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Authors: Janey Mack

Shoot 'Em Up (33 page)

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grew up always wanting to be a cop, but her dad wouldn't let her, so she did the next best thing and created Maisie McGrane, who gets to do everything she can't. She lives with her husband and children in Scottsdale, Arizona, within driving distance of her brothers.
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The police academy gave her the boot—and knows how to use it.
All her life, Maisie McGrane dreamed of following in her father's and older brothers' footsteps and joining the force. But when she's expelled from the police academy, she's reduced to taking a job as a meter maid. Now, instead of chasing down perps, she's booting people's cars and taking abuse from every lowlife who can't scrape together enough change to feed the meter.
McGranes weren't put on this earth to quit, however. When Maisie stumbles across the body of a City Hall staffer with two bullets in his chest, her badge-wielding brothers try to warn her off the case. But with the help of her secret crush, shadowy ex–Army Ranger Hank Bannon, Maisie's determined to follow the trail of conspiracy no matter where it leads. And that could put her in the crosshairs of a killer—and all she's packing is a ticket gun.
She's working undercover—and she's in way over her head.
Scrappy Traffic Enforcement Agent Maisie McGrane has finally landed her dream job as a Chicago police officer. There's just one catch: She must remain undercover as a meter maid to gather evidence against Stannislav Renko, a charismatic Serbian mobster running a brutal multimillion-dollar mobile chop-shop operation.
When Maisie is targeted by a killer who leaves a body slumped against her car, Renko comes to her rescue and takes her under his wing. From her perch inside the crime boss's inner circle, Maisie sets up a daring sting operation to take down Renko once and for all. But can she pull it off before her family of overprotective Irish cops and her sexy ex–Army Ranger boyfriend blow her cover?

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