Suzanne's Sexy Shifters [Shy River Pack 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Shy River Pack 2

Suzanne's Sexy Shifters

Suzanne doesn’t know where her life went off track. She’s stuck in the middle of “boring,” but that’s all about to change.

Gideon knows Brigden is his mate, but living in a pack that won’t tolerate alternate lifestyles means curbing his instincts just to keep the man safe. When an assignment puts them under the same roof, how will he hide his need for a man he loves but barely knows?

For three decades Brigden dreamed of loving his mate openly. He knows it won’t happen, but the search for a lost child brings another mate—for both him and Gideon—into their lives.

Is Suzanne the answer? Can she adjust to life as a purple-hued werewolf, learn to love both Gideon and Brigden, and give them a chance to love each other?

But as a mystery unfolds around them, keeping their secret could be harder than they ever dreamed.

Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Shape-shifter

41,127 words



Shy River Pack 2






Rachel Clark

writing as

Bec Adams










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Shy River Pack 2



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Thirty-two years ago…


Brigden Hawkes watched from afar.

The men chosen to join the security forces were working out, practicing hand-to-hand combat in both their humanoid and wolf forms. But there was only one man Brigden wanted to see. Gideon Barclay, the beta’s son.

Brigden didn’t even understand why he felt the need to follow the guy around, but it just seemed like something he had to do. It was seriously weird, of course, because they’d never even spoken, yet it wasn’t a compulsion Brigden could control.

If only the man would look his way, just once, then maybe Brigden could figure out why he held such a fascination for the older wolf. It wasn’t hero worship. True, Gideon was basically everything Brigden wasn’t—strong, brave, capable, even able to pass as human, but it wasn’t as if Brigden aspired to be those things himself. He preferred technology. In a closed society where electricity was still quite new, having an obsession with the technology humans were inventing seemed kind of stupid, but he was who he was.

Brigden could see a whole world of possibilities, a future where conflict no longer required hand-to-hand training. Hell, in his mind he could already see some of the incredible possibilities—computer-guided missiles, warships that fired torpedoes at the click of a button, and high-tech communication devices that could spy and report in real time. Humans already had a thing called cell phones, yet Brigden could see far more amazing possibilities. Perhaps one day there would even be computers connected to each other all over the world and small enough that they could be carried in a person’s pocket. When he looked at the future, he saw a world filled with technology.

But none of that boded well for an isolated pack of werewolves, most of whom were unable to hide in plain sight thanks to the nonhuman purple hue of their skin in humanoid form.

As crazy as it seemed for a pack that mostly shunned him, to Brigden it seemed very important for at least one of them to stay aware of the advancements humans kept making. They might be deep in the wilderness and far away from human cities, but Brigden was certain that wouldn’t always be the case.

He was so lost in his concerns for the future he didn’t even notice when Gideon left the training field. Disappointed, he turned to leave only to almost bump into the man himself.

“S–Sorry,” he said nervously, “I didn’t see you there.”

Gideon shook his head in disgust. “You’re a wolf. You should have smelled me long before I was close enough to kill you.” Brigden was almost used to the derogatory response he got from other members of the pack, but receiving it from Gideon was like a knife to the gut. “Why are you following me?” the man asked in a low, growly voice.

Brigden considered lying, but it was getting harder and harder to think. Gideon was even more handsome close up than he was from afar. How could one man be so perfect?

And why the hell did Brigden notice?

“I d–don’t know,” Brigden finally managed to stutter in response to Gideon’s growled question. “I just…I just…” Brigden dragged in a deep breath, horrified to realize he was on the verge of tears. Hell, he wasn’t a pup anymore. He was a grown man. Why would this wolf’s disdain for him hurt more than anyone else’s?


* * * *


Gideon watched the young wolf struggling to rein in his emotions and wanted nothing more than to drag him into his arms. How fucked up was the universe? Gideon had realized nearly three years ago that Brigden Hawkes was his mate, yet he’d truly hoped his instincts were faulty.

But having the younger wolf follow him around day and night for the past few months, proved everything he hadn’t wanted to acknowledge. If Brigden was also sensing the link between them, their connection could no longer be denied.

Yet deny it they must.

The alpha’s son had shown subtle hints of being involved with a man and he’d pretty much been banished from the pack. It wasn’t quite official, but it may as well have been. Sogarn Stormmaker and his rumored-to-be lover, Donovan Taylor, hadn’t been home in many, many years.

Officially they were on a protection assignment, but Gideon had no doubt it was a case of “out of sight, out of mind” for the alpha. As long as he wasn’t confronted with Sogarn’s sexuality, he wouldn’t find it necessary to banish his only son from the pack.

Gideon was certain that neither he nor Brigden would be given such leniency.

“I’m really s–sorry,” Brigden said again, his voice thick with emotion as he obviously struggled to understand his own behavior. Gideon ached to hold him, to gather his mate close and reassure him that things would be all right, but he’d be lying. Nothing was going to be all right.

He probably shouldn’t have chosen to confront the younger wolf, but his behavior was starting to draw the pack’s attention. Gideon didn’t really care what the rest of the pack thought of him, but he knew without a doubt that Brigden wouldn’t survive being banished.

If it happened, Gideon would go, too, of course, but it would be a very difficult life. He wanted more for his mate than scrounging for a living in the human world. Gideon could blend into human society, but without the necessary paperwork, he’d need help from other shifters. None of them would be willing to help if they got banished. The alpha of the Shy River pack was a powerful man and formidable enemy. Nobody wanted to find themselves on his bad side. If Gideon and Brigden got banished, they were very literally on their own.

They were far safer here, within the security of a large pack, but to remain safe they needed to stay away from each other. The alpha and pack hierarchy didn’t tolerate alternate lifestyles.

“Don’t follow me anymore,” Gideon said, trying to inject a note of authority into his voice but not really managing to do so. “It’s not safe for you.”

He regretted his words instantly as Brigden’s gaze flew to his face. “B–But you wouldn’t hurt me. I know you wouldn’t hurt me. I–I know you wouldn’t.”

“Not me, baby,” he said, reaching out to touch his mate’s face gently. How could he not comfort the man who belonged with him? Nature had decreed them mates, but even that wouldn’t convince the alpha to accept their union. “It’s dangerous to be different.” He pulled his hand back, already missing his mate’s soft skin. “You need to stop following me and go find yourself a nice girl.”

Brigden’s eyes widened as he interpreted the words Gideon hadn’t said.

“We’re mates? That’s why I follow you around?”

“No, bab—ah, Brigden, we can’t be mates.”

“But we are,” the younger man said with a smile of relief on his face. “I can feel it. I know it. Thank the goddess. I thought I was going crazy. The dreams—” He cut his words off abruptly, blushing a very intriguing shade of pink as the scent of his arousal filled Gideon’s senses.

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