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Authors: M. J. Carnal

Tags: #General Fiction

Taming the Bachelor (4 page)


Caleb threw himself across the bed.  “No Sophie, absolutely not.”


She took off his sweatshirt and shook some of the sand out of it.  “No what?  What are you talking about? God, I got a lot of sand in your sweatshirt.  I’m sorry.”


Caleb shot off the bed and grabbed her arm.  “Did you do something with him?”


“Hey” she yanked out of his grasp.  “No, of course not.  I just met the guy three days ago.  Please tell me you know me better than that.”


“I’m sorry.  He’s just not good for you.  He’s a loner.  And he sleeps with everything that moves.  But he only does it once.  He will never be able to love you.  He loves himself and his perfect car and perfect job but will never love a woman.  And that’s just who he is.  Don’t let him lure you in Soph.  He’s just looking for his next conquest and you are the only one that he hasn’t slept with in the whole bridal party.”


“Well,” She smiled and sighed.  “He is quite handsome.”


“Sophie, he will crush you.  He will crush you and never even look back and all of us will have to pick up the pieces.  He’s a dog.”


“Caleb Allen!!  How can you talk about him like that?  He said you were his best friend.”  Sophie glared at him.  “He told me you were a good guy and that you had been friends since kindergarten.  How can you be so mean?”


“Don’t defend him.  You’ll see.”  Caleb crawled under the covers.  “He may be one of my best friends.  But he is who he is Soph.”


Sophie crawled under her covers and turned the lights off.  “That was really unexpected from you.  If that’s how you talk about one of your best friends, I would hate to hear how you talk about me.”


There was silence for a minute and Caleb cleared his throat.  “It’s different Soph.  I am in love with you.” 




Chapter 4


Mark felt the sun baking his skin and it was pure heaven.  He hadn’t been this relaxed for years.  Even with all the activity around him, he planned on doing nothing all day but lying in his chair and taking the occasional dip.  The drinks were flowing freely and the waitress from the tiki bar on the beach had noticed him right away.  He had done his best to flirt but had somehow lost his edge in a mere 24 hours.  He could wink, however, and that seemed to keep their drinks coming.  Ryan was sitting two chairs down from him and decided that he deserved a little alone time with the waitress.  When she realized she was going nowhere with Mark, she turned her attention to Ryan.


“Dude, aren’t you already screwing your roommate this trip?”  Chad couldn’t believe when he heard the waitress ask him to meet her in an hour behind the nightclub. 


“It’s Hendonism Bro.  Get what you can.  Your wife will never know. Indulge a little.  What happens here is none of anyone’s business.  Later, we are heading to the nude side and I don’t want to hear any protests.  We are on vacation.”


“You are a pig West.  A damn pig.”  Chad turned his head to Mark.  “Look dude, I know you are kind of a man whore and my hero, but you know I can’t cheat on my wife.”


Mark finally looked at the two.  He was having no part in any of their shit. “Thanks for the man whore thing. But even this man whore doesn’t think you should cheat on your wife Perry.  That would be something you could never take back.”


“Who’ve you been banging Moretti?  We’ve been here 24 hours now.  I’m sure your dance cards full if you know what I mean.”  Ryan surveyed the prospects.


“No one.  Not sure I will.”  Mark put his sunglasses back on and returned to worshipping the sun.


“Come with me.  Come to the nightclub.  Not like we haven’t done that before.  She’d love it.”  Ryan looked at his watch.


“I’m good man, really.” He refused to look over at his friend.  This was ridiculous.  An offer like that would have had his blood pumping a week ago.  He contemplated going.  He needed to do something.  He was off his game.  Not only was he off his game, he wasn’t even aware there was a game going on.  Something had to give.


“Look who’s whipped.” Ryan laughed noticing Caleb making his way to join them.


Mark looked behind him.  Caleb was balancing a blanket, a book, sunscreen, a beach bag and two drinks.  He took a deep breath.  This was going to be a long day if he was going to have to watch Caleb get all cozy with Sophie.


“Sophie seems like a nice girl. I think Caleb made a good choice.”  Chad took a long swig of beer.


“And she’s got a tight ass and some nice tits on her.”  Ryan looked at Caleb, “Where’s your girlfriend?  Get any yet?”


Mark shot Ryan the death gaze, “Don’t talk about her like that.”


“Molly has all the girls up there drinking some sort of shot.  They are all sitting around the pool bar wearing the equivalent of floss for bathing suits and the bartender is totally into them.  He’s just pouring all kinds of liquor down their throats.  When some dude did a body shot off Sophie, I had enough.  Figure even with West down here, it can’t be that bad.”


Mark was pissed.  There was no other way to describe it.  His blood boiled.  The thought of someone touching Sophie had him wound so tight he could kill someone.  He waved the waitress over and ordered a double round of shots.  He would drink and doze off under the sun’s rays and forget because if he walked to the pool, someone was dead.




“I certainly didn’t think I would end up sharing my book with you this vacation,” Molly tugged the book back away from Caleb and giggled.


“I didn’t think I could get so turned on reading something like this.  I swear Soph, I don’t know how you are not nuts right now.”  Caleb grabbed the suntan lotion.  “I have to put this on your back.  I’m sorry but I have to touch you.  Right now!”


That got Mark’s attention.  For the past half hour he had resisted the urge to look over at them.  Even asleep, his body was aware when Sophie joined them.  He kept his eyes glued shut, not daring to look at her in her bathing suit.  If it was anything like he was picturing in his mind, he would be hard in a second.  His body was at war with itself.  His brain told him he was no good and he needed to stay away but the rest of his body screamed that it had to have her.  He knew that couldn’t happen. He knew that it could ruin everything and the wedding and Molly’s happiness needed to remain his number one priority.


“Oh My God!” They said in Unison.  Sophie flattened herself against the blanket and buried her face into her towel.  Caleb leaned in and whispered something to her but she pushed him away playfully. She giggled but kept her red face buried in the towel.  Caleb shifted his swim trunks.


“Legs,” he said breathless.  “Your legs need sunscreen.”  He started applying the sunscreen slowly down her leg, starting dangerously near the edge of her swimsuit.  Mark’s brain roared.


“Caleb?” Her voice was muffled.  She wiggled her finger to draw his attention to her. He plopped down right next to her without even and inch in between them.  She whispered so no one else could hear them.  “I appreciate the sunscreen.  But, it doesn’t matter how much sunscreen you apply to any exposed part of my body.  We can’t do this.  And it’s the book C.  It’s just the book.  So please, stop looking at me with your eyes half closed and touching me like that.  If anything happened between us right now, it would be the book.  And that’s not fair to you.  And it would ruin everything.”


Mark smiled.  They were sitting close enough to him that he could hear everything.  He finally risked a glance their way and instantly regretted it.  She was wearing the smallest bathing suit he had ever seen.  The pink fabric tied tightly across her back and around her neck.  The tiny piece of fabric covering her perfect, round and beautiful ass might as well not even be there. He longed to touch it.  He thanked God she hadn’t turned over.  He could only imagine the shot he would get of those beautiful rounded breasts.  His little, covered up Sophie was practically naked.  His?  When did he start thinking of her as his?  His cock strained against his swim trunks.  This was bad.  She was gorgeous.  Band-Aid girl was gorgeous.  He couldn’t stand it.  He had to touch her and he had to touch her now. 


He stood up and threw her over his shoulder.  She screamed.  “That’s it bookworm; It’s time to go for a dip.”  She giggled and tried to pull herself up as he ran through the hot sand into the ocean.  The water splashed around his legs as he ran deeper.


“Don’t you dare drop me, Mark.  Don’t you dare!”  She was laughing so hard she could hardly catch her breath.  This was so unexpected.  She kicked her legs in protest.  “I can’t swim.”


“Yes you can,” Mark laughed with her.


“Um.. I have my contacts in.  I can’t get my hair wet.  I am allergic to…”  Her sentence was cut off as he flung her back first into the deeper water.  She broke the surface laughing and trying to pull back the hair that was in her face. She saw him dive under the water and swim for her legs.  She squealed and tried to run.  He surfaced right next to her and splashed her.


Mark was laughing as he tried to get away from her.  He knew payback would be a bitch but he knew he could move faster than she could. She was shoulder deep and the water barely hit his chest. 


“Mark Moretti, you get your ass back here right now.”  She splashed large waves of water at him as she ran to catch up.  He taunted her and splashed her back.  He was heading to deeper water and she could no longer touch.  She swam after him and when she finally caught up with him, she jumped onto his back.  “I can’t touch.”  She was out of breath and her panting hit him in the back of the neck sending goose bumps down his arms. 


“Looks like you need me now, huh?” Mark laughed and threw her off his shoulder.  As she surfaced, she laughed and cupped her hands to splash him.  He reached out and grabbed her arms and pulled her back against him.  He instantly hardened and her body went rigid in his arms.  He froze. Oh God she knew.


She relaxed back into him and rubbed that perfect ass against his erection.  She moaned softly and rubbed again. Mark growled low in his throat as he tightened his grip around her waist.  He turned his back to shore to block what was happening.  When she moaned again and rubbed against him a third time, he whimpered. “God, Sophie.  You make me so crazy.  You are beautiful.”


“I want to turn around,” she said breathlessly.


“You can’t Soph.  You can’t.  I won’t be able to stop myself if you do.”  He kissed behind her ear and nibbled on her ear lobe.  “You have been drinking.  This isn’t you.  And I won’t stop.  God please don’t turn around.”


“Please Mark, please touch me” she whimpered as he ran his hand up her flat stomach to her breast. Her nipple hardened and he ran his fingers over it. “More.”


Mark looked to his sides to make sure no one was watching and slipped his fingers under the flimsy fabric covering her breasts.  He pinched her right nipple and she arched back into his erection.  She was panting.  “I’m gonna turn around.”


His hands tightened around her.  “Sophie, if you turn around, I’m going to lose it.  I won’t be able to help myself.  I’m not good for you.  You deserve more and if you turn around, I’m afraid you’re going to regret it.  I won’t be able to stop.  I can’t hurt you like that.”  He was panting and shaking.  He leaned in to kiss her neck and she turned her head into him. Her lips met his and her tongue begged for entrance.  When his lips parted, her tongue wrestled with his.  She moaned into his mouth and his erection grew painfully larger. 


Her hands roamed backwards until they found his erection and his body froze. She fumbled with the tie of his swim trunks and moaned in frustration when she couldn’t get it untied. She rubbed her hand over his shorts the entire length of him.  His grip loosened as he threw his head back.  She turned and his breath hitched when she wrapped her legs around him.


“Sophie,” his breathing was erratic. Her eyes met his and she melted.  She wrapped her arms around him and ground into his erection. His eyes snapped shut.  “Oh God Sophie. What are you doing?”


“Look at me, Mark.” She panted.  He opened his eyes and met hers.  “Touch me. Please touch me.” She ground against him a few more times.


His vision went blurry.  He pushed her bathing suit bottoms over and ran his fingers through her folds.  Even in the water, he could tell she was soaking wet.  He moaned.  “Holy shit, you are so wet.  I am not going to be able stop.  You need to stop this Soph because I can’t. No Sex.  We can’t.  You deserve more than this.”  His words were strained and breathless.


She leaned forward and sucked the salty water off his chest and licked up his neck.  “I won’t regret this.  I want you so bad.” She smiled with her eyes half closed.  “Touch me.”


Mark shoved a finger into her core and flicked the pad of his thumb against her swollen clit.  She threw her head back and moaned.  A second finger and a second flick and her head crashed against his chest panting.  “Don’t stop.”  His fingers furiously pounded into her as she tried again to untie his shorts.  The knot loosened and she slipped his shorts down lower on his hips. His thumb continued to circle her clit and she began nibbling at his neck.  “Come for me baby.  Let it go.”  Marks voice was raspy and full of sex.  Her orgasm hit her so hard that she had to collapse against him to keep from sliding under the water.  He wrapped his arm under her bottom and pulled her against him.  “Watching your face was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”  Mark kissed her hard and she frantically tried to free his erection.  “Sophie, don’t.  We can’t go this far.”


“I’ve wanted you from the second I saw you.  I don’t want to stop.”  Sophie grasped his erection and stroked it once, twice.  Mark became crazed.  She slid her bikini bottoms over and poised herself over the tip of his erection.  His knees went weak. 

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