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Authors: Jessica Watkins

Secrets of a Side Bitch 2


Each year, approximately 16,000 people
are murdered in the United States. Seven percent of the killers are female; one of them being Simone Campbell.

In Secrets of a Side Bitch 2, Simone is struggling to keep together the web of
lies that she has woven, all in attempts to be the number one woman in Omari Sutton’s life. She continues to pull one devious and demented trick after another to maintain her role as Omari’s leading lady. Her tower of lies begins crashing down as intricate parts of her schemes begin to unfold. Chance reemerges, threatening Simone’s connection to the murder. Desperateness to have Omari’s baby sends Simone into such erratic behavior that she starts to make telling mistakes.


All the while, Omari is set on making Aeysha’s murderer pay for killing the one woman that truly had his heart.

Three months ago



I laughed at the way Capone smiled at me when I walked into the bar.

“Get that goofy ass grin off your face, nigga. You done got soft in two months?”

We shook up, but considering what I had been through, Capone gave me a bro hug.

“Man, I can’t front. It’s good to see you out and about.”

It felt good being
out and about. The last two months after Aeysha’s murder had been rough, to say the least. For weeks after the funeral, I stayed in the house, trying hard to stay sane. I didn’t eat much. I could never sleep. I even got fired from UPS because I was taking too much time off.

Capone ordered me a shot of Patron. At first, I was scared
to even drink that shit, thinking that my drunken mind would bring my grieving truth to the surface. Yea, I was outside, but it was all a front. I was pretending to have it all together for the sake of trying to press on.

Life was forcing me to keep living.

“I was surprised you called me, man.”

I knew Capone would be surprised.
But like I said, life was forcing me to keep living.

“I know.”

“What’s up?”

“That offer still on the table to take over them blocks?”

Capone’s eyes brightened with happiness. “You ready to work?”

I was more than ready. I couldn
’t stomach living in that apartment after Aeysha was killed. Because she was just as excited about the house in Riverdale as I was, I went ahead and moved in it, even though I was laid off. My stash had dwindled down to barely anything. I was still fucked up in the head about Aeysha, and still had a bad taste in my mouth about being in the game, since it’s what led to her getting killed. But I was back at square one. I was back struggling to pay bills. even though I didn’t have Aeysha to take care of anymore, in addition to my mother, I still had a little Aeysha to take care of.

Dahlia Rose had survived the shooting. Though born at fourteen ounces and only ten inches long, after two months of being in the Neonatal Unit at Wyler
’s Children’s Hospital, my little princess was being released from the hospital the next day.

’m more than ready,” I told Capone.

“You got the bread?”

I didn’t, but I knew who did.

Just as I nodded my head, Simone came into the bar. She looked good in a fitted leather blazer, knee length leather
boots and straight leg jeans. Her hair bounced like she had just gotten it done. It was much longer and looked like that good virgin shit that women spend hundreds on. Even her body looked different. She was a lot more toned, and she had a lot more hips and ass than I remembered. I knew she’d gotten some money from selling her crib. I figured some of it had been injected in her ass.

Just like Capone, I had to laugh at the way she smiled at me.

“Heeeey,” she sung to me as she hugged me. “It’s good to see you.”

I hadn
’t seen her since Aeysha was killed. We’d stayed in contact because she refused to let me slip past the point of no return. Day in and day out, Simone was talking to me, consoling me and helping me cope with the pain. Even though I was grieving, I couldn’t deny how she had put her feelings aside just to be there for me while I grieved for my woman.

Because of that, my love for her had grown even more.

Even while I was trying to figure out how to get back on my feet, she offered to loan me the money that I needed to cop some weight from the connect.

She was willing to loan me twenty thousand dollars. She was loyal as fuck, and I appreciated it like a motherfucka.

“Look at you. You’ve lost so much weight.”

Timidly, I smiled. When usually that was a good thing, for me, it was bad. I wasn
’t the biggest nigga before. After weeks of barely having an appetite, I’d lost muscle mass along with about twenty pounds.

“I know. I
’m getting it back right, though. One day at a time.”

’s the only way to do it.”

After ordering a drink, Simone got to the point. “So what
’s up? Why did you ask me to come here?”

Along with having Capone meet me so that I could get my shit rolling into the direction of getting my life back on track, I asked Simone to come for the same reasons.

“I need to talk to you.”


“Well, besides my mother, you’ve been there for me through what is probably the worst thing I will ever go through in my life.” Just thinking about it brought tears to my eyes. But I shook that feeling. Even if it was just a front, I had to move on.

“I can
’t image how it must feel having feelings for somebody who loves somebody else. The fact that you put your feelings to the side just to be there for me is something that I will never forget. I’ve always liked you. And in a fucked up way, now I can be there for you like you have been there for me. I got this little girl coming home with me tomorrow. I don’t know the first thing about raising a girl. So many things are changing in my life, but I know for a fact that I want you in it, helping me through the change.”



As he said those words, my body literally exhaled.

“Of course, I’ll be there for you.”

Then, Omari reached out and hugged me. To be in his arms again was like taking a breath that I had been waiting to take for two months. I exhaled and engrossed myself in his arms.

As we let go, he gave me the most sensual kiss on the lips.

My arms were around his neck as I smiled
flirtatiously and said, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” When he spoke, those beautiful gray eyes were damn near sparkling.

Then, regret filled my heart as I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I knew it was Chance, so I had to go.

“Listen. I have to make a run. How long will you be here?”

“For awhile. Come back.”

I promised Omari that I would as I finished off my drink. Then I hurried towards the door. Once outside, I literally ran to my car and away from the biting air. It was a cold December day- o
nly thirty degrees.

No matter how cold it was outside, I was hot as hell on the inside with thoughts of Omari running through my mind as I turned on the radio.

“Another pregnant woman was gunned down on the Southside last night. Tina Presley, twenty-seven and four months pregnant was gunned down during a drive by on Seventy-Ninth and Racine. This is the second time this year a pregnant woman has been murdered by gun violence. Aeysha Richardson was gunned down just two months ago outside of her home. This violence has to…”

I shut the DJ up by turning off the radio.

Fuck that bitch! I was tired of hearing about Aeysha! She was dead, but I was hearing her fucking name more than I did when she was alive.


But all is well that ends
. Finally, I had my man. No longer was I the bitch that lost to some other trick. Finally, after all of the planning, plotting, and scheming, I was number one and it felt so fucking good.

As I pulled into the gas station on Eighty-Seventh and State with the biggest smile on my face thinking of Omari, I spotted Chance standing in a black North Face bubble coat. I blew the horn. He spotted me and quickly came over to the car.

I popped the lock and reached for my purse. By the time he climbed in and shut the door, I handed him the blank envelope full of cash.

All he could say was, “Bet.”

During this entire time, Chance had been very nonchalant about this whole thing. But he needed the money more than life itself, so I knew that, no matter his attitude, he would follow through with the plan.

’re leaving town, right?”

He didn
’t have a choice really. Staying in Chicago was too risky. Even though Omari said that Aeysha’s murder case had grown cold, I did not want to risk Chance lingering around Chicago.

As he opened the envelope and thumbed through the cash, he nodded slowly.

“It’s all there,” I assured him. “Twenty-five thousand dollars.”

Twenty-five thousand dollars to kill that bitch Aeysha. I could not believe it. But, I can
’t even deny that when Omari wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, I felt like it was worth every penny. Besides, after killing Tammy, I was even more willing to pay someone to get rid of Aeysha for me.

Tammy had it coming though! I saw that bitch fucking Omari. The day I found out about Aeysha, I went to his house. I wasn
’t expecting to see anything. I just sat out there staring, wishing that I was the one living in there with him. When I saw him leave the house, I trailed him to that club. Then I just sat out there all night, wondering if I should go in. So I was parked a few cars down when him and Tammy got into the backseat of his car. A few days after that bitch had the nerve to look like she questioned if Omari was really my man, I went back over her mother’s house to confront her “perfect” ass about fucking Omari.

You know what that bitch had the nerve to tell me? She had the audacity to call me crazy for follo
wing him. She called me a psycho stalker. Then she had the nerve to tell me that Omari wasn’t my man and would never want me. She said that I would never be anything in my life but a side bitch.

I showed that bitch how he would never want her slut ass again when I choked her motherfuckin
’ ass to death.

I was just so mad that she was talking to me like that! She was right. After falling for another man, I was still playing second string to some bitch. I felt so stupid and so angry. And when Tammy sat there loo
king at me like I was worthless, I felt like Tammy had transformed into the main bitch to all them niggas that didn’t choose me. I leapt over and just started choking the bitch! I was choking her so hard that I could feel the ridges of her esophagus against my fingertips.

I was in a trance of rage. I honestly didn
’t realize what I was doing until she was taking her last breath. For thirty minutes, I sat there in shock wondering what the fuck to do with her body before her mother came home. Then I drug her body out to the garage and into my car, drove it to the forest preserve, and set her on fire to burn any evidence. I knew everybody would think it was Jimmy.

I felt bad, but I had always envied Tammy so much that I wished she would go away. Even when Jimmy would call me trying to find her, I would give him her new number and even told him where she was.

After getting away with killing Tammy, I was even more convinced to kill Aeysha, especially if I didn’t do it myself. I had always planned to pay Chance to do the dirty work. At first, I put my mother’s house up for sale to get the money to loan to Omari so that he could buy into Ching’s camp. I figured that would be a way to get his attention again. But, as he distanced himself more and more, I figured I could use the money to pay Chance to get rid of Aeysha all together. Chance was a naïve kid who was down on his luck and had a crush on me. He needed the money, and I needed him.

Since Aeysha was on bed rest, my plan that day was for Chance to break into the apartment and kill Aeysha. As Chance and I sat in my car at the end of the block, waiting on Omari to leave, never once did I think to stop, and neither did he. We both needed it for very different desperate re

When we spotted her walking down the front steps, it was perfect timing.

I always had a gut feeling that once Aeysha was out of the picture, Omari would be all mine. Now, she had been completely erased from the gawd damn picture and finally,
, I was number one.

Finally, I won.


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