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I dedicate this book to my grandfather, Robert S. Cherry, Sr. Even in his ninth decade of life, he continues to love, inspire, motivate, educate, and humble me. I love you, Pops. You have been the always reliable foundation of my very existence.


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Any author will tell you that while his or her name is on the cover of a book, there are many people’s names that don’t make it but who deserve special recognition, as their contributions are superbly integral to the entire process. Most likely you will not recognize the following names, but all are extremely significant to me and the book you are about to read. They are listed in no particular order other than the whimsy of my recalling them. This final product in different ways is a testament to each of them: Tristé Smith, Dashiell Smith, Declan Smith, Dana Smith, Liza Rodriguez, Rena Cherry, Jonathan Cardi, Ron Mitchell, Michael Strahan, Rebecca Casey, Maritza Villalobos, Elizabeth Beier, Michelle Richter, Steve Cohen, Matthew Shear, Sally Richardson, John Karle, John Murphy, Michael Storrings, Kerri Resnick, Pam El, Don Arbuckle, Ojinika Obiekwe, Edgar Quijano. A special thanks to all of the SHREDDERs who are part of SHREDDER Nation (
) and who gave me their feedback on the diet early in the process, losing lots of weight, and making many useful suggestions that I have incorporated in this final version of the plan.









The SHRED Concept

How SHRED Works

Week 1: Prime

Week 2: Challenge

Week 3: Transformation

Week 4: Ascend

Week 5: Cleanse

Week 6: Explode

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This book came about by accident, and like many great things in life that arrive in this manner, it was destiny not to be denied. I was working with a friend who I had helped lose weight in the past. She had dropped nearly 30 percent of her body weight in approximately eighteen months. She looked great, felt great, and was doing things physically that she hadn’t been able to do since she was in high school. However, she started to become frustrated because she couldn’t drop the last twenty pounds that would take her to her ultimate goal. Dejected, she called me and asked me if there was anything I could do to help.

My first instinct was that there was nothing left to do except for her to work harder, exercise more, maybe take in fewer calories—standard weight-loss stuff. You know it. I know it. We all know it. But then I looked back at some of her food and exercise journals as well as my previous books, which I’d given her and which had brought her tremendous success. Sitting at my desk and looking through it all sparked several thoughts. She was in need of something different and out of the box. Her body had become accustomed to all of the good habits she had developed. Her success, ironically, was keeping her from
success. So I got the idea to create a program that used all that I knew about strategic dieting and combined it in one plan. It would be like taking your best players on a team and putting them out on the field at once to maximize your chance of winning a game. I immediately went to work and over the next couple of weeks formulated the foundation of a plan that I thought would kick-start her metabolism and help her break through this frustrating plateau. I also decided to give the plan a name that would be demonstrative of what she would be doing, an action word so that every time she looked at it or heard it, her mind would visualize what was going on internally as she followed the program: SHRED. This was all about SHREDDING that stubborn fat.

She did great on the plan. She was able to break through the plateau and get on the path to ultimate success. I’m always trying to learn, so I asked her for detailed feedback and criticisms of the program—what was too difficult, what she liked, what would make it better, etc. Over the next year I kept working on SHRED, and as various friends came to me and asked for help that could take them beyond the advice in my other diet books, which they had already tried successfully, I’d dust off the latest version of SHRED and send it to them. Each time the results were the same. They lost weight immediately and the dreaded plateau was in their rearview mirror. SHRED had become my secret weapon.

Realizing that there were millions out there struggling with those pockets of stubborn fat, I decided to start a challenge on Twitter. I would tweet daily diet tips from SHRED to my followers (my Twitter handle is @doctoriansmith). It wasn’t easy doing this in just 140 characters, but I truncated and abbreviated and found a way to get the messages across. The results practically knocked me off my feet. My followers were losing significant amounts of weight in a short period of time, some as much as 10 pounds in just one week; before I knew it, thousands of people were on the program and they were SHREDDING fat like they never had before on any other program. They told me this was the first plan that brought them consistent and at times dramatic weight loss, and they still felt as though they had enough to eat. In some cases, I even heard complaints that SHREDDING involved too much food. What a problem to have!

These first SHREDDERs not only found success on the scale, but the program was life altering for them in many other ways. They sent me e-mails saying that they were more confident and determined and had energy levels they hadn’t had in years. They felt like new people. Life was suddenly a new adventure for them. Most telling was that
of them who wrote me were determined never to return to the old life and habits they had left behind. This new way of living was so much more fun and promising. It felt great!

SHREDDERs have sprouted up across the country and as far away as the United Kingdom. Hearing their successes and gratitude for the plan has been the biggest reward for me. No diet is perfect and there’s no one program that will work for everyone. But I truly believe that whether it’s weight lost, inches eliminated, or sizes dropped, everyone can benefit from SHREDDING. It’s not a diet—it’s a way of life! Welcome to SHREDDER Nation. Believe! Work hard! Have fun!


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The SHRED Concept

SHRED is a revolutionary diet plan that combines several different strategies in an effort to help users lose weight, increase confidence, and improve overall wellness. Unlike many other programs that simply focus on how many pounds are lost on the scale, SHRED also improves other health factors, such as reducing risk for high blood pressure, decreasing the risk for diabetes, and improving energy levels. With so many programs available it is reasonable to ask why one would choose SHRED over another popular diet. The answer is simple. SHRED allows you to eat normal food that’s inexpensive. It is extremely simple to understand, and it does not require perfection for you to find success. Another important aspect that many SHREDDERs have liked is that the diet can be customized based on the results you’re looking for or any dietary preferences you might have. You will find that making substitutions while SHREDDING is not only allowed but encouraged, as it will not impede your success in any way.

There are many programs that can help you lose weight, but there are few that combine the appropriate balance of challenging you while at the same time not making it too difficult to follow for the long term. One major problem with many diet plans is that while they can help users lose weight, they are so extreme, difficult, or uncomfortable that dieters are unable to follow the guidelines for an extended period of time. The second you stop following the plan, the pounds that were lost pile back on with a vengeance, and often, then some. This is not the case with SHRED. The vast majority of those surveyed who tried the early versions of the program repeatedly commented that unlike other plans they had tried, SHRED was one they could see themselves following forever.

There are many principles at work in SHRED that lead to the tremendous success that so many experience. Ease of use is at the top of the list: each day is thoughtfully planned out so that your need to think about what works and what doesn’t is kept to a minimum. Ironically, many who have been asked about programs that give them the greatest level of flexibility in choosing the foods they can eat say that too much flexibility can actually make the diet more difficult. It’s a struggle to have so many choices in front of them. SHRED spells out in detail each meal you will consume for six weeks, but it also gives you plenty of room to make substitutions so that you can swap out meals if you like.

SHRED is a six-week program. You may well stay on SHRED for more than six weeks, but each six weeks is considered to be a cycle. Based on the hundreds of SHREDDERs who have tried the program and provided feedback, the average weight loss for a cycle is between 18 and 25 pounds. Results, as with any diet program, will vary from person to person for various reasons, but more than with any diet I’ve developed or been aware of, what has been amazingly satisfying is how consistent the weight loss has been. Ninety-three percent of the people who have been on the program have lost weight each week of the cycle. Even better, many who had been using other diet plans and had hit a plateau found that just a
on SHRED got them losing weight again.

In general, those who are closer to their target weight will definitely lose weight but tend to lose weight a little more slowly. This is to be expected, so if you fall into this category, don’t be disappointed if you don’t see the numbers on the scale drop quickly or significantly at first. Look for any progress, whether it be increased energy or losing inches. However, those who have more than 30 pounds to lose will typically start seeing results right away. The average results on SHRED are 6-4-2. In six weeks most people who closely follow the program lose four inches and two sizes.

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