The Complete Contract Series (8 page)

Chapter Twelve


I made my way up the dilapidated stairwell of the dingy apartment building I’d had been forced to move into because of my gambling addiction. To the outside world I appeared to have it all, but in all truth I had lost just about everything I had going for me since I fell into debt to Glazov. Now I was looking at possibly losing my life.

I was tired, depressed, and at my wits end. I needed a drink and I needed to figure a way out of the mess I’d gotten myself into.

I made my way over to the sink and pulled open a cabinet to see a cockroach scurry away. It was humiliating to have to live like this and I had no one to blame but myself. I’d convinced myself over and over that my luck was going to change. I tossed the bourbon I poured back, and poured another two fingers worth.

I stood at the window looking out at the prostitutes, dealers, and drug addicts that inhabited the neighborhood I’d been reduced to living in. At one point I would have thought I was above living in such close vicinity of the dregs of society, but now I was one of them.

It was only a matter of time before my clients figured out that I’d had been embezzling money from my own company, and committing fraud in the form of inside trade scams.

I pushed the thought of sticking a gun in my mouth and pulling the trigger out of my head. It wasn’t the fact that I was scared of dying, it was the thought of not being successful. It would be torment to not die and be forced to inhabit a wheelchair the rest of my days. No matter how much I thought about how I could get out of the mess that I’d gotten myself into, there didn’t seem to be any realistic answers. Over and over in my head I replayed how I could get out of the tangled web that I had woven, but much liked a fly in the web of a spider, I was stuck.

A knock at the door cut through my thoughts and I looked through the peephole to see Henry, still donning his work clothes as a mover.

“What’s up?”

I had barely gotten the words out of my mouth before the large burly man decked my in the jaw.

“You didn’t fucking tell me that she had some guy living with her. The crazy bastard threatened to kill me.”

I rubbed the place on my face that was already threatening to swell. “What did the guy look like?”

“Fuck I don’t know. Dark brown hair shaved on the sides and long on top. Oh yeah, the guy had weird eyes, I’ve never seen anything like it. They were yellow.”

“Miller,” I spoke more to myself than Henry. This opened up a whole new set of problems. As if I didn’t already have enough to deal with.

I was still rubbing my face as I rose to my feet. “What happened, Henry?”

“I tried to get in her office and she had the door locked. He came around the corner and went crazy. He was all up in my face demanding to know why I was trying to get in
his woman’s office.
I’ve never seen anything like it, I thought he was going to kill me, he that pissed. He almost got me fired.”

“I had no idea Miller was living with my ex-wife, no idea whatsoever. So you never saw her?”

“No, but I saw a picture of her and the bitch is hot. Why would you leave a woman who looks like that?”

“She is crazy. She is a panic-ridden, high maintenance, crazy bundle of nerves who killed my kid, that’s why I left her.”

“You better not have pulled me into some kind of twisted shit Mark, or I’ll be back to finish the ass whipping that I started.”

With that he opened the door and slammed it upon his exit. Though he slammed it hard enough to knock the one picture that Mark had hanging up off the wall, nobody would bother to look out of their apartments to see what was happening. There were always doors slamming and screaming matches in this neighborhood.

I went and locked the door, then poured another drink as I once again pushed thoughts of suicide out of my head. I was getting in so deep, that it may just prove to be the only way out of my troubles...




Chapter Thirteen


I left my sweet little angel sleeping in bed. As much as I hated to leave her, I do some of my best work late at night. I wanted to know why that dirt bag had been so intent on getting into Laura’s office, and I damn sure wanted to know who had sent him. I suspected that it was her ex-husband, but suspecting and knowing are two different things. In my line of work, even though I go by instinct, I deal in facts.

It had been easy enough to find the guy because it’s what I do for a living. Hell, by the time I’d finished researching him, I had the guy’s birth certificate and social security number. I made my way out to my SUV and headed out to the suburban neighborhood. The quicker that I got this done, the quicker I could get back to my little vixen laying in the warm bed where I had left her. My cock jumped at the thought. It never failed, anytime I thought of my girl, my body responded. I’ve never had a woman effect me like this before.

I had every intention of taking her away to the private island I was in the process of purchasing. Though the thought of how she would fare being in a new environment concerned me—I had an ace up my sleeve. I had come up with an idea to help her get settled in and I had confidence that it would work.

I pulled into the driveway that led up to the middle class, suburban brick home and cut the engine off. I waited a minute to make sure no lights came on before I made my move.

I crept up to the front door and removed the small bag I carried which contained my lock picking kit. I could feel the adrenaline beginning to surge through my system already. I loved my job and I was the poster boy for
adrenaline junkie.
It was my high of choice. The click of the lock releasing only worked to amp up my high that was already kicking in, but when I entered and that jerk was laid out on the couch snoring, it was the ultimate pleasure.

I flicked open the switchblade I carried and envisioned his throat being slit and his blood spilling out and running through my fingers. I’m a sick, sadistic, son of a bitch, and I enjoy torturing the people who make the mistake of crossing me. I had to restrain myself from slitting his throat from ear to ear though, I wanted information and he was no good to me dead.

His eyes flew open in terror as if he sensed danger.

“I wouldn’t move if I were you. This blade is very sharp, sharp enough to slice right through your carotid artery, and don’t think I’m not tempted to slice you open after what you tried to do at my girlfriend’s place earlier.

“A dude named Mark wanted me to look in on her while I was there.”

“How did he know that you would be there today?”

“He said that he knows one of the doormen, and that the guy said movers were coming in today.”

“Which doorman, my hand’s getting shaky and my patience is definitely wearing thin.” I pressed down on the point of the knife, just enough for a trickle of blood to make its way down his neck, which in turn causes the man to reveal all of the information about the door man who worked the day shift.

“You stay the fuck away from her place. I don’t care if you are supposed to be moving another tenant in or out, you don’t work that day.”

The man barely shook his head yes for fear of being cut deeper. As quickly as I’d made my way in, I turned and exited the residence. There would be no evidence of me having been there, except for the small cut that had bled, and the terrified memory of a victim who had seen a killer face to face and survived.

I made my way back towards Laura’s. Roderick was watching Mark and there wasn’t anybody to torture and take my aggressive side out on, so it looked like I had no choice but to go home and fuck my little pet’s brains out. I smiled at the thought of it. What better way to take out my aggression than to unleash a fury of lust on my innocent little victim? Yes, I was looking forward to it—that was for sure.




I eased into the penthouse making certain not to wake Laura up. I quickly peeled my clothing off and reached into the nightstand grabbing a pair of cuffs and a couple of other toys.

This girl slept heavy, her hands were above her head handcuffed and I was toying with a dildo at her opening before she even knew what hit her.

“I didn’t get the enjoyment of beating anyone’s ass tonight, so it looks like you are going to get the brunt of my dis-pleasure.”

I watched as she began to squirm and pull at the cuffs, to no avail.

“What kind of private investigator gets off on beating up clients?”

“The sadistic kind. Now shut the fuck up and let me play.”

I stopped and squeezed her chin between my fingers. “If you come, you’ll regret it.”

She groaned as she continued to squirm, eyeing me. “You aren’t going to make this easy on me, are you?”

“Hell no, now spread your legs so I can get to that hungry little pussy. Oh, such a good girl.”

My cock throbbed as I viewed the moistening on her inner thigh. I pulled the dildo out and slowly pushed it back in. Her hips thrust up trying to meet it. “Fuck it for me baby, that’s it—you do the work.”

She was turning me on as I watched her thrust her hips forward and back. Her head was turned to the side with her blonde hair splayed over the pillow. Her expression was one of complete anguish—the anguish of a woman who needed release and wasn’t being allowed to have it.

“Your orgasms belong to me now. I guess that you could say that I own you.”

Her cries cut through the air that was now heavy with the smell of sex.

“I bet you want me to lick that sweet little nub of yours don’t you?”

She screamed out begging me to touch her. She needed more contact to bring the release that she was now crying out for.

I pulled the toy that I was having so much fun with out and stuck it up to her lips. She latched on like a baby animal sucking on a bottle.

“Except for mine this will be the only cock you ever suck again.”

She stuck her tongue out taunting me as she rolled it around the thick phallus.

“You little cock tease.”

“Give me what I want, Miller.”

“You’re not in control girl.”

“I never said I was, but I’m begging you to fuck me with that dildo and lick my pussy while you do it.”

“Such a dirty girl, what do I get?”

“Anything that you want.”

I got right up in her face and growled, “I want the strap of my thick leather belt across that little virgin ass of yours that has never been spanked. I want to be the first one to introduce you to the dark side baby girl. I want to be the man to introduce you to kink. It will bond us Laura—a deeper bond than you have ever experienced with any other man.”

“You got it, anything that you want to do to me.”

“Keep your legs back Laura,” I commanded, as I pushed them back so far that her knees were back by her shoulders. I slid the thick piece of fake meat into her hungry little hole as I ran my flat tongue slowly over her small pearl that was now jutted out, no longer hiding. Her whole body began to shake as if she had been hooked up to an electrical current. I snaked an arm beneath her and wrapped it around her mid-section as I used the other hand to push and pull the device in and out of her. It was taking all that I had to manipulate everything, but bringing her the amount of pleasure that she was going to experience would be well worth it.

Just like I knew that she would, her body jolted up and exploded in ecstasy. She fell into a puddle on the bed and I wasted no time removing the cuff and flipping her ass over. Then I cuffed her to the bed again before I bent down on the bed and grabbed a fistful of her hair and eyed her.

“I’m not going to lie to you, this is going to hurt.” I chuckled as she tried to pull at the cuffs.

“Get that ass up in the air, girl.”

She whimpered but obeyed me.

I popped the belt in my hands. “You’re going to see a side of me tonight that you have never seen before. Tonight is the night that you are going to realize that you don’t want to cross me. As far as I’m concerned you belong to me, and you would do well to remember that. Where most men get pussy whipped and lose their edge, I don’t. Don’t ever cross me. I’m a kinky motherfucker with a sadistic edge, and nothing is going to change that.”

The first sting of the belt brought tears to her eyes, but there was something else there that I immediately recognized—a peaceful euphoria. She was going to fit into my kinky lifestyle just fine. Five lashes later I was behind her sliding every inch of myself balls deep into her hot body. I gently rubbed my palms over the marks on her bottom. I relished in the thought that they were marks I had made. Not only had I enjoyed marking her, she had enjoyed being marked for my pleasure.

“Welcome to my world baby girl. I promise that I will always take care of you but don’t ever mistake my kindness for weakness. Your mine now, you’ve been marked, taken, and now you’re owned.”


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