The Lonely Wives Club (An Erotic Short Story Collection)



The Lonely Wives Club



By Aurora Cavender





The Lonely Wives Club

Copyright 2012—Aurora Cavender

All rights reserved.


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Bear the Heat


Kitty stood at the kitchen sink, washing the last of
the dishes after her solitary lunch. A feast of garden salad and baked salmon
was something her husband never would have subjected himself to, and it showed
on both of their figures.

She sighed and
placed the last plate in the rack to dry. She didn't know why she bothered
anymore. Frank had never taken much notice of her appearance before, and he
barely even looked at her nowadays.

She looked up into
the gingham-curtained window. Her reflection was the same as always, and she
turned away quickly. After years of marriage, the image staring back at her had
lost its allure, even if her appearance hadn't. She'd always been beautiful,
but the truth was, she didn't feel it anymore. Other men certainly found her
attractive, but it cut her deeply that Frank never looked twice, no matter what
she wore—or didn't wear in some cases.

A rough knock on
the door pulled her from her cleaning. "Who could that be?" she
wondered aloud. She walked across the house and pulled open the door.

A man, tall and
broad shouldered turned in the sunlight to face her. He had bright blue eyes
and a long, broad nose that stood proudly from his face. His dark hair was
hidden beneath a tattered and worn hat. He was unconventionally handsome, which
seemed to make him all the more attractive. As though he himself had broken the

Her breath caught
in her throat. She had to clear it before she was able to speak. "Can I
help you?"

He tipped his hat.
"Afternoon, ma'am. I'm here about the pool."

"Pool? We
haven't got one."

One side of his
mouth turned up in a smirk. "No, ma'am. I'm here to take measurements to
put one in."

"There must
be some mistake. We didn't ask for a pool."

He stepped back,
taking another look at the address posted on the facade of the house. "My
mistake, ma'am. I thought this was number twenty-one." He picked up his
toolbox and tipped his hat at her again, this time letting his eyes travel down
her body.

The bold move made
her heart beat faster. It had been ages since she'd seen someone look at her
like that. Most of the men she saw were far too polite and well-bred. A flush
came over her.

The man winked and
turned on his heel. She allowed her eyes to follow the curve of his body. His
workman's jeans were tight and showed the wonderful contours of his backside.

she called out, as he sauntered down the path.

He stopped and
turned. "Ma'am?"

"We've been
thinking about a pool. What company are you from?"

A grin crossed his
face slowly. "Wainwright Pool and Supplies."

She cleared her
throat. "And do you always put the pools in yourself?"

"Ask for
John," he said before turning back down the path.

I'll do that.


she started, from the other end of the dining table.

He didn't bother looking up from his report as he shoveled another forkful of
mashed potatoes into his mouth.

"I was
thinking we might get a pool. The Murphy's are getting one, and it would be
nice to have this summer."

Frank harrumphed.
"Well, if the Murphy's have one, how could we possibly live without?"

She clenched her
fork and knife in her hands. "We could have pool parties this summer. You
could invite all the men from work." Frank stopped eating long enough to
look up at her. "It would be a good way to make friends with some of the
higher ups."

He picked up a
napkin and wiped his mouth. "You think it could be in by the summer?"


"I'll give
them a call tomorrow."

Pool and Supplies. Mrs. Murphy told me to ask specifically for John. According
to her, he is the best." She took another bite of her salad, chewing
slowly to hide her grin.


Kitty walked
slowly to answer the door. Her heart pounded with excitement, but she wanted to
savour the moment. She swayed up to it with her hands on her hips. She felt
sexy, predatory. She paused before opening the door and smoothed out her bright
blue dress. The fabric and fit was still perfect, even after a year of being
hidden away. It was slightly sexier than Frank liked her to dress in public,
and wearing it around the house was pointless, so it had been stuck in the back
of her closet for some time. Combined with bright red lipstick and brand new
hairdo, she was feeling like her old self again.

She took a deep
breath and opened the door. Once again, John stood on her doorstep, clutching
his box of tools at his side. His eyes widened slightly as he took her in. She
felt her pulse race as his eyes lingered on her chest. She took another deep
breathe, pushing them skywards.

he said, nodding. He looked past her, inside the house. "You gonna invite
me in?"

"Oh, of
course," she said, blushing and stepping aside. "Please, come

He stepped across
the threshold, brushing past her. She flushed as his arm grazed hers.

He started down
the hallway, looking about. "Nice place," he said, slipping his hat
from his head. A dark lock of hair fell across his face, which he brushed back
with a swipe of his hand. His tall, broad frame completely dominated the
hallway. She bit her lip as she watched him walk in front of her. "Would you
like a coffee, and we can discuss what I want done?"

He stopped and
turned. "I already know what you want," he said, a funny look in his

Her heart almost
stopped. "You do?"

"Your husband
was very clear about everything over the phone."

She held in a
Of course
, she thought,
good 'ol Frank
"Perfect," she said, plastering a smile across her face. "Why
don't I show you to the backyard then?"

He nodded and
stepped back, letting her pass. Slightly disappointed, she lost the sway in her
hips as she passed him. She noticed he still took the opportunity to let his
eyes roam her body as she slipped past. He followed her out the backdoor into
the backyard, which was plain and bare compared to the front.

John simply
nodded, setting his tools down on the concrete patio.

"I'll be in
the house if you need anything," she said and turned on her heel, charging
the backdoor.


Kitty watched John
from her bedroom window. He'd been working for them three days, digging up the
backyard and had still not said more to her than "Yes, ma'am. No,

She sighed, biting
her lip. She liked watching him work. She liked how his muscles rippled under
his taut, white t-shirt and the way his dark tanned skin glistened in the
sunlight. Her breath grew heavy as she watched, and her body grew warm.

As John turned to
fling a shovel-f of dirt behind him, he glanced up, catching her staring
from the window. Her breath caught in her throat. She tried to tear her eyes
away, to move from the window and his line of sight, but she couldn't. She was
held by his gaze.

Maintaining his
intense eye contact, he stripped his shirt off in one fluid, delicious movement
and discarded it on the ground. Her stomach fluttered at the sight of his bare,
muscled chest. She leaned closer, putting a hand against the glass. She
imagined running her fingers over his chest and down his stomach.

Then, he turned
and hopped out of the shallow hole, making for the hose at the side of the
fence. He pulled the hose from the hook on the picket fence. Cranking the
faucet, he held the nozzle up until it spurted to life. Clear, crystalline
water ran without any hurry as he lifted the nozzle over his head, tilting it
back. Shaking his hair out, the water ran over his face and down his chest. His
skin shone in the bright afternoon sunlight. He gulped a few times at the water
rushing into his mouth and over his chin.

Kitty fanned
herself with her hand, panting as she watched him. She imagined drinking the
water running down his skin, licking at the stray drops fallen over his neck.
She let her eyes close, savouring the image. She'd lick down the thick,
powerful muscles of his chest and lower. A warm pressure grew between her
thighs. Cream dampened her panties. She stepped her legs apart, savouring the
feeling. Her own hand slipped down the curve of her chest.

She opened her
eyes again to see him staring up at her, his eyes hot and encouraging. She
licked her lips and reached behind her, clasping the zipper on the back of her
dress. Taking a deep breath, she turned her back to the window. Her dress,
which already had a low back, had a short zipper, so she moved it down slowly
and methodically so as to not waste the moment. Heat pulsed inside her as she
felt the zipper unlocking its teeth, releasing her. She felt her heart beat
heavily throughout her body, egging her on. Finally, she reached the end of the
zipper. She turned back to the window.

heavy-lidded eyes were locked on her, the hose clenched tightly in his hand.
His chest rose and fell with an intensity that told her that he too was having
trouble controlling his breath.

She stepped up to
the window again, holding her dress against her chest. Slipping one strap from
her shoulder, she let it fall down her arm. She swivelled to the other side and
let the other strap fall down too. The only thing keeping her dress on was her
hands which were crossed over her breasts.

John's eyes
brightened as a grin crossed his face. He nodded, telling her to drop her

She cupped her
hands over her breasts, feeling the weight of them. The touch of her fingers
and the look in John's eyes sent warm, tingling waves of delight through her
body, to her core. She was about to lift her hands away.

But the phone

Kitty jumped at
the obnoxious, jarring sound. She spun around, glaring at the phone sitting
next to the bed.
Damn thing!
It rang again, making her cringe.

She looked back
down at John. He returned her stare for a moment, but had obviously lost the
fiery look in his eye. He tossed the hose on to the ground and slicked back his
dark, wet hair. The moment was broken.

The phone rang

Not this time
, she thought.


"I brought
some lemonade," Kitty called from the doorway, a heavy silver tray in

John looked up,
wiping the sweat from his brow. Or was it just left over droplets of water?
Letting the shovel fall to the side, he started towards her, keeping his dark
brown eyes on her. "Thank you ma'am," he said, taking a glass from
the tray.

she said, jutting her hip to the side. "Call me Kitty."

He turned his head
back, gulping. His Adam's apple pulsed up and down over his tanned,
five-o'clock-shadowed throat. He finished the glass all at once.

She set the tray
down and sipped from her own drink. "How are things going here?"

He shrugged.
"Fine, Kitty." He took a step forwards. "Just fine."

A shiver ran
through her. He stood so close to her, she could reach out and touch him. He
stepped forwards again, towering over her.

She swallowed
hard, gripping her class tightly, and took another sip. The cool, sweet tang of
lemonade excited her tongue. As she brought the cup from her lips, he reached
up, and closed his hand over hers. Her heart jumped at the sudden contact. She
felt her face flush, and she leaned closer to him.

He eased the glass
from her hand and titled it to his own lips, emptying her drink in a few gulps.

She'd never felt
jealous of a glass before.

When he was
finished, he licked his lips with a pleased "Mmm." His eyes
penetrated hers deeply, making her stomach flip over.

A powerful, almost
electric energy existed between them, drawing them closer. "I have more in
the kitchen, if you want some." Her voice shook as she spoke. Shuffling
her feet, she moved closer. She was thankful for the glass in her hand or else
that would be shaking too.

He nodded, leaning
in. Their bodies were almost touching.

She let out a
heavy breath and forced herself to pull away, turning towards the door. Heat
continued to pulse between them as he followed her back into the house. She
felt his presence directly behind her.

The door closed
and she felt his hand around her arm. She inhaled sharply as he spun her around
to face him. Before she could so much as speak, his lips were over hers,
kissing her hungrily. All thought escaped her as his tongue licked and toyed
with hers. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she returned the ferocity of his

Her knees were
weak under the power that surged through her. It felt as though every ounce of
heat in her body was centred between her legs. She'd never been kissed like
this before. Her pussy grew slick with moisture as he pressed his pelvis into

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