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Authors: Cylin Busby

Ski Trip Trouble (14 page)

Date Him or Dump Him?
The Campfire Crush

Is it a summer fling or the real thing? Only you can decide.

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Date Him or Dump Him?
The Dance Dilemma

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The life of an Inside Girl is anything but ordinary.

Find out what it's like in this fun new series by J. Minter, the creator of
The Insiders

Flan Flood has always had her pick of the coolest parties and the cutest designer clothes. Her family is legendary in New York City, but she's sick of her friends hanging around just to get closer to her hot older brother, Patch. So when Flan starts at a new high school, she decides to reinvent herself as a totally normal girl. The only problem is, Flan's life isn't exactly normal. What will happen when her two worlds collide?

I wish I'd known Flan Flood in high school—and not just because she has a hot older brother with hot older friends (although that totally helps). Don't let the name fool you—this is one girl you must get to know, now.

—Lisi Harrison, author of
The Clique

Learn more about Flan and the Inside Girls at

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Published by Bloomsbury U.S.A. Children's Books
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010
Distributed to the trade by Holtzbrinck Publishers
Electronic edition published in August 2012

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Busby, Cylin.
Ski trip trouble / by Cylin Busby.—1st U.S. ed.—(Date him or dump him? A choose your boyfriend book ; 3) Summary: As a teenaged girl on a school ski trip who is attracted to more than one admiring boy, the reader makes choices to determine the outcome of the story.
1.Plot-your-own stories. [1. Dating (Social customs)—Fiction.
2. Skis and skiing—Fiction. 3. Plot-your-own stories.]I. Title.
PZ7.B9556Sk 2007[Fic]—dc222007002594

ISBN: 978-1-59990-106-0 (e-book)

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