Sophie's Seduction

Sophie's Seduction by Keira Kendrik




Sophie’s Seduction

The Otherkin





by Keira Kendrik




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This is dedicated to my wonderful husband who has taught me that anything is possible in love and life with your soul mate.

Thank you to my editor, Caroline, for all her hard work and patience with me,

you are the best!

A special thanks to my BFFs who keep encouraging me to write and stay by my side.





She woke in a small room and looked around.  Her head was killing her, so she reached around to gently touch the back and her hand felt something wet.  She pulled her hand back and saw that she was bleeding.  How did she get here? What the hell happened?

She had been in town, she remember that much, and then she had seen that guy
.  Everything came flooding back and she knew she had to get out of there.  She stood and then regretted the action.  She saw spots form in her vision and then she felt like she was going to pass out.  She steadied herself against the wall and began to search the room.  There was no window, but there were two doors.  One door was locked and the other led to a bathroom. 

She searched the bedroom and it only had the bare minimum of things
.  Nothing in there told her where she was or who this place belonged to.  She also searched for her purse, but to no surprise it was nowhere around. 
Whoever had brought her here could have at least left her a couple of aspirin
, she thought grimly.  She approached the door that was locked and listened carefully.  She couldn't hear any noises coming from outside the room so she continued her search.

She entered the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face
.  There was a clean towel on the counter so she wet it and dabbed it on her head wound.  It stung but she wanted to make sure it was clean.  When she was done, she looked around the small bathroom.  It was simple, holding a toilet and shower/tub combination.  She opened the shower curtain and saw there was a window there.  It seemed to be painted shut. 

She stepped into the tub and unlocked the window
.  She had to bang the top a couple of times and kept glancing over her shoulder thinking someone was going to come bursting in at any moment.  When they didn't, she kept at it and the window surprisingly went up, she figured the steam from the bathroom loosened the window over time.  She saw the window opened into a backyard where there were woods beyond it. 
If she could just make it to the woods,
she thought
, wasn't that what the old woman told her to do
Run to the woods

She shimmied up the wall and through the window, slowly dropping to the ground
.  She could hear men's voices around the corner so she scooted to the front corner of the house.  She slowly peeked around the corner and couldn't see any cars around.  She also saw they seemed to be on a farm,
, outside the city.  She checked back over her shoulder and saw no one so she took off for the woods.  She needed to go now, any minute they would discover her gone and come for her.  She had been running for a few minutes when she heard men shouting and then crashing through the woods behind her.

Sophie ran as though her life depended on it
.  She would have laughed if her life hadn't depended on it.  She wanted to look back to see how close they were, but she knew that would be a mistake.  She ran through the woods, dodging past the trees and brush, ignoring the cuts on her arms and face.  She could hear them behind her, searching for her.  She couldn't believe she was in this predicament.

As she ran, she
thought she could hear cars up ahead and ran toward them.  Praying they weren't looking for her there, she hoped she could find some help to get away.  She knew she should have told Jackson and Cade where she was going, but she had honestly thought it would be another bad lead. 

Now as she ran for her life, she regretted not letting the guys know where she was going
.  She could only hope she made it out of the woods alive. 

Chapter One



Sophie, Jackson, and Cade had traveled to New Orleans with the hope of finding information about Sophie and Jasmine's family's past.  Jasmine was Sophie's twin sister.  The two had met when they had unbelievably been grabbed by a human trafficking ring and then been rescued by Champion, Inc. 

was owned by Phoenix and Gabriel Raine, they helped to solve situations that seemed hopeless and find people that seemed to disappear, never to be found again.  When they found the two sisters, it was discovered the Raine brothers and their employees weren’t what they seemed.  They were Otherkin, a mystical people who were able to shift into any creature they desired. 

Otherkin lived in a town called Promise,
Promise had everything all other towns had; a beauty shop, grocery store, hardware store, feed store and a variety of others. All owned and run by Otherkin. There was even a small hotel in Promise.  All monies were shared between the people and they all worked to see that each business was successful.  Phoenix and Gabe were really proud of what they had built. They thought of each member as family and treated them as such.

The bothers had been hired by Jasmine's two best friends, Keni and Olivia, to find her when she went missing
.  During their search, they discovered Jasmine was their mate.  After finding the sisters, the men took them back to the Raine's ranch in Promise.  To say the two women were stunned to find they had a twin was an understatement.  They had spent time together at the ranch and had gotten to know one another.

During that time, Sophie had been curious about why the sisters had been separated and left in different counties at birth
.  She wanted to find out more about their background and where they had come from.  She had done some research online and also had had help from Jackson and Cade to find out some information.  Through records the Otherkin had, she found their family might have been based out of New Orleans. 

Everything had come to a head when Phoenix and Gabriel had asked Jasmine to marry them
.  There had been a threat to the Otherkin and that had begun research into who would have threatened them.  They had stumbled upon a symbol in their history books that represented a threat to the Otherkin.  Oddly, when Jasmine saw the symbol, she had gotten Sophie to show her and the others how the girls had the same symbol on their blankets they had been abandoned in.

Everyone had been shocked
.  Jasmine had been distraught, knowing the symbol represented the Hunters, a previous enemy of the Otherkin, who seemed to be back in the picture.  Afterward, Jasmine had come to Sophie privately, telling her that she couldn't marry her men knowing she may have come from these Hunters. All hell broke loose when she told her men.  Sophie's heart broke for her sister, she completely understood why Jasmine thought the way she did and wanted to help her.  Even though they hadn't known each other very long, they were sisters, twins, and Sophie would do anything for Jasmine.

Even though Phoenix and Gabe had mated with Jasmine, it had to be solidified by the ceremony
.  It was sacred to all Otherkin, but with Jasmine's men being the princes of their people, the ceremony became more important.  Sophie was shocked knowing how much her sister loved those two men, she had even mentioned undoing the mating.  Sophie didn't know if that were possible, but she also didn't want to find out.

That was when Sophie had gone to Jackson and Cade to ask them to go with her to New Orleans to try
to find out more information.  All the men had insisted the women never be out alone until the threat was assessed, dealt with and over.  Sophie respected that but was determined to help Jasmine.

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