

Crafting a Permanent Nerd 82

Rockets Homed On Stones That Sing 88

The Top Predator Trick 91

The Lunge For Global Conquest 100

How Much Earth Can You Eat In 100 Years? 105

Harnessing the Power of the Centuries 117

The Struggle For Europe 121

The 21st Century Jihad 132

What Uncle Osama Wants From You 141

-end- 160

End Notes 161

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